Marketers Biggest Concerns in Social Media Monitoring

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Marketers Biggest Concerns in Social Media Monitoring

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., are the pulse of the internet users furthermore are spread all over the globe. A study by Harvard researchers in 2010* indicates that you could ‘gauge the mood of the entire country by monitoring only the Twitter feeds.’ This study clearly proved that online trends are mostly global. Furthermore, they are most helpful when it comes to tweaking your online business’ performance effectively.

Today, social media websites are also proving to be the place to gather useful information – for both large and small online businesses. Also for perform extensive and highly accurate market analysis as well. There are numerous social media monitoring tools available from renowned sources. They are most effective in making the process of social media listening easier furthermore more efficient.

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Prevalent problems in Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring social media platforms effectively poses certain problems at times – especially if you are new to it. We have listed some of the most commonly faced furthermore biggest concerns that marketers experience when monitoring social media content online:

1. Overpriced monitoring tools – One of the most common concerns for many online marketers is the high pricing of social media monitoring tools. These are often designed to look fancy with interesting GUI. But fail to deliver effective results furthermore remains low on ROI.

To remedy this, look for less expensive DIY social media listening tools. These are easy to use, affordable furthermore fulfill the desired functions as expected.

2. Lack of Spam Filtering – Paying a significant amount for a seemingly-effective monitoring tool is frustrating. Particularly after realizing that you are not able to filter out spam keywords (such as those mentioned by marketing affiliates, on blogs, etc). It can affect the analysis and report of the tool in a significant manner.

To remedy this spam menace, avoid keywords on any website that has:

  • Amazon affiliate
  • 2 AdSense blocks
  • 4 keywords in a domain

3. Inaccurate Automated Sentiment Analysis – Many high-priced media monitoring tools claim to provide automated reports. This includes the general customer sentiment regarding a particular product, service, brand or company. Most of the times, these predictions are highly inaccurate. Since it is not simple to teach robots to gauge the exact sentiments furthermore tone of any content online.

To remedy this, ensure that you read most of the comments, opinions, blogs, etc. relevant to your keywords. Furthermore, recognize the sentiments of the customers before relying on automated sentiment analysis reports.

Expert tips for effective Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is simply the exercise to ‘listening’ in on public conversations on the various globally and locally popular social media platforms. Hence it is also called ‘social media listening.’ It is an essential part of the business which ensures timely response to customer queries. Furthermore, it helps to resolve any untoward situation within time.

1. How to start Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring is mainly based on detecting the right and relevant keywords on time. It is important to understand the basics of the client’s business if you want to recognize the most effective keywords.

Use any of the popular and reliable social media monitoring tools. Make sure they are available online for efficiently listening in on public conversations and comments.

Key points for starting Social Media Monitoring process:

Try to search keywords, which include:

  • Brand mentions
  • Competitors
  • Market niche
  • Consumer conversations
  • Hashtags

2. Identifying the correct Social Media Platform

It is important to identify the relevant social media website for monitoring. You also need to identify the ones which are more popular with your particular customer base. As not all customers will use all of the social media websites.

3. Choosing the right Social media monitoring Tool

The right social media monitoring tools can make a huge difference for ensuring an effective furthermore accurate social media monitoring.

social media monitoring

4. Collecting information from data

It is important to assimilate furthermore organize the collected data for processing information after collecting ample volume of data using the correct social media monitoring tools.

This is an intricate process which requires experience on the online marketers’ side as well as help from the social media listening tools.

5. Measure social media engagement rate of targeted consumers

It is also important to understand the number of consumers that are being monitored online. Smaller businesses usually tend to have a smaller market share and consumer portion. It becomes easier to monitor in such cases, however, the accuracy gets better with a larger consumers target base.

6. Detecting consumer sentiments and market moods

You need to peruse the information processed after assimilating the collected data in an organized manner. An expert and trained marketer can easily recognize consumer behavior patterns and read signs in market trends efficiently.

7. Measuring ROI from Social media monitoring

Efficient and reliable social media monitoring tools are designed to give an optimum ROI from the social media monitoring process.

The information gathered from this process is widely used to make amends to your business operations furthermore help to improve your business performance most effectively.

What to do with Social Media Monitoring results?

After having monitored the relevant platforms, here are some things you can do to take the next step after an effective social media monitoring program:

  • Collaborate with relevant potential partners for business.
  • Create content based on the consumer mood which is prevalent at the time – for blogs, guest articles on other websites, etc.
  • Connect with potential leads
  • Make improvements to the customer service and business operations (as required).

The Takeaway

To conclude, it is safe to say that efficient and advanced social media monitoring tools can significantly help to improve an online business. Reliable social media listening software can effectively warn of the rapidly changing trends in customer behavior furthermore preferences so that the businesses can improve on their performances, feasibly.

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