Video Marketing Facts: Infographic Insights

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Video Marketing Facts: Infographic Insights

Is TV Marketing losing over Video Marketing

For the last few years, the TV industry has undergone major changes. Netflix and a lot of new digital video providers have put TV Marketing amongst tough competition. So, let’s see what the world actually has to say about TV Marketing vs Video Marketing. Even if you pay the faintest amount of attention to statistics, they inevitably shout valuable information at us. Here it goes…

From 2012 to 2016, online video views have increased globally from 171 to 213 million. 78.4% of US internet users watch online videos. From 2011-2015 in the US, the average time spent by adults watching online videos increased by 195%. In 2016 alone, half of all Americans, that is 164.5 million people, watched digital TV. Find more amazing facts you probably didn’t know about Video Marketing in the infographic compiled by experts from Website Builder.

YouTube, with 182.2 million unique viewers per month, is the world’s top video provider. Globally, average users spend around 9.5 minutes on YouTube per day. More importantly, 48 hours of video is uploaded every minute there. Thus, not surprisingly, 72% of marketers choose YouTube for video advertising so who can judge them, right?

When comparing Video Marketing to TV Marketing, brand recall is 50%:27%, while message recall is 2:1. It is also widely known that ROI of Video relative to TV is 1.27 times higher when used in conjunction with TV. Moreover, Video ad’s CTR is 18 times more than an HTML banner.

It is predicted, that by 2020, for every second, a million minutes of videos will be on the net. Also, video traffic will reach 3 times that of 2015’s traffic, 75% of which will be from mobiles.

Logically, it is worth mentioning in the US, 70% Ad Agencies believe that video ads are as or more effective than TV or other forms of marketing. So, a single question is left to answer. Is TV Marketing losing the fight over video marketing?

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