Facebook Ad Hacks by Ashley Davis

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Facebook Ad Hacks by Ashley Davis

Social media marketing is the most befitting way for promoting your brand, products and services in today’s app loving world. The more people know about your company and what it does the more clients you get. The clients may be small and big firms or individuals. There are some basic guidelines which are necessary to follow when marketing about what you do. But companies often seem to ignore these and land up expending too much money without building the required client base. This blog post is for all the people and companies who want to build from scratch or expand their client base.

Ashley Davis is a social media agent from Miami, Florida. In a recent webinar hosted by ReportGarden, he explained the importance of social media, substantially Facebook and its application for your business growth. He shared the Facebook ads targeting tips, Facebook ads hacks and Facebook ads setup.

For those of you who’ve missed our webinar can watch it here.


Why Facebook?

Before jumping to the Facebook ads hacks the basic question that needs to be answered is why Facebook? The most common social media platform today is Facebook. There are of course other platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram which are widely used, but Facebook has its advantages over the others:-

  1. Facebook is smart – Facebook uses an algorithm which automatically optimizes your ad campaign based on the data it has. The data is gathered by trend analysis based on demographics, location, likes and dislikes of people and firms. Believe it or not, but Facebook is the biggest hub for data. It has much more data as compared to Twitter and LinkedIn. This efficient algorithm has made Facebook the market leader for paid ads.
  2. Facebook is scalable – Facebook has 3 billion active users at any given time. On the other hand, Twitter has 300 million active users; LinkedIn has 500 million registered users, who are not active for major part of the day at the same time. Instagram has 700 million users and is a very fast growing social media platform. The catch here is that Instagram is owned by Facebook. Any ad that is posted on Facebook has automatic access to Instagram users. This costs no extra time and money. If the ad campaign runs successfully on Facebook, the same runs on Instagram. The ad campaign has a lifetime run on Facebook as the number of users is increasing exponentially on it.
  3. Facebook is cost-effective – Facebook ads reach millions of people around the globe at a very minimal cost. Companies can approach the required clients in an efficient manner with Facebook ad campaigns. The ad campaigns can start from $300-500 per month and then increase depending on the responses.
  4. Facebook is unique and powerful medium for any ad campaign. It generates more leads for any agency/company in comparison to other social networking sites. The large database of users on Facebook is the key advantage to reach out maximum people for your brand promotion.
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Facebook Ad Targeting Tips

Social networking site, especially Facebook is a large hub for people to connect and publicize their products and services. One wrong move can snatch away any potential lead. Digital marketing has its dos and don’ts. For successful Facebook ad campaigning, there are three thumb rules:-

  1. Know your target audience – Ads that beat around the bush push away the audience. Ads which are too specific or too broad are also off beat and do not impress the market and public. The Ads should be targeted and detailed just enough to let people know about the brand you are publicizing. Facebook has a unique feature called potential reach. It helps to track the potential reach of your ad to your audience before even launching the ad campaign. It helps to find ideal customers by determining the audience size. There are three zones – red, green and yellow. If the pointer is in the red zone, then it indicates that your ad is very specific. If it is in yellow zone then it indicates that it is very broad. Green zone indicates that the audience selection is good enough.
  2. Offer an attractive freebie – Audience will be drawn to the Ad if it has something more to offer other than what it advertises. Any valuable return gift is appreciated and encouraged. Always have something valuable to offer to your audience in which they will be interested. Just a free consultation is not very well received. Free guides, videos, CDs are some offers that people seem interested in. Also small surveys with just a button click can also help generate many potential leads, if you do not have any offer in place. This can be done using Facebook’s lead Ads feature.
  3. Test, Optimize and Repeat – Always test your ad campaigns after the launch in every few days or weeks. The testing should have variations like different images, texts or another set of free offers and likewise. This reduces the amount of money you have to pay to Facebook and the variations help generate more leads. These changes also give a way to mouth publicity which is very helpful in the long run.
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Successful lead Conversion

Once you know your audience and have sufficient number of leads, it is a tedious task to convert these leads to actual clients. There are many companies and individuals who are working on the same idea as you are. The leads generated by you are bound to contact your competitors as well. Thus act fast but calmly. Follow these guidelines, the Facebook ads hacks; to convert your potential leads from Facebook to paying customers:-

  1. Take care of SMUs – SMU is social media updates. It is recommended that you post regular social media updates on your Facebook page and Facebook ads. A weekly/daily post will keep your audience glued to the developments that your company is making. The more they know about new offers and your implementation of your services, the more they will be attracted to the ad. Always post actively and post relevant social media updates. Hire a social media expert (Agency/Individual) to take care of this department. This activity ensures trust building among your audience.

If you’ve already done your homework, you would know that there are several web analytics tools available in the online market but not all of them are meant for your business. Choosing the right tool and making the right decisions with them matters a lot and it reflects in your sales growth as well.

  1. Create your unique content – Public soon loses interest if same thing is repeated time and again. The contents of your ad represent your agency/company. Always try to generate fresh content which is unique and has something new to offer to your leads and clients. The content should be educational enough to let the prospective customers know what are you up to and what is in store for them.
  2. Use email marketing software – There is a constant requirement to follow up with your prospective customers. All sales leads must be contacted at least once a month with the new offer or a reminder about your ad. The best way to do this is tag your leads in the posts, segment them based on what they access on your social media channel. Make them feel valuable but at the same time take caution not to annoy them.

Remember that once you have converted your potential lead to a successful customer, you have got the upper edge. This successful and satisfied customer will never hesitate to refer your agency to others and thus you find yourself ahead in race of generating more leads/clients.

These are some basic Facebook ads hacks.

Facebook Ads setup

After all these secret tips its time to share the secret recipe for creating successful Facebook ad campaign. Facebook is a very simple and user friendly platform to access and use. The desktop site as well as mobile site is well designed for any person to operate it, rather play with it. Same is the case with Facebook Ad setups. There are well defined sets of steps that need to be followed. However customization of these steps is also an open option.

The URL that needs to be accessed for ad Creation on Facebook is – Facebook Business URL. Users need to create a business account on this site and get access to a business manager. Then there are options to create your set of targeted audience, custom audience and adverts manager. One needs to create an advert by choosing a goal and customizing the advert set to attract the right public to the ad.

These ad campaigns are successful with the use of tools like ReportGarden. ReportGarden has software which gives report on all kinds of things like SEO, PPC campaign, Facebook social media campaign and other social accounts. It is a multi-channel reporting platform for agencies. It can help generate reports such as audience reach, demographics reach based on monthly basis or any customized period of time. They have creative and latest tools for budget tracking, SEO audits, invoicing and managing reports from Facebook ads. ReportGarden aims to generate integrated reports quickly. There are five types of reports generated by ReportGarden when talking about Facebook :-

  1. Facebook Ads report
  2. Facebook Ads + Insights
  3. Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads
  4. Facebook Ads + Analytics
  5. Facebook Ads + Adwords.

ReportGarden helps you combine valuable campaign data with beautiful visualizations, offering a refreshing alternative to the bland, dull, and data-heavy report alternatives. There are free demos available for a complete understanding of these reports generation.

Hope these Facebook ads hacks will help you plan your campaign efficiently. Please post your comments below for further queries on these Facebook ads hacks.

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