Improve Your Digital Marketing with Business Intelligence

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Improve Your Digital Marketing with Business Intelligence

Social media and search engine optimization are the pillars of digital marketing for both global as well as local companies. Popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are deluged with data.  More than 4.3 billion messages are posted each day on Facebook and over four million hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube daily.

Digital marketers are turning to business intelligence tools to make good use of the data available on the internet. Using these tools, marketers can effortlessly analyze large volumes of data in a few minutes and convert the insights into comprehensive reports. In this article, we detail how digital marketers can use business intelligence to improve their efforts.

Use Social Analytics to Understand Customer Behavior

Business intelligence tools can gather a range of information like social comments, shares, mentions, and likes. Marketers can utilize this information to gain insight on their target segment’s online behavior.

There are two main types of social analytics solutions: social media analytics and web analytics.

Social media analytics tools collect information like mentions, comments, and shares across popular social channels. Businesses can use this information to learn about customer behavior. For instance, they can understand how customers perceive their brand and product, which engagement efforts are effective, and why their product lags behind competitors.

Web analytics tools tell you the amount of traffic your site is attracting, where visitors are coming from, as well as what they are looking at on your website. This data can help you learn what are the trending sections on your site. Plus, you can utilize real-time data to tweak your site’s content to attract more traffic.


You can use a social monitoring and listening tool such as Brandwatch to get information on the social conversations around your brand and analyze this data to make smarter marketing decisions. The software mines Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, online reviews, news, and blogs to provide relevant data about your business.

Another good business intelligence tool is Looker. It is a robust data analytics solution that helps enterprises obtain tangible value from their data. You can create attractive dashboards and easy-to-read reports that allow you to drill in and explore data. Plus, you can share clear visualizations from any device, anytime. There are other equally good business intelligence software programs available, so you can easily look for a Looker alternative if you wish.

Make Your Marketing Effective with Real-Time Analytics

On the internet, data is rendered obsolete in a week, even within the day. Therefore, real-time data analysis is important to monitor your marketing campaigns as fresh data flows in constantly. Real-time analytics enables marketers to boost marketing performance while reducing costs at the same time.

Digital marketers can use real-time analytics to track almost all digital marketing channels. With real-time analytics, a company can market a wide range of products on multiple social channels and know where to raise or lower ad spending. Top business intelligence tools offer real-time data to help users learn the latest happenings in their niche.

Real-time analytics helps your company to respond to customers in real time. A survey shows that 52% of consumers expect your company to provide a quick response to their feedback. Therefore, you need to competently and quickly manage feedback from your customers to make your digital marketing campaign effective.

In addition, you can use the right information to personalize your engagement with your target audience. Marketers can utilize website data to create personalized content that is relevant to each visitor. Many tools and methods are available to make this task easy.

You Don’t Need to Rely on Guesswork:

Before the internet era, marketers did not have reliable information sources. Most sources could not provide actionable insights on marketing campaigns. As a result, marketers had to depend on guesswork to run their PR campaign, which not surprisingly, was not very helpful. However today, business intelligence provides solid facts to replace guesswork.

Business intelligence extracts actionable data and insights from different online sources. This reliable data helps you learn which digital marketing channels work best for your campaigns. Business intelligence solutions enable you to collect data like shares, social likes, click-through rates, and keyword searches. You can easily track every like, share, purchase, and search. This enables you to learn which posts are proving to be most effective online.

Different departments can utilize different metrics according to their needs. For example, click-through rates are relevant to the web design and marketing teams. Keyword engagement and competition data can be utilized across the company.

Therefore, there needs to be effective coordination between all employees involved in measuring information and planning business moves. To facilitate this, your company can invest in a quality task management application that enables all departments to function smoothly.


To select a suitable business intelligence tool for your company, you can consult a reliable software directory for expert reviews and articles on popular systems. With the right business intelligence application you can easily convert large volumes of online data into actionable reports. Plus, you can get insights on your various marketing strategies which helps you understand which ones are effective and which need improvement. Use the three tips provided in this article to improve your online marketing campaigns with business intelligence.

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