Guide to Ensure your first Facebook PPC Campaign Is a Successful One

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What is the Problem?

Guide to Ensure your first Facebook PPC Campaign Is a Successful One

Social media is the most integral part of our daily lives. With social networking websites on the rise, more and more advertisers prefer advertising their products over websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Today Facebook flaunts a huge active user count of more than two billion as of 2017.

With such a large crowd constantly using Facebook for social interaction, it has become a mainstream medium for business advertising. Facebook is an optimal site for advertising as it gives you the benefit of targeting any audience you desire with regards to age, gender, location, and interests.

What is Facebook PPC?

Facebook PPC or pay per click is a method by which an advertiser earns revenue when a buyer clicks on his advertisement on Facebook and visits his website to buy stuff. On an average people over Facebook search for business pages online to get a brief idea about the business plus Facebook has a great option of reviewing the product through which you can get the basic idea about the company and whether or not to buy the product. All you need to start is a Facebook account to create a page. Furthermore to start the process of creating a social media platform for your website via Facebook.

How to set up your first Facebook PPC campaign?

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1- Create an FB page:-

To start with Facebook PPC, you need to create an FB page via your Facebook account. The page includes the name of your company and the type of your business.

2- Account Setup:-

Once you create your Facebook page, you can post details about the products you sell with their respective links and pictures if available. The details should be to the point and related to your business model. Do not deviate from the prime focus of your agenda.

3- Choose your Advertising Objective:-

You need to choose the object of your advertising as well. Whether your advertising objective is to sell your products or promote someone or a news based website startup or a product/service based company – you first need to clarify what you want to achieve from advertising.

4- Enabling Ad features:-

Your PPC campaign should include one of the 10 most used advertising features on Facebook namely Carousel Ads, The Facebook pixel code, behavior targeting, etc. You can choose the ones necessary to amp up your business and attract a greater audience to your purpose.

5- Budget and Target Audience/options:-

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After completing the basics of creating the page, you can now focus on Facebook PPC advertising by choosing the target audience for your business. Facebook provides you with a wide range of options to target your audience based on age, sex or location. You can pay either for daily promotion of your campaign or monthly or get a lifetime promotion option.

With daily and monthly promotion option, Facebook target a small segment of your target audience which is shown to you when you select the type of promotion you desire. For lifetime promotion, Facebook targets a large section of your target audience by Facebook pay per click facility to cover more audience in minimum possible time.

6-Create your FB ad and placement:-

Create your ad by choosing the perfect picture or video that describes your purpose aptly and design is in a way that is appealing to the audience. You can also display the products of your business for your audience. You can also choose where to place your ad so that it is well visible to any audience who opens up their Facebook account. It is highly recommended that you choose all the subsidiary platforms of Facebook to expand the reach of your ad. Like the Facebook messenger where the ad can be displayed simply in the news feed or via personal message depending upon your choice.

7- Campaign setting and Ad review:-

After you set up your ad, you can publish it. Most of the time your ad starts getting revenue just as you publish it depending on your target audience and budget. You can track the real-time revenue generated through your cost per click advertising. If your campaign isn’t as successful, try changing your target audience furthermore promotion type.

Sometimes your target audience might not be interested in the product you pitch them like you cannot sell a walking stick to a 25-year-old. Try to choose the right audience, furthermore, even the location plays an important role in the success of your advertising campaign. To sum it up to advertising through Facebook PPC is a promising way of generating revenue, especially among young entrepreneurs.

8- Tracking Conversions:-

Conversion is the real-time tracking of all the activities related to your Facebook campaign. From checkouts to registrations furthermore adding an item to the shopping cart to the number of times a buyer scrolled through your website, you can keep track of everything. This helps you determine which type of ad campaign is proving to be more successful for your business furthermore adjust your agenda accordingly.

Key Take Away

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A proper walk through to the process of advertising through Facebook can generate a lot of business revenue for your website, especially if you are a startup. An average Joe takes a look at his Facebook profile at least 14 times a day. That means Facebook provides you with the option of more than two billion potential customers according to your specifications.

Facebook PPC is a cost-effective method of generating revenue for your business as it cuts down the transportation cost or money required for posters and banners. Furthermore, you can just post a picture of your campaign with its objective highlighted and just by a series of clicks you can achieve the goal you desire.

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