Facebook launches selfie-focused "Facebook Camera" !

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Facebook launches selfie-focused "Facebook Camera" !

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Know about the new “Facebook Camera” and the various filters you can use in it. Today we bring you – features of the newly launched Snapchat-Like “Facebook Camera”- Along with other marketing news from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Facebook introduces New Snapchat-Like “Facebook Camera”.

What’s new ? : Facebook has unveiled a new feature called “the new camera” which is similar to Snapchat-Like camera wherein you can make your posts more interactive and exciting.

Why this ? : Facebook wants to make it easy for the camera to be “an early application of Augmented reality” with this visual enhancement option. With this new feature you can access a whole lot of tricks to make your images more interactive and exciting.

What does the “Facebook Camera” include? : The platform’s selfie-focused system will include selfie masks, overlaid graphics, and geofilters; Prisma-esque fine art-themed style transfer filters; and some innovative new “reactive” filters that respond to your body’s movements.

How can you access it ? :

  • In terms of the new camera, the new options will be easily available from your mobile News Feed, with a camera icon in the top left.
  • Once activated, you’ll be taken to a full-screen, Snapchat-like camera, with options available along the bottom of screen.
  • You can swipe down to see the different filters on offer, or add effects by using the various creative tools and your image is done.

Takeaway : So far Facebook’s efforts on this front have merely replicated Snapchat functionality, which will no doubt slow Snapchat’s momentum to some degree. But if Facebook can provide better, more innovative options, they may actually be able to do more than simply stop people moving across to Snapchat.

ReadFacebook launches Snapchat-Like “Facebook Camera”

View – https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=SnqzXaXnIDw

2. Pinterest launched three New Types of Promoted Pins

What’s it about ? : Pinterest has launched three new types of Promoted Pins for advertisers with which they can reach out to more people.

What are the new types of Promoted Pins ? : Pinterest has created 3 new types of promoted Pins, each designed in a very simple manner so that you can give it a shot.

  • One-tap Pins : Just tap a one-tap Pin in your feed to jump directly to the site it came from so you can quickly learn more. With these pins it is much easier to get right to the products you’re looking for.
  • Video Pins : Pinterest also added Promoted Video Pins, which play right on Pinterest—no more clicking off to another site before you can watch. With this you can find a selection of related ideas, or buy products you spotted in the video.
  • App Pins : These App Pins make it easier for you to find out about the apps and app-makers you want to hear about most. These Pins link directly to the store so you can download the app and start using it right away.

Who can use these pins ? : Up until recently, only US businesses could promote their Pins. Now businesses in the UK can use them, and they’ll be available in even more parts of the world very soon.

Takeaway : By adding these new promoted pins, Pinterest is making it important than ever that they always feel relevant to everyone, no matter where they’re from.

ReadPinterest adds three new Promoted Pins

View – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UGeDPpfqiA

3. Reddit launches Ad targeting product based on Site Visits.

What? : Reddit has launched new Ad Targeting product which will be interest-based, focusing on the communities on the site that visitors frequent.

What is the summary ? : Reddit CEO Steve Huffman made an announcement about the new Ad Targeting product that may have folks surprised and advertisers rejoice!

Reddit will now not just support subreddit ad targeting, an offering provided for quite awhile — it’s broadening out to interest targeting, which is, targeting audiences based on a handful of predefined interests (e.g., sports, gaming, music and more) which will be informed by which communities they frequent.

How will this be helpful ? : Using this type of Ad Targeting Product based on interests of the audience, the benefit is a better experience, both for the user (not a boring, irrelevant and uninteresting ad) and  advertiser who might want to increase outreach.

Takeaway : With this move, it will be interesting to see how Reddit increases revenue from the usage of the product – anything that makes for a better user experience should eventually win favor with users.

ReadReddit unveils new Ad Targeting Product

4. Snapchat announces it’s Discover Ad sales shift.

What’s new? : Snapchat reported that is going to now to take full control over Discover Ad sales from publishers in its Discover Section.

What are the pros and cons of this ? :

Pros – Snapchat’s consolidation of Discover ad sales simplifies the buying process for brands that previously had to decide whether to purchase Discover inventory directly from a publisher or through Snapchat’s sales team.

Cons – For publishers, now they can’t package Snapchat inventory into their pitches to brands and the good thing is that they’ll get content licensing money from Snapchat.

Takeaway : With this, Snapchat has more control over its entire advertising business and corresponding ad revenue at a time when the company is reportedly preparing to go public.

ReadSnapchat shifts it’s Discover Ad sales

5. Twitter announced the discontinuation of Vines!

What? : Twitter announced that it would be shutting down the mobile app for Vine, the short-form video sharing service which it acquired in 2012.

Why ? : After it launched in 2013, Vine became quite popular and known for its looping 6-second videos. Despite the fact that it never eclipsed other video-friendly social platforms like Facebook and YouTube in popularity, Vine was home to a large number of influencers and brands.

For increasing revenues, Twitter has decided to discontinue the Vine Mobile app but you’ll still be able to continue accessing and downloading your Vines.

Takeaway : Vine’s marketing potential got a lot of attention throughout its first year. But seemingly, it has fallen victim to similar platforms. Users and several brands, have moved onto other video platforms like Snapchat, Facebook Live and Instagram video.

ReadTwitter Cuts Off Vine

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