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What is the Problem?

Digital DNA - Communikate et al

A few days ago I studied about Krugman’s three-exposure theory. And the outline of it is that people generally need to receive a message at least three times, in three different ways, in order to remember it.

Wondering what Krugman’s theory is ?!  It says that – people generally need to receive a message at least three times, in three different ways, in order to remember it.

Well , “ Communikate et al ” knows and applies this theory all too well. And that’s why it is our Digital Ad Agency of the day.

Communikate et al – is a South Australian based agency that has been successfully creating Integrated Marketing , Public Relations, and Digital campaigns to bridge the connections between organizations and their clients.

When started in 1995 communikate et al’s  primary focus has been on achieving real results for clients in a contemporary style consultancy, merging marketing with PR. They have since then added digital as the third pillar – given this is also critical to organizations’ reputations moving forward.

This 21-year-old agency has helped several clients like –  McDonald’s , Precious Cargo , Acumen Data , Kennett Builders, Iocane , McMahon Services and many more.

When asked what determines the direction of the agency – Kate Hannemann , the Managing Director said that

” working with businesses to grow their reputation underpins the direction of communikate et al. 


Yes. And we do agree with her. Growing reputations is what ‘communikate et al’ has been doing for all of its clients!

Their Approach :-  The team at this digital ad agency believes that – “An integrated communications campaign is the most effective way to achieve long-term recognition for your organization.” Communikate et al combines marketing , PR, and Digital to achieve maximum penetration and consistency in their messages.

Their Values :-  The values / principles of the team are what makes this agency one of the leading agencies in Australia..

                Being Grounded | Tenacious | Progressive | Genuine

Their team:- Turning over more than $1 million last year and employing 19 permanent staff, communikate ‘s team is still growing.The team at this agency is its lifeblood. The team says that their biggest reward in their job is seeing their clients grow.

Being finalists in the 2014 National CommsCon Awards for Employer of the Year shows that the team is what sets Communikate et al apart from others in their niche. And just a few days ago this digital ad agency have been awarded the 2016 PRIA Golden Target Award for “Integrated Marketing and Communications Campaign Strategy” for their work.

Their work : –

In 2012 communikate et al was engaged with Acumen Data – an automated account payable service  for collateral development, copywriting and PR.

They have initiated an Inbound Marketing Campaign that aimed to ensure Acumen Data’s sites were accessible, keyword rich, well optimized for SEO and packed with high-quality content that the target users were interested in.

And now Acumen Data has all these –

  1. #2 ranking for keyword “accounts payable benchmarks”
  2. A landing page conversion rate of 21.71%
  3. An email marketing campaign CTR (click through rate) of more than 20%
  4. An email marketing conversion rate of 58%

The future of this agency looks into ways to diversify their service areas.This agency looks continues to look for new opportunities depending on where demands are in the market.

‘ Communikate et al ‘ with its roots in South Australia are sure working to emerge as the top agency in Australia and beyond.

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