Bing Search – How to Integrate into Overall SEO Strategy

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Bing Search – How to Integrate into Overall SEO Strategy

From its earliest days, the core search algorithm of Google has been offering the most applicable and most organic search results on its platform. As the quick and precise search results on an engaging website with an iconic logo have now become synonymous with Google’s search engine business, Google has been cleverly cataloging and categorizing the search pages using its strict search algorithms. Google, each year has been changing its search algorithms and hence affecting the search results and SEO Strategy in significant ways.

Why Bing?

Bing Search

Over the year, when Google has become smarter, more responsive, and more acceptable globally, Microsoft Search Engine Bing has also lagged no behind it. No matter if you are using Bing Adwords for promoting your brand or simply using Bing Search Engine for doing lots of searches for your day-to-day business, Bing Search can facilitate you with myriads of advantages and some of them are:

  • Best video search result pages
  • Improved video discovery system
  • High-quality images
  • Stronger social integration
  • Microsoft Rewards
  • Exclusion of search partner
  • Seamless Ad Check-Ins
  • Relevant search return
  • Personalised local search

How is Bing intended to be one more heavy-weight player?

Earlier known as ‘Windows Live Search’ and ‘MSN Search,’ Microsoft Search Engine Bing has established itself as a “decision engine,” the ultimate aim of which is to present search results, enriched with the more real-world background. While as a Search Engine Bing is still striving to become a heavy-weight player of the SEO Ring; but with features like more flash-friendliness, fresh content delivery, stronger on-page factors, and quality anchor text, Bing Search engine is expected to become a frontline player of the SEO domain soon.

How Big Is Bing Search?

bing video search

Despite being a new player in comparison to Google, Bing is significantly grasping the attention of those looking to get to a broader global audience and higher rank on the platform of SEO. Currently, Bing is ruling over 33% of the organic search market in contrast to Google’s acquisition of 67%. Currently, 1 in 3 people in the United States or nearly 33% of the searchers is estimated to be using Bing for searching services, products, and consumer queries online. Unlike other search engines, Bing ensures its users to get its social signals to associate with higher SEO rankings intimately, get relevant and quality contents, on-page technical factors, and better-ranking preference to brands and hence securing competitive advantages for businesses.

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How Is Bing SEO Different than Google SEO?

So, now you must be wondering ‘how Bing SEO is different than Google SEO.’ Here’re the differences to look for:

  • Just like Google, Topmost brands also tend to rank higher in Bing.
  • Bing enables close correlation of social signals with higher SEO rankings.
  • It also connects the backlink numbers closely with the higher rankings
  • Provides completely relevant and keyword-focused quality content for enhancing rankings
  • Superior on page technical factors

Guide to Optimizing for Bing Search

Claim your business:

Just like on Google, users also need to claim their business on both Bing for maximising their local search results and for this, they need to create or assert their ownership over the business listing.

Get indexed:

In the language of Bing, “being indexed is the first and most crucial step to develop traffic from Bing Search engine, and hence you need to submit your website to Bing. If it meets the prescribed criteria; Bing will surely catalogue your site.

Add Tags and Categories:

bing search console

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With proper tagging and categories, you can easily get more opportunities for increased engagement on Bing. Like Google, tags, and categories on Bing also help to make your content discoverable to the targeted and right audiences.

Use relevant SEO keywords:

The usage of contextual and pertinent and proper keywords is the core of SEO strategy, and Bing is no different. With the right selection of keywords, you can give your site a better ranking on the search result page of Bing.

Integrate with social networks:

Social Networks

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Integrating the social networks with SEO strategy, you can ensure advanced outreach, improved branding and better revenue on Bing. If you are running a WordPress website, simply download install, and add your social media URLs to your SEO Strategy using free Yoast SEO plugin.

Avoid black-hat techniques:

While optimising your site for Bing, never-ever opt for Black-Hat technique as it can forbid your site permanently. Rather than manipulating Bing search engine results; you can honestly opt for white-hat SEO technique to obtain higher web traffic and more conversion rates.

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Feature super content:

For driving organic search traffic to your site, you need to put up user-friendly, creative, and engaging contents. For Bing search, your content quality needs to meet three basic criteria including authority, utility, and presentation and by ensuring these points, your site can get the top position in Bing search result.

Wrap Up:

bing search api

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It is true that Bing, like Google, may not draw huge online traffic to your site on the first page. However, with best contextual keywords, quality contents, and proper formatting, you still can gain the maximum attention of searchers. Users of Bing, in compared to other search engines are reported to be more well-informed, and its SEO strategies are found to be more money-making, which means it is the perfect domain for businesses to reach their targeted audiences.

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