Facebook Added New Tools On Its 13th Birthday !!

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Facebook Added New Tools On Its 13th Birthday !!

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Facebook added new tool on its birthday!! Know more about the latest updates of Facebook.Today we bring you the latest updates on Facebook’s new tool– Along with other marketing news about every platform from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Facebook celebrates it’s 13th Birthday: New tool added

What’s this about? : Facebook marks 13 years with new Friends Day video and Messenger GIFs as it added these two new tools.

What are the new tools? :

  • The first is an option to create a new video to celebrate all the connections you’ve made, and the events you’ve shared with them, on the platform.These are the auto-generated videos.
  • In addition, Facebook’s also added a prompt in Messenger to point users to Friendship Day themed GIFs.

What’s more? :

  • Users can also join in the conversation by using the #Friendsday hashtag – which is interesting, considering that research has shown hashtags are largely ineffective on Facebook.
  • Video will initially be set for the users own eyes only, but the user can edit it and share it with friends if they choose.
  • To avoid previous issues with bad memories or insensitive moments, Friends Day videos can be modified, including reordering friends shown.
  • But if you want to express your appreciation to friends individually, Facebook Messenger has special Friends Day GIFs that can be inserted into any conversation.

Takeaways: While it’s easy to dismiss these tools and poke fun at Facebook’s sometimes dorky sensibilities, it is worth taking a moment to reflect on the fact that Facebook has now been around for 13 years.

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2. LinkedIn Announces New Engagement Insights:

What did I miss? : LinkedIn announced a new way to leverage more of its user data to help marketers connect and engage in a more personalized fashion.

Why now? : LinkedIn wants to make it easier for you to learn more about your ideal prospects on the platform before you even begin talking with one another.

How it will helps marketer? : The multi-dimensional data will help B2B marketers discover the right audiences, create better content and understand how their brand stacks up against the competition on LinkedIn.The power of selling your product or service on LinkedIn lies in locating, engaging and quickly building a 1-on-1, personalized relationship with targeted prospects you find on LinkedIn.


  • Marketers can filter the interests and opinions of professionals through a variety of dimensions including industry, seniority, company size, job title, job function and more.
  • You don’t need to be a paying advertiser to utilize this approach on LinkedIn.
  • You can simply scan someone’s profile, and within a few seconds find multiple ways to break the ice and personalize your interactions.
  • It’s critical to always utilize an element of data from your prospect’s profile to help break the ice and spark a non-work conversation to get things off on the right foot and build camaraderie.

Takeaways: As like facebook, linkedIn too contains data on users personal details, everything from where the user live, work and went to school to their hobbies and professional interests. So now it’s looking to provide access to more of those insights to help marketers improve campaign performance.

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3. Instagram added background music to stories:

What’s new? : One of the ways to make stories more interesting in instagram is the addition of background music.

How to get started? :

  • The very first thing one should consider is the song he or she is using for the slideshow.
  • Instagram Stories supports songs found on the Music app and Spotify, so it’s best to store or look for the soundtrack from there.
  • Before even opening the Instagram app, one should put his or her chosen song on cue either on the Music app or Spotify. When this is done, simply press the home button to exit any of the two apps.

How to use it? :

  • To add the background music, one should log into his or her account on the Instagram app.
  • Then, one should tap the Camera logo/button that’s situated on the upper left corner of the app’s UI.
  • This will launch the camera, allowing the user to record a video clip.
  • Prior to recording anything however, one should swipe up on the camera UI to get access to the iOS Control Center.
  • When the Control Center is visible, one should swipe over to launch the Music screen that shows the song the user put on cue awhile ago.
  • Next, simply press the Play button to start the track and return to the Instagram camera UI.
  • This will now enable one to record an Instagram story with background music.

Takeaways: Instagram Stories is a feature that gives users a platform to share multiple photos and videos that are automatically pieced together to form a slideshow or a story. It is indeed very interesting to see that instagram is all set for new experiments and is also coming up with some new ideas to boost up users.

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4. Facebook updates photo auto tagging feature :

What’s this about ? : To improve the experience for visually impaired members of the Facebook community, the company’s Lumos computer vision platform is now powering image content search for all users.

How is it useful? : Its fruitful, as now the user can search for images on Facebook with keywords that describe the contents of a photo, rather than being limited by tags and captions. Facebook also added in weights to prioritize diversity in photo results so the user don’t end up with 50 pics of the same thing with small changes in zoom and angle.

What’s more? : Facebook is updating its original Automatic Alternative Text tool. When Facebook released the tool, visually impaired users could leverage existing text-to-speech tools to understand the contents of photos for the first time. The system could tell the user that a photo involved a stage and lights, but it wasn’t very good at relating actions to objects.

Is facebook having competition in the computer vision advances? : Yes indeed it does! Of them are pinterest and google. As for the former visual search feature has been continuously improved to let users search images by the objects within them and the latter open sourced its own image captioning model last fall that can both identify objects and classify actions with accuracy over 90 percent.

Takeaways: Lumos was built on top of FB Learner Flow. It has already been used for over 200 visual models. Aside from image content search, engineers have used the tool for fighting spam.

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