Improved Ad preview for Expanded Text Ads

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Improved Ad preview for Expanded Text Ads

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Today we bring you news about the update in the ad preview tool for Expanded Text Ads – Along with other marketing news from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Update in the Ad preview tool for Expanded Text Ads

What ? : The new Ad preview tool has separate views for desktop and mobile and also has a separate section to view sample ads.

Why ? :  To address the concerns of the advertisers – About few of their ads being truncated. Also, this new preview tool will help advertisers adapt to Expanded Text Ads easily.

What is the use ? : The new version tells you when the headline has crossed it’s character limit with a preview. So you will know when your text or headlines will potentially be cut off on the desktop or on mobile.

Takeaway : The sole purpose of this update is to enable advertisers to write effective ads and to make more out of the Expanded Text Ads.

ReadGoogle has updated the AdWords ad preview tool for expanded text ads

Watch – Using Expanded Text Ads in AdWords

2. Facebook Lookalikes – Now Global

What’s new ? :  International Lookalike Audiences.

  • This feature will give the ability to target international audiences similar lists of customers or leads.

How to use this ? : Simply upload a list of existing customers or high-potential leads.A full list of targeting options can be found

Anything else ? :  Facebook has also launched a “Cross-Border Handbook” that breaks down user behavior across 10 of the most active countries on Facebook.

Takeaway : With Facebook expanding across the globe , it’s very important to include targeting people in other nations because a wider connectivity leads towards facilitating a truly global marketplace.

ReadFacebook Lookalike audience and Cross-Border Business Handbook

3. Bing : Improvement in Auto-Complete suggestions

What ? : Autocomplete suggestions for movies will analyze a user’s natural language and intent to deliver the most likely interpretations. And for academic- related searches – this feature allows users to explore the relationships between papers, authors, topics and publications through a large object graph.

How ? :  Through the integration of technology built by TNR (Microsoft’s Technology and Research team) and the Bing semantic graph – system can generate extensions to the query even if no user has ever typed them in before

Takeaway : Bing’s new search integrations are great examples of how it is evolving into a better search engine by using their own developed technologies.

Read More Intelligent Autocomplete: Academic and Movie Search

4.  Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant now speaks Twitter

What  ? : Twitter has rolled out an app called Twitter Reader so that people can have their Amazon Echo smart speakers or other Alexa-enabled devices recite their Twitter feeds.

What can Twitter Reader do? :  This app can read aloud what topics are trending on Twitter near where the person’s location or somewhere else. People can then ask for a sample of tweets corresponding to one of these trends.

Takeaway : Twitter users will now have an easier time staying on top of the latest goings-on and scoops on the platform without the need to lift a finger. Just #AskAlexa

ReadYou Can Now Ask Amazon’s Alexa What’s Trending On Twitter

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