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Now schedule your Facebook Live Broadcasts!  Report Garden

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Know about the update where you can schedule your Facebook Live broadcast. Today we bring you – Updates on Facebook’s live streaming product, Facebook Live – Along with other marketing news from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Facebook launches Scheduling option for “Facebook Live”.

What’s the update about ? : In April of this year, Facebook launched its live streaming product, Facebook Live, which allows anyone with a Facebook account to become a broadcaster. Now, Facebook is making it easy for its users to use the product effectively with the launch of scheduling functionality that allows Live broadcasts to be scheduled up to a week in advance.

What happens when you schedule a live video ? :

  • When you schedule a live video, an announcement post will be published to News Feed letting your fans know that the broadcast is coming.
  • People who see the post can opt in to receive a one-time reminder notification that will alert them before your broadcast begins.
  • Your fans can then join a pre-broadcast lobby directly before the live video starts, where they can connect and interact with other viewers.

Who will be benefited? And Why? : Scheduling a live video makes it easier for marketers to build anticipation and buzz with their audience before the broadcast begins, so you can start strong with an audience already assembled.

  • It helps brands with promotion and translate their promotion into views and engagement.
  • Brands can have their broadcasts well planned, have good production quality and promote them adequately.

Takeaway : Facebook is making Live streaming an easy part of every content producer and brand’s marketing. This new feature could give Facebook a new advantage in its battle with Periscope and YouTube Live for stream creators and viewers.

ReadFacebook launches schedule option for Facebook Live

2. Google adds “Surveys” to its Analytics 360 Suite.

What’s it about ? : Google announces a major addition to the Google Analytics 360 Suite and a big step toward bridging brand and performance marketing — the arrival of Google Surveys 360.

How is this helpful ? : Collecting competitive data and industry benchmarks is critical to do this. Google Surveys 360 helps us get data on the current state of the market.

  • With this new addition, enterprise marketers (of all types) can access to a brand new layer of data and insights into what consumers are doing and thinking.
  • Google Surveys 360 makes it easy for anyone in the organization to create a survey, find a specific audience sample, and generate statistically significant results — in just a few days.
  • Now for the first time, marketers can get fast, accurate market research — in combination with their marketing performance and analytics data — to help them make key business decisions.

Takeaway : According to Google, there is much more than they do to provide actionable data to their Analytics 360 Suite customers and hence are integrating survey data with the other products in the suite.

ReadGoogle adds Surveys to Analytics 360 Suite

3. Pinterest verges into Influencer Marketing

What’s new? : Pinterest launched “Pin Collective,” a new feature that connects brands with Pinterest’s top content creators and eventually edges into influencer marketing.

What is “Pin Collective” ? : The Pin Collective connects businesses with Pinterest’s best content creators. Pinterest hand-selected a group of publishers, production shops and independent creators who know the nuances of what makes content successful on Pinterest. These experts will work directly with brands to create content that simultaneously delights Pinners and drives business results.

What are the benefits of this ? : Businesses can now tap a hand-selected group of publishers, production shops and independent creators to help craft compelling content well-suited for the platform.

  • By making popular content creators more accessible, Pinterest is paving the way for influencer marketing ( which has exploded over the last year)
  • The platform is getting simpler : Pin Collective represents another tool Pinterest offers to make it even easier for brands to create high-quality advertisements.
  • The tool is open for all marketers, regardless of size. Since there are no minimum ad budget requirements, Pinterest is encouraging less savvy marketers to experiment with the platform, luring incremental ad dollars.

Takeaway : Pin Collective is an important step in creating an influencer marketplace as competitors like Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube already connect brands with influencers.

ReadPinterest edges into influencer marketing

4. Facebook adds 360 Photos and Videos to Instant Articles.

What’s new? : Facebook has announced that publishers will now be able to include 360 photos and videos in their Instant Articles content to help boost more clicks, more shares and keep users reading for longer.

How is this helpful ? : Each Instant Article can contain multiple 360 photos and videos that readers can explore, share, and comment on in the context of a story.

  • Storytellers can share richer stories and paint more vivid scenes by joining 360 content with other Instant Articles element to deliver their written, filmed, and spoken narratives.
  • They also showcase the power of the new style editor available for Instant Articles publishers to bring their brand into the visual narrative of the stories they tell on Facebook.
  • These fast-loading, mobile-optimized formats help deliver an optimal reader experience on any device. Readers will  have the option to navigate by turning their device or by tapping and dragging.

Takeaway : With this new addition, Facebook wants to make sure they’re not missing out on any features. The less likely you are to open a browser, the longer you stay on Facebook, and the more ad money Facebook makes off of you.

ReadFacebook brings 360 Photos to instant articles!

5. Snapchat warns brands against disruptive mobile ads.

What? : Snapchat warns brands against disruptive mobile ads and has urged marketers to raise the bar in mobile advertising, saying too many are still interrupting the mobile experience.

Why this ? : Claire Valoti, UK general manager, Snap Inc says, “Look at what your audience wants to do and add to that. Don’t make advertising disruptive – it should add to the experience.”

  • Many brands are not maximising their opportunities on mobile, instead relying on interruptive ads that fail to engage consumers.
  • These brands are interrupting the mobile experience with their ads rather than adding new ones and hence Snapchat warned them against this.

Takeaway : Snapchat wants to challenge us all to raise the bar of what mobile advertising should look like!

ReadSnapchat warns brands against disruptive ads

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