Facebook now revamps News Feed algorithm!!

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Facebook now revamps News Feed algorithm!!

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Know about the how re-ranking of Facebook News Feed is done. Today we bring you – Updates on how Facebook now ranks News Feed on client side – Along with other marketing news from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Facebook re-ranks News Feed stories on the client side.

What’s this about ? : Facebook has now changed how News Feed stories get ranked. Now, Facebook is able to rank stories on the client side, after they’ve been sent from the server – i.e., as they appear on your device.

What is the change ? : Facebook has decided to re-rank News Feed stories from the client side.

  • Previously, when a user visits Facebook, the ranking for all possible News Feed stories was calculated on Facebook’s servers and sent to the user in the exact order that Facebook’s algorithm decided was best.
  • With this type of ranking, the speed or strength of a user’s Internet connection wasn’t noted and hence Fb’s decision to re-rank the News Feed.

What’s in for Marketers ? : For marketers, speed is more important than ever and this update enables them to surface stories that have been optimized for their connection at the time of your session.

For example, slow-loading content gets temporarily down-ranked while it loads because, before Fb shows a story in your News Feed, it checks whether the media in the story — the image, the video, the link preview, etc. — has been loaded on your device. If it hasn’t, it re-ranks the stories on the client and prioritize those that have fully-loaded media.

Takeaway : This is a clear move to indicate Facebook’s efforts to make News Feed more accessible to all users regardless of the speed or reliability of their internet connections.

ReadFacebook re-ranks News Feed

2. Bing Ads updates its User Interface

What’s new ? : Bing Ads rolls out a new, more comprehensive campaign setup process that PPC Marketers need to know.

What are the updates ? : A major redesign of the Bing Ads user interface is changing the way advertisers create new campaigns on the platform. The following changes have been made :

  • Campaign Goals : While creating a campaign, you are asked to pick a marketing goal to let Bing Ads recommend some features and defaults. Now, no matter what goals you pick, however, Bing Ads will give you access to every Bing Ads feature.
  • Keyword Suggestions : Bing Ads is also changing the way it shows keyword suggestions. If you enter your website’s URL, Bing will crawl your website and give you ad group and keyword suggestions. You will also see keywords grouped into ad groups automatically, based on relevance.
  • Ad Extension Library : When you’re setting up your campaigns, Bing Ads will now highlight ad extensions from its library that match your marketing goals.
  • Multiple Ads : You’re no longer limited to creating one ad for your entire campaign. Bing Ads announced that you can now set up multiple ads and easily manage them all in the Ads & Ad Extensions section.
  • Performance Estimates : With this you can set a campaign budget at ad group bids. Bing Ads shows performance estimates for the ad groups based on the bids and campaign settings. Bing Ads will show a yellow “warning” icon next to any ad group bids that it thinks will result in low performance.

Takeaway : With this updated Bing Ads User Interface, it’s changing the way advertisers create new campaigns on the platform and welcoming new users to it.

ReadBing Ads User Interface now with many updates

3. Google Adwords launches Affiliate Location Extension

What’s it about ? : Google has announced on Google+ that its launching affiliate location extensions for Adwords in the US.

How are these helpful ? :

  • These extensions aim at helping manufacturers drive customers to third-party retail locations that sell their products.
  • If you sell your products through retail chains, affiliate location extensions can help you reach consumers when they are deciding what and where to buy.
  • By promoting retail locations in your search ads, you can make them more actionable and give consumers relevant local information to drive store visits and sales.

Takeaway : It is interesting to see how Google is taking another step towards delivering wider targeted location based ads which is a good thing for marketers.

ReadGoogle Adwords now adds Affiliate Location Extension

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