Google Ads Optimization - A Key To Success

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Google Ads Optimization - A Key To Success

Excerpts from the blog on Google Ads Optimization by Micheal Brennan of Smbclix

Optimization: The key to Google Ads Success

If you’re a business owner or marketer and you’ve run an Google Ads campaign in recent times, you’ll know that it’s getting tougher and tougher to achieve an ROI. You see the thing is, Google Ads is still one of the best forms of Advertising out there when it comes to market relevancy. The reason is because if someone google’s the product or service you offer, it’s very likely that they are pretty low in the funnel when it comes to making a decision.

1. “Pull Marketing”

Google Ads is “pull marketing” because someone has already decided that they need a product or service, now they are researching where they can find it. Most other forms of advertising are “push marketing” because you are trying to push your product in front of an audience that might not be aware that it exists, what it’s benefits are and the fact that they need to buy it. Because of this pull factor, many smart businesses moved a big chunk of their budgets to Google Adwords in the past decade and have seen outstanding results.

But at the start of the decade there was less people advertising on Google Ads, as a result costs per click were low and even a relatively small budget such as a few hundred bucks could garner a massive ROI.

2. The times they are changing

Alas, as these early adapters saw great success with their Google Ads campaigns, more of their competitors started to move into the PPC market, driving up the cost per click of all the industries, pretty much across the board.

The good news for the early adapters, is that they probably made such a big ROI from their early days, that they can easily absorb the rising cost per click and retain a profitable campaign. The bad news for those late to the party, is that they will now likely face a much higher cost per click than if they started advertising circa 2010.

The good news however, is that it is still possible to run a hugely profitable campaign that increases your leads, and helps you grow your business. The key to this is in the campaign set up and the ongoing optimization of the account.

3. Optimizing a campaign for success

There are many strategies you can use to improve your campaigns performance, but the fundamentals are pretty simple. Add negative keywords. Monitor your bids, increasing and decreasing them when necessary. Mine the search terms report for Gold (search terms that convert which can be added as keywords). The list goes on.

But luckily for you, you don’t have to go searching for all of the ways you can optimize your campaign. That’s because we’ve brought you this handy infographic from SMBclix. It’s jam packed with over 50 techniques you can use to optimize your Google Ads campaign. It’s your mini go to guide for Google Ads campaign improvement. If you implement just some of the tactics into your Google Ads campaigns, you can be sure you will see an improvement in ROI – quickly. Google Ads Campaigns should be optimized and the same should be reflected in the client reports.

Author Bio

Micheal Brennan

Digital Consultant, SMBclix

Mícheál Brennan is the principal consultant at, a PPC agency based out of Cork, Ireland. He is obsessed with Google Ads and loves to help businesses grow through inbound marketing campaigns. When he’s not working on improving adwords campaigns for his clients, he can be found cooking for his wife Sarah, playing with his son Shay, or sparring at the local Muay Thai gym.

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