Facebook brings new streaming tools!!

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Facebook brings new streaming tools!!

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Facebook mention app brings new tools now!! Know more about the latest feature of Facebook.Today we bring you the latest updates on Facebook mention app– Along with other marketing news about every platform from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Facebook brings new streaming tools for celebs:

What’s this about? : Facebook gets new tools for manager & celebs-mod tools and control for Live. New controls allow adjustments to video and audio quality to be made during live streams, and there’s even an option to do post-broadcast editing to provide the optimal playback a brand or celebrity wants.

What’s new? : Facebook has made available in the Mentions app new tools that can improve the viewing quality of broadcasts while live. There’s now an adjustments tray that allows broadcasters to tweak how the live stream is viewed. Options include the ability to flip the camera horizontally or vertically, adjusting the brightness, and specifying whether to mirror the picture or not.

Why now? : You’re going to want to have ways to manage any social media discussion so it’s productive instead of antagonistic that everyone loses interest in what you have to say so Facebook is launching comment moderation so managers/celebs can blacklist specific keywords from being shown.Also Facebook has already started working with adjusting the audio level,connectivity and battery status which is quite interesting.

Takeaways: It’s likely that Facebook isn’t done with moderation and will be working on new ways to improve the safety and open conversational aspect people want to have on the social network.

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2. Google mulling to change AMP display:

What’s this about? : Google will make it easier for those viewing AMP content in its search results to find and share URLs that lead directly back to publishers, rather than to Google itself.

Why AMP? : Clicking on regular content generally takes people away from Google and to publishers’ sites. Clicking on AMP content keeps people at Google, with a Google URL appearing for that content.

What’s the problem? : Showing a Google URL can be confusing to those who want to share AMP content and don’t understand why a publisher’s URL isn’t showing. It’s also a concern to publishers who may feel that Google is making it harder for their content to be shared and bookmarked.

What’s the solution? : It plans to change the header that appears above AMP content. The goal is to alter the header so that people can see and copy the actual URL of a publisher’s story, as well as perhaps options to share it through social media.

Takeaways: Using publisher URLs would still load AMP pages pretty fast, and provide more reassurance to nervous publishers, making URLs more visible to copy and share may be enough to satisfy most concerns.

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