Automated Reporting - Key To Cut Your Reporting Time To Zero

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Automated Reporting - Key To Cut Your Reporting Time To Zero

It quite surprising to see that even in this fast paced digital world still, many organizations follow the process of manual reporting on a daily basis.  Guess such organizations are totally unaware of how much more efficient they can become with an automated reporting solution in place.

We have noticed time and again that agencies spend weeks and months struggling to patch together silos of information to create reports for their clients. Sadly, despite all the hard work such reports usually contain old information which is far less actionable. Basically, they provide a historical view of what went wrong, rather than showing the current view of what needs to be done – Right Now. Yes, this is what your clients are interested in. In this rapidly transforming digital marketplace, they need to know the most current information to alter their actions furthermore achieve better results.

This is what automated reporting solutions can provide you. So, if you are one of those agencies who struggle to create meaningful reports for your clients, then this blog would be of great help to you. Read on to know more.

Automated Reporting - Key To Cut Your Reporting Time To Zero

Concept of Automated Reporting

Automated reporting is a solution that totally eliminates the need for manual report generation. It brings users the most relevant and useful information in a timely manner and reduces the possibility of errors. With automated reporting, you can generate reports at fixed intervals or trigger by certain events.

Challenges In Manual Reporting

As an agency you have a lot of other important tasks to handle than spending hours playing around with multiple data sources, ransacking appropriate data, combining and arranging it, furthermore distributing to the stakeholders. Moreover, manual reporting processes have been commonly accepted as a time-consuming evil. Until you know the better way, take a look at the four most common challenges in manual reporting process:

  1. Increased Risk of Error – When you manually gather analytics or financials and key those into your age-old report templates, there are high chances that somewhere along the line a fatal error would occur.
  2. Telling the Real Story Behind The Numbers – Adding context to financials can be challenging and require experience and expertise.
  3. Persistent Versioning and Control Issues – Tracking updates across different versions and having pieces and parts of the old documents in your new versions can be a huge issue in generating accurate reports.
  4. Monotonous and Time-Consuming – Creating the same reports from scratch time and time again creates a headache.

So do you have so much of time to spare? – If you answer No, then start automating your reports.

Benefits Of Automated Reporting

1. Save Time – Say No To Manual Task

The first reason to automate your reporting is to save time and resources so that you can concentrate more on your business. Your clients get access to accurate reports right away, without you having to run the entire process manually.

2. Improve Accuracy

Second on this list is accuracy, elimination of issues that arise due to manual intervention, like doing copy-and-paste in the wrong section, adding an extra zero or missing a decimal point. Such errors if discovered in important client meetings can result in a bad image for your agency. Automating reports ensure pinpoint data accuracy which saves you loads of time in running and checking reports.

3. Deliver More Reports

Creating same kinds of reports month on month can be quite a headache. But when you automate your reporting, you deliver them just within a fraction of the time. Your client’s business decisions mainly rely on the analyses you provide them. But when the efforts involved in creating detailed reports is too high, some reports are built just once in a month/quarter. If you automate your reporting and analysis, you can actually run such reports every day/week. This enables your clients to catch problems, respond, and optimize them quickly.

4. Increased Creativity

Agencies do not have the spare time or resources to devote in adding extra creativity or understanding to projects. Report automation allows the users to utilize the time they saved to bring creativity to their projects by adding extra facts, analysis, and insights.

5. Concentrate On Core Business Activities

Random workloads can make it quite difficult for you to manage busy reporting periods efficiently. As we already said, with automated reporting you could save a lot of time which you can effectively use in other important business functions, like take on more business.

6. Increased Profits

Automated reporting simplifies your workload and allows you to expand your services. Businesses that use such solutions have proved time and again that technology can be leveraged to increase profits furthermore to improve efficiencies.

7. Impress Client

By giving your clients, accurate and visually attractive reports in a fraction of the time you will surely win their trust. Furthermore, there is no downside to a satisfied customer.

Putting Together All Parts

Manual data entry and chart generation is history today. Making a switch to automated reporting is a totally win-win proposition for you and your clients. You win by saving your valuable time and money. And your clients win by getting reports which are fast, well-presented and accurate.

Wow, your clients with Reportgarden’s Automated Reporting. Automate your monthly reporting by scheduling reports which can be generated and emailed directly to your clients. Don’t overload your clients with data; give then what best fits their needs.

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