Facebook Messenger Bots and Ads get modified!!

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Facebook Messenger Bots and Ads get modified!!

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Know about how Facebook Messenger Bot features are enhanced with the new features – News about how these new features make it possible for marketers to turn their Messenger bots into ad bots. – Along with other marketing news from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Facebook Messenger Bot and Ad features upgraded to help marketers.

What’s new ? : Facebook Messenger rolls out sponsored messages and turn Messenger bots into ad bots. Facebook Messenger will begin to let bot creators buy News Feed ads to target specific groups of people, the company announced today.

Why this ? : With the new features added to the Facebook messenger, Ads will now take a person away from the Facebook app and into the Messenger app to speak to a bot. Additionally, more features for marketers have been added like :

  • With the ability to add reference parameters to links, you can track where their bot receives traffic from on the web when people click on a link and start a further conversation on Messenger.
  • Facebook also added a tool that businesses can use to show multiple products with the top-most item displayed more prominently. When someone is in the process of buying something, the brand could prompt them to receive messages on Messenger.

How will this work ? : Advertisers on Facebook now have the ability to reach people in News Feed and direct them to Messenger.

  • Each time you click “Get Started” on the welcome screen of a Messenger bot, you give the bot creator permission to send you sponsored messages, opening the door to product placement, native advertising, and other forms of solicitation.
  • If you’ve exchanged messages with a Messenger bot, then the bot has permission to send you sponsored messages.

Takeaway : With these new features of turning messenger bots into ad bots, Facebook is letting no stone unturned, helping marketers strike a conversation with their relevant people.

ReadFacebook turns Messenger bots into ad bots

2. Snapchat includes Spectacles Integration, also adds Instagram-Like features.

What? : Snapchat has today launched a new update which adds Spectacles integration and a new form of their popular Lenses tool. Also, Snapchat adds ways to rewind and share Stories.

How are the new features and how are they similar to Instagram ? : Snapchat launched Spectacles Integration along with a new form of their Lenses tool – World Lenses to augment the reality around you.

  • Snapchat updated its “Stories” product with the ability to rewind through Stories, which has been possible on Instagram, but not on Snapchat.
  • Snapchat also added lenses meant to augment the reality around you and the ability to share snaps from people’s public Stories with their friends, which is kind of a copy of Instagram Direct.

Takeaway : The release of Spectacles is a big move for the company, and will likely play a significant role in their ongoing battle for attention with Facebook, who are making a concerted effort to go after Snapchat’s user base.

ReadSnapchat launches Spectacles integration, Adds World Lenses

3. Facebook releases new features, Shoots growth in Reviews

What’s it about ? : Unlike other sites and apps that may filter reviews written by less established users, Facebook makes it relatively easy to review and rate a business. In response to this rising trend, Facebook has rolled out a range of new options to better facilitate reviews and ratings.

What are the new features ? : Reviews and ratings play a major role in shaping consumer behavior, and they can make the kind of lasting impact. Given the growth in review activity, it makes sense that Facebook has increased focus on this area with the following updates :

  • Listings
  • Recommendations
  • Direct Transactions

How are these new features helpful ? : Apart from serving as a social platform, Facebook has also evolved into an option for discovering great brands, products, and services, and for connecting with relevant businesses along the same lines.

  • Listings : Using this FB lists businesses with the best reviews and ratings and helps guide users as they look for new products and services. For businesses, getting listed in Professional Services can be a game-changer, with better reviews having the potential to create more meaningful opportunities than a status update or a dozen likes can.
  • Recommendations : Facebook introduced friend-based recommendations, which enables users to turn to their friends for advice and feedback on local businesses or services – then organizes all these recommendations in one place.
  • Direct transactions : Facebook introduced a feature that enables direct transactions on its website and app. It enables users to do things like order food, book an appointment, get a quote, or buy tickets – all directly through Facebook.

Takeaway : The new feature makes a compelling case for choosing Facebook over other popular review sites: would you really rather trust the opinions of anonymous reviewers over that of your friends and family?

ReadFacebook releases new features to capitalize growth in Reviews

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