Facebook Pages App : Now manage social media interactions!

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Facebook Pages App : Now manage social media interactions!

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Know about the update in Facebook Pages App – News about how Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Interactions can all be managed all at one place in the Facebook Pages App – Along with other marketing news from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Facebook Pages App now manages Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Interactions at one place.

What’s new ? : Facebook launched a new update for the Facebook Pages app which enables businesses to link their Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts so that they can manage communications across all three channels in a single place.

How will this work and help ? : This new feature allows a single inbox for all the three channels (Fb, Messenger and Instagram).

Single Inbox : The new tools enable Page managers to stay on top of and respond to various interactions across the three platforms, including comments, visitor posts, reviews and messages. Each platform will be given its own dedicated, and distinctive tab within the app, making it easy to switch between and respond to notifications as required.

Provides a more personalized service : Facebook’s also providing Page managers with a new way to access information about the people whom they’re interacting with through their profiles – now, when you tap on a person’s name within the Pages app, you’ll be shown basic information from their profile, as well as any previous interactions with your business.

How to access this feature ? : Simply click on the messaging icon at the bottom of your Facebook Page while you’re in the Pages Manager App, then navigate to the Instagram tab where you’ll be prompted to log in.

Takeaway : Definitely a smart move to manage Facebook, Messenger and Instagram all under one platform and sure this is going to impress a lot of social media managers.

ReadFacebook adds new option to manage Facebook, Messenger and Instagram at one place

2. Pinterest finally released its “Explore” tab, including Autoplay Video Ads.

What’s it about ? : Pinterest has officially launched its brand new “Explore Section” which aims to uncover the most relevant Pins for each user to expand discovery on the platform. Also this includes a new feature – Autoplay Video Ads.

How does this work ? :  Each time you drop by Explore, you get a snapshot of what’s trending on Pinterest, from emerging cultural trends to surprising new flavors. The Explore also includes a collection of the user’s own personalized recommendations.

Explore includes a combination of recommended Pins and the user can narrow down the results to specific topics by swiping across the list.

How are Autoplay Video Ads helpful ? : In addition to this, Pinterest is also rolling out a new autoplaying version of Promoted Video designed specifically for the Explore tab.

The videos can be expanded to full screen and advertisers will also be able to run additional content alongside promoted posts, which will auto-advance in sequence once the user has watched the first video.

How to access “Explore” ? : On mobile, you can access “Explore” via the magnifying glass at the bottom of the app, and on web, you click on the new compass icon at the top right.

Takeaway : Just like Instagram did, this is another way of Pinterest to create a more engaging, enticing option for users and advertisers alike, and another key step in the steady evolution of the Pinterest platform.

ReadPinterest adds “Explore Tab”

3. Facebook has announced Analytics for Messenger Bots.

What’ ? : Facebook has announced the introduction of new analytics tools for Messenger Bots in order to provide more insight for bot makers and brands.

What’s in store for bot makers and brands ? : With the launch of this addition, the new bot insights will give brands access to information on messages sent and received via their bots and data on people who’ve blocked or unblocked your app based on bot interactions.

Facebook is offering brands access to reports that provide aggregate, anonymized demographic data of users who interact with their chatbots. This data includes age, gender, country, language, education and interests.

The tools will help bot makers get a better understanding of who, exactly, is engaging with their bots, which will then enable them to better tailor the experience to specific user groups, while also providing more insight into bot engagement.

Takeaway : With this new addition, Facebook is addressing one of the biggest missing pieces of its Messenger Chat Bot offering : Analytics.

ReadFacebook launches Analytics for Messenger Bots

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