Adding comparison data to your reports made easy and other new features

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Adding comparison data to your reports made easy and other new features

One of the most requested features has been the ability to add comparison data to our custom Google Ads reports. We are delighted to push out the new release with this awesome new feature. You should now have the ability to easily generate Google Ads reports weekly compared with the previous time period.

Adding comparison to custom Google Ads reports

When you usually send your weekly/monthly reports to your clients, you would like to add the relative change from the previous time period so that you can indicate the progress. Now you can do that easily using the comparison feature in ReportGarden.


It is as simple as selecting a checkbox to add comparison data. You can also choose to select the comparison date range. For example, you might want to compare your current week with the previous week or the same week last month. ReportGarden allows you to overlay the comparison data into our existing custom Google Ads reports.

Multiple Axes for different type of data

We have also added the functionality of having multiple axes for a different type of data in charts. Data with different magnitudes plotted on the same chart skew the graph to make them useless to convey change. With this new addition, you can plot data like CTR and Cost in the same chart and still be able to convey change.

Multiple Axes Demo

We developed this feature to give you a free hand in selecting the type of data. You select the variables, the system will generate the report. We are constantly added new features and improving the product and experience. If you have any suggestions for new features please use the comments section to let us know.

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