Unique Benefits Of Using LinkedIn Analytics

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What is the Problem?

Unique Benefits Of Using LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn is a social media platform which is built specifically for professionals and brands to connect. This social media platform might guide you to believe that its usage is only for B2B companies. But this is not the truth.

LinkedIn is overlooked by some businesses for their own marketing efforts. LinkedIn has many well-defined advantages over the most popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is clearly very powerful. It provides a great way to prospect and network. Also for B2C companies, LinkedIn has a lot of benefits.

For now, LinkedIn only offers insights for Company Pages.

Using LinkedIn analytics

LinkedIn Analytics is also represented in impressions, clicks, shares, and followers like other popular social media platforms. But for now, only insights for Company Pages are offered by LinkedIn.

There are multiple number of ways in which LinkedIn analytics can be used. LinkedIn analytics is used to assist the recruiting efforts by many companies. To build a reputation and to attract prospective employees, analytics is considered as a great way for a strong company profile. Another way to build trust and to reach people is by engaging influencers and posting popular content. The use of LinkedIn analytics helps in boosting both the strategies by pointing out strengths and measuring their effectiveness.

linkedIn analytics

LinkedIn analytics is divided into three major parts –

  1. Updates

Given below is a table that shows the most recent updates and the following data:

Preview—Shows the first few words of the post if there was any text included.

Date—Shows the date on which the update was posted.

Audience— indicates whether the updated was sent to some targeted followers or to all the followers.

Sponsored—Shows in which campaign(s) you have sponsored content. You will learn more related to sponsored content.

Impressions—Indicates the number of times, each of the update was shown to the LinkedIn members.

Clicks—Indicates the number of clicks on your logo, company name or content. Interactions like comments, likes and shares are not included in this.

Interactions—Indicates the number of times each update was liked, shared and commented on by the people.

Followers Acquired—Indicate the number of followers gained by promoting each update.

Engagement—Indicate the percentage value of the number of interactions plus the number of followers and clicks acquired divided by the number of impressions.

linkedin analytics chart


Total—Indicates the total number of the members following your Company Page. This number is updated only once in a day, so the current number displayed on your Overview tab may be different from the updated number which is updated in real time.

Organic— Number of followers gained without advertising.

Acquired— Number of followers gained through Company Follow Ads or Sponsored Content.

Follower Demographics – Indicates the breakdown of who is following your company by using five types of demographic data like company size, job function, industry, seniority and much more.

Follower Trends – Indicates the number of followers that have changed over time.

linkedin analytics api

3. Visitors

Page views— Indicates through a graph which depicts the number of times your Company Page was viewed.

Career Page clicks—If you have a Career Page, then the graph depicts you the number of times the viewers clicked the various elements of your career page. In your Human Resources Department, this metric might be very useful because it tells us how much interest is being gathered by posting a job.

Unique visitors—Indicates a graph which depicts the number of LinkedIn members who visited your page, which does not include the duplicate visits to a single page.

Visitor demographics—Indicates a graph that depicts the breakdown of the members who is visiting tour Company Page based on company size, function, industry, and seniority.

linkedin analytics report


o    Understand your audience

LinkedIn demographics are used to get the breakdown about who is viewing your Company Page. As a brand, you should also have an idea related to who you are speaking to – a buyer persona. The thing that matters the most is to make sure that the targeted audience is on LinkedIn by familiarizing yourself with the LinkedIn demographics.

You can get a good idea of what the potential and current customers like about your brand with the help of Visitors and Followers sections.

o    Connect to new prospects

A great way to connect with the prospects for the first time is thorough Networking on LinkedIn. The best way in which these prospects can be attracted is by building your brand on LinkedIn. You will also get to know everything you wanted to know about your followers through strong LinkedIn data analysis.

o    Replicate your success

You can easily figure out what content isn’t doing well and what is doing well with the help of insights on clicks, shares, comments, and likes. It is also an opportunity for you to decide whether you want to sponsor an update so that it reaches more people. LinkedIn Analytics also lets you know exactly the number of times you gained new followers through paid advertising.

o    Visualize your data

LinkedIn Analytics envisage your data so that you can see a glance of your social media performance. It also makes easy the identifying trends such as spotting any spikes or dips in your data.

o    Attracting top talent

LinkedIn is also used by many top professionals as an opportunity to look for new careers. LinkedIn will also help you to attract the best of the best by building your own credibility.

o    Branding

LinkedIn solidifies your brand and boosts your credibility by building a strong presence. People can easily locate you online on search engines and LinkedIn itself. This will further enhance your brand.

o    Increasing engagement

LinkedIn Analytics is considered as a great way to gather information related to your customer. Competitive analysis will also depict exactly how they are interacting with colleagues, competitors and other brands.

LinkedIn content is considered as a great way to build branding. A number of ways to improve and measure content campaigns are offered by LinkedIn analytics tools. Boosting your SEO is also possible by using LinkedIn for building your brand. Often in search engine rankings, LinkedIn content and LinkedIn company profiles appear high. More visitors will be driven to your brand by strengthening them.

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