Twitter Ads : Relaxed Character Limit doesn't apply

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Twitter Ads : Relaxed Character Limit doesn't apply

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Now that Twitter has loosened up on the character limit , Today we bring you the workaround for Twitter Ads  –  Along with other marketing news from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1.  Twitter Ads : Loophole for relaxed character limit

What ? : Twitter  announced it was beginning to officially roll out some big changes to loosen its 140-character limits. Same doesn’t apply to Twitter Ads.

What No Longer Counts Toward Twitter’s 140-Character Limit ? :

  1. Media Attachments –  Videos , GIFs , Images
  2. Quote Tweets & Retweeting Yourself
  3. @names would no longer be counted in replies

What Isn’t Changing ? :  Here’s what will still count toward your tweet character limit:

  • Your text copy.
  • Links (these will continue to eat up 23 characters).
  • Hashtags
  • Emojis

What about Twitter Ads ? : Any photos, videos, polls and quoted tweets included Promoted Tweets created using Twitter’s ad dashboard will still count against the 140-character limit, but there is a loophole: if a brand posts a tweet organically first and then runs it as a Promoted Tweet, those media attachments won’t count, giving the brand more room for text in its ad.

Takeaway : This means you now have more room to add relevant context, more flexibility with what you can add alongside the images and videos you share.

ReadTwitter’s relaxed character limit doesn’t apply to ads, but there’s a workaround

2. Facebook Ads :  New Options Focused on Driving In-Store Actions

What ? : Facebook’s introduced some new tools to help brands better integrate their online ad efforts with in-store actions, with a new option called “Dynamic Ads for Retail”.

What’s the change ? :  The new ads feature an availability indicator – an “in-store” note above each image and a CTA button for the user to get directions, along with a map included within the carousel, helping to drive in-store visits.

How ? : To ensure that product availability information is accurate, Facebook is requiring participating retailers to update their store-specific inventory catalogs at least once every 24 hours

Takeaway : Facebook’s new Dynamic Ad for Retail highlights available inventory at nearby stores and can be targeted to people most likely to visit.

ReadFacebook’s new retail ads show in-store product availability, can be aimed at likely visitors

3. Instagram  : New ‘Save draft’ feature available for all

What’s new ? : With the latest update, you can save a post as a draft & come back to it later.

How is this useful ? : The biggest benefit of the new feature will be for brands who can now take more time and incorporate more elements when building their perfect Instagram post, rather than having to do it all at once.

What can be expected soon ? :  While Instagram still doesn’t provide a native scheduling option, you can only imagine such tools are not far off .

Takeaway : The new feature that enables brands  to save drafts – Hence they will be able to better tailor and plan their posts in order to improve performance.

ReadInstagram Opens “Save Draft” Feature to All Users

4.  Google Trips : The first travel tool from Google

What  ? : Google released an app – “Google Trips” that is about planning and itinerary management vs reservations or travel booking.

How does this app work ? :   Google characterizes Trips as a “personalized tour guide in your pocket.” It mashes up Google data and various capabilities. It automatically populates flight, hotel, rental car and restaurant reservations from Gmail and is available offline.

Why ? : To create consumer travel products that “solve end user problems” and “look different” from existing tools.

Takeaway : As of now the review of Google Trips is unknown but Google may have delivered its first truly differentiated travel tool for consumers.

Read Google Trips: Google’s first potentially breakthrough travel tool

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