Extract User Behavior Analytics From Google Analytics Behavior Reports

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Extract User Behavior Analytics From Google Analytics Behavior Reports

Today, the competition between the businesses has become so fierce that every business organization is trying its best to gain an edge over its competitors. The evolution of digital channels and social media platforms has only added to the worries of the businesses, because, to stay ahead, an organization needs to optimize its presence on all the digital channels.

While it’s important that you leverage all the available channels to target and interact with your existing & potential customers, but, one of the digital entities that can help you significantly improve your offerings, marketing strategies as well as ROI is Google Analytics.

Reportgarden for Google Analytics Behaviour Reports helps you right from measuring how many people visited the website to finding out how they interact with the website, from checking which website elements discourage them from going further with the purchase to uncovering the trends for the different group of audiences based on gender, age and demographics, Google Analytics does everything with extensive efficacy.

One of the best insights that GA (Google Analytics) makes available are the user behavior analytics. GA lets you understand that how the users are interacting with your website, which pages are they frequently viewing, where they move while navigating on the website and the page from which they leave the website. These statistics can be used in multiple ways to enhance the “User Experience” on the website. You can go through this blog to get a clear idea on google analytics clients reports.

Why Should You Know Your Website User Behavior Analytics?

The more you know about your users, the better you get equipped with useful insights that you can use to make wise decisions about the website.

The website user behavior analytics is one of the best ways to find out that when users land on your website, how they behave. This also helps in comprehending that which elements of the website that the users like, and which elements discourage them from navigating the website further.

By knowing about the user behavior on the website, we can derive many resourceful insights that can prove useful in making users spend more time on the website and in converting them.

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Google Analytics Behavior Reports – Concept

The “Behavior Reports” generated by Google Analytics emphasize on delivering information pertaining to how users use and navigate on the website.

The Behavior reports can easily be accessed through the main left menu. If you click “BEHAVIOR”, you would be able to access the user behavior reports furthermore can fetch information pertaining to different types of user behavior.

What Can You Find Under Google Analytics Behavior Reports?

Overview Report

The overview report is one of the best user behavior analytics reports as it helps in understanding that how many total page views have occurred on the website in a particular time frame, how many of them were unique, what was the average bounce rate and which are the top pages that received the highest number of views. Apart from these it also exhibits average time spent by users on the page, the search terms data and the event categories from the top 5 Unique Events.

Behavior Flow Report

This report showcases a flow diagram indicating that how the majority of your website users entered the site, like through landing pages or any other place,  and move on to the other pages. Every segment shows the unique details in this report.

With this report, one can determine the how visitors are absorbing the content of the website and moving from one page to another throughout the site. When you are able to find out how users move inside the site,  you can check that whether they are following the intended paths on the site, and if they are not moving the way you want, what changes can be made to influence the users. For instance, you can plan to add some CTAs or can rethink about your internal linking strategy.

Site Content Report

It shows the details of the visitors on the basis of pages viewed by the users. This part of the report is further segmented to check the most visited landing and exit pages. It also shows the content drill down report, that is, exhibits the data by the website sections like the website blog.

This report helps in identifying the most-popular content on the site which your users frequently visit furthermore this information is used to better comprehend that what website users want from your website, and what kind of content do they like most.

The Drilldown Report helps in determining the popularity of each section of the website, and thus, insights about how to improve the site can be gained.

Site Speed Report

It shows that how fast your website loads and looks like the below-given picture.

This report is segregated into four sections:

  • Overview Report
  • Page Timings Report
  • Speed Suggestions Report
  • User Timing Report

Site Search Report

The “Site Search” is another vital report that lets you check information about how people are using the “Search Field” on your website and what terms they are searching while navigating through the website.

The “Overview Report” shows a general view of the total unique searches, site search category, and the search Start Page. The other sections in this report include usage report that exhibits data pertaining to the visits to the site with or without the “Site Search”. The search term report shows the search terms and the other relevant data. Then, there’s pages report that shows the start pages, destination pages, and search destination pages.

This is one of the reports that clearly show what your site visitors are looking for, and you can enhance your website on the basis of these search terms.

Event Report

This section of “User Behavior” tracks the events by adding the HTML code that records the user interaction with the different elements of the website. The four sections in the event report comprise of:

  • Overview Report
  • Top Events Report
  • Pages Report
  • Events Flow Report

The Event Reports are very helpful in tracking how the users interact with your website. For example, this report can provide the data pertaining to when a  visitor started and stopped a video. This will let you know that how much video content was actually watched by the user. By setting the custom even like form conversions or CTA clicks, you can also delve deeper to find out details about user behavior and content performance.

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Publisher Report

This is the most significant report from the perspective of monetizing the site. This report provides data about those pages which are generating the highest from the Adsense Ads. This report is very useful if your entire focus is on monetizing the site and earning a high Google Adsense revenue.

user behavior analytics

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Experiments Report

This report facilitates information regarding the session number and status for the custom experiments. This report becomes extremely useful when you are A/B testing a landing page, CTA or form to identify that which one delivers a better conversion rate.

In-Page Analytics

This report lets you find out that where the people visiting your site are clicking. This report is used to check furthermore test the effectiveness of a new design, or CTA on the site. If people start clicking on newly added elements, you can make sure that your target audience will appreciate the changes that you made.


The “User Behavior Reports” present one of the quickest ways to determine that what your website visitors are seeking from the site, what do they like and what is making them leave the website. With this data, you can make the right changes to your website to attract more and more users while significantly decreasing the bounce rate.

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