Marketing 101: Fashion Brands by Instagram

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Marketing 101: Fashion Brands by Instagram

Stay informed in 60 words !!

Today we bring you the inside view of the Instagram’s new marketing guide for Fashion Brands – The  ‘Feed Fashion’ report. Along with other marketing news from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1.  Instagram : A new guide for Fashion Brands

What ? : Instagram releases a “Feed Fashion” report to provide insights for marketers on how to improve on platform performance

What is in this report ?

  1. While 50% of the Instagrammers follow a brand , 45% of Instagrammers in Europeans follow a fashion brand with an intent to buy.
  2. In Europe , Fashionistas are active on the platform every day, checking their feeds, on average, 15 times every 24 hours.
  3. Almost half of all Instagram posts now contain emoji characters.
  4. Photos on Instagram are perceived as being 2.8X more imaginative and 2X more creative than on other platforms.
  5. People interested in fashion tend to be more engaged around the weekend.

What is the summary ? : Everything is made open to some level of personal interpretation.

But three major tips –

  • Be on Brand
  • Be Concept driven
  • Be well crafted

What are the important tips to be noted ? :

  • Fashion brands need to be investing time on their Instagram presence
  • Research target hashtags using resources like or Hashtagify – or Instagram’s own search function
  • Fashion brands need to produce content(image quality and composition) that makes people stop and take notice.
  • Timing is crucial – Find the best time to post using Analytics (Instagram’s own)
  • But like all creative promotions -most of all Fashion Brands : This is not a rule book of any sorts.Nothing wrong with trying your own voice and style.

Takeaway : Though this guide is a precursor for Fashion brands on the soon-to-start London and Paris Fashion Weeks , many of the principles and guidelines outlined here can be applied to any business looking to maximize their Instagram performance and response.

ReadThe complete “Feed Fashion” report

2. Twitter DMs get dynamic features – like Read receipts

What ? : Twitter has introduced read receipts, typing indicators and web link previews to DM threads.

Why ? :  Brands will want to let users know that they’ve seen their message, and ideally brands will be able to respond to all such requests in a timely manner.

When ? : The update is live from Sep. 8th , 2016.

Takeaway : Though Twitter’s DM updates are good , it’s too late to draw significant interest because apps like Messenger and WhatsApp already have all of those.

ReadTwitter Adds Read Receipts and Link Previews to DMs

3. LinkedIn : New blogging platform and Conversion Tracking

What’s new ? : LinkedIn has brought two great news

  • LinkedIn has rolled out a new version of LinkedIn Publishing. Its intention is to enable its posters to reach and better engage with their audience.
  • LinkedIn is rolling out a way for advertisers to track when their ads lead people to do things on the brand’s site

What’s different in conversion tracking ? : Advertisers using LinkedIn’s conversion tracking will be able to see audience breakdowns by different segmentations  such as what industries people work in, how senior their positions are, what their job functions are and the size of their companies.

For now, LinkedIn’s conversion tracking only works for its Sponsored Content ads and Text ads

What about LinkedIn Publishing ?

Its new interface focuses on the design, with a nice looking UI and more text formatting and font options.This is, for now, available only in the US.

Takeaway : LinkedIn wants to be able to tell advertisers how much actual revenue their ads generated.There will be many more moves and developments in this Microsoft bought platform.

ReadLinkedIn’s new conversion tracking & LinkedIn Publishing

4.  Google Search Console updates Security issues Report

What  ? : Google search console updates their most helpful tool for webmasters – Security Issues Report with new information.

What is this update about ? :  This update focuses on issues like – malware, deceptive pages, harmful downloads, and uncommon downloads.

Takeaway : Google Search Console is the only medium where Google communicates with site owners. Now this update notifies sites about new issues also.

Read –  Google Updates Security Issues Report in Search Console

We will get back to you with more updates over the weekend. Happy Weekend !!

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