Facebook Revamps Groups!!

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Facebook Revamps Groups!!

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Facebook revamps groups !! Know more about the latest updates on Facebook.Today we bring you the latest updates on Facebook groups. Along with other marketing news about every platform from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Facebook tries to revamp groups:

What’s this about: Facebook is looking to improve groups so users now have some new opportunities to consider.

What are the notable improvements? :

  • One update relates to application questions, a new option which enables Group admins to set up a step in the member application process which requires the applicant to demonstrate their knowledge for the relevant group.
  • Addition of discussion topics in Groups – new markers which help users quickly find the most active discussions and the topics they’re most interested in, rather than having to scroll through everything.
  • Another addition is just recently, is a prompt asking members to put in a note about themselves and why they’ve joined the Group.

Benefits :

  • Forcing applicants to demonstrate their knowledge ahead of time will reduce a lot of work for Group admins, while also helping ensure the Group content remains focused and on track, which benefits engagement.
  • It will help boost engagement, enabling people to see what discussions are trending, and weigh in with their own opinions.
  • Helps to boost engagement (by highlighting related interests) while also helping admins get a better understanding of why people have joined their group and what they want to know about.
  • Facilitates in external consideration and community building as such.
  • Also Groups are used for  for troubleshooting, for crowd-sourced questions and answers, for testing and community feedback.

Takeaways: Facebook groups, the platform itself has more than 1.79 billion users, meaning that a large proportion of the people you want to reach with your brand messaging are either active in Groups or on Facebook already.This is why Facebook putting more focus on groups is of benefit, it provides more tools to facilitate wider connection which is quite appreciable. As Facebook continues to upgrade Groups, the potential expands.

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2. Tumblr Adds Image-Enhancing Stickers and Filters:

What did I miss? : Tumblr has announced a new addition to their app which enables users to enhance their photos and GIFs with over 100 extremely relevant stickers.

What’s new? : Users can add their sticker-enhanced images to their Tumblr posts or, for iPhone users, they can send them to friends in the Tumblr iMessage app.

How to use it? : It’s quite simple! You can add a sticker by tapping on the face icon at the bottom of the screen, while you can also add image filters by tapping the wand icon.

What’s more? :

  • Tumblr’s also noted that new stickers will be added to their collection every month, with themed tie-ins for events like Valentine’s Day and Black History Month.
  • The addition builds on Tumblr’s GIF creation tool,providing more creative options for the platform’s users.

Takeaways: While newer players like the Giphy and Snapchat have taken a lot of the shine off of what was once Tumblr’s domain – memes and online culture – the Tumblr audience is still highly engaged, and caters to very specific niche groups.While a multitude of other services do offer stickers and filters, there is one thing that may be a key differentiator -Tumblr’s stickers are three-dimensional, which the company hopes will convey a more playful and hip aesthetic.

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3. Bing Ads launches Automated Imports:

What’s new? : Bing Ads launches Automated Imports to sync campaigns from AdWords. As advertisers can now set their imported Google campaigns to automatically update on an ongoing basis.

How is it different from google import? : Google Import lets advertisers port over existing AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads. It has significantly spurred adoption by making it mostly effortless to give the platform a chance. Now, Bing Ads is adding Automated Imports for campaigns ported from AdWords.

Benefits: With Automated Imports, advertisers no longer have to remember to update ad copy. By scheduling imports, changes made in Adwords campaigns -ad copy, extensions, budgets and so on it can be automatically updated in Bing.

Is there is time preference for importing : No, scheduled imports can be set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Takeaways: Not every AdWords optimization will or should translate to Bing, of course, but this can help advertisers that are low on resources ensure that ad copy, landing pages and promotions used in ad extensions are updated uniformly across both Google and Bing.

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4. Google mobile search adds book previews:

What’s new? : Google now allows you to read book previews directly on your smartphone from Google search.

What’s more? : Launched the “book preview” feature you’ve seen on Google desktop search, now on the mobile search results.

Can I use it? : If you are in a region where book previews are allowed, such as in the United States, and a book has previews available within Google Book search, Google will show you the “preview book” link.

Overview: When you click the preview book link, it takes you into a really nice mobile view of the book preview interface in Google Book Search which is quite interesting.

Takeaways: It’s amazing and very interesting to get this latest update and surely it’s a way by which google can also get more subscriber for it’s book preview.

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5. Facebook makes Ads automation more easier:

What’s this about? : The latest feature in Facebook’s “ads arsenal” is here to help you identify and manage underperforming ad sets and ads. It’s a simple way to create rules and to benchmark ad sets and adverts against them. Depending on the objectives, ads can be turned on or off or adjust the bid or the overall spend, once the criteria set are met.

What’s more? : Facebook provides with the opportunity to receive alerts as well as manage the rules set, so that there is greater control over the campaign’s objectives and performance.

Is this for me? : Great tool for social managers as well as clients, especially when multiple campaigns and ad sets are running concurrently.
With this feature, Facebook automatically optimises the serving of your ads, without keeping you hooked on your screen. It’s the little tweaks that make all the difference!

Takeaways: Facebook advertisers are fuelling its ad platform with hefty budgets, facebook is trying to provide every little thing that can help facebook allocate and manage them more efficiently.

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That’s all for today. Happy Marketing ? ?!!

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