[Infographic] 50 Top Ad Agencies in London

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[Infographic] 50 Top Ad Agencies in London

What’s the problem with ‘traditional’ marketing agencies handling digital media buying?

“The digital media market has evolved too quickly for traditional marketers to keep up. Over a relatively short period, Google has introduced a number of new features that have changed the industry completely. With every addition of every new feature, we’re talking about access to new data points, adding to the complexity.

Even a simple account that we handle today has something like 10,000 keywords to consider. We’ve worked out that there are literally a trillion possibilities every single day of how you could manage that campaign. So the whole field has shifted from an entirely marketing-driven strategic exercise to something that requires a better understanding of data and automation. Human beings simply can’t manage that level of complexity themselves without the back-up of strong analysis and computational power.”

This reply from Daniel Gilbert of Brainlabs is literally the basis of my blogpost on Top 50 Ad Agencies in London. After reading his interview in ‘The Drum’, I began wondering about how various digital marketing agencies are keeping up with the fast-changing developments & huge data that is coming from the various digital marketing channels. Especially, in London, which unarguably is the hub of the best digital ad agencies in the world.

This infographic sums up my long blog on the Fastest Growing Digital Ad Agencies in London.

After loads of research, I came up with the following 20 factors to help me decide which digital ad agencies would make it to the list.

  1. Google Partners
  2. Minimum Monthly budget
  3. No. of Certifications/ Qualified users
  4. No. of Services offered
  5. Diversity of Industries that the agency caters to
  6. Global Reach
  7. Client Reviews & Case Studies
  8. Press Reviews
  9. Social Media Activity
  10. User Engagement on Social media
  11. Work Culture
  12. Awards and Mentions (Employees + Agency)
  13. Creative works
  14. Thought Leadership (Employees + Agency)
  15. Data Driven Marketing
  16. Tools & Certifications
  17. Reviews from intermediaries (RAR, The Drum List  etc.)
  18. Check the Agency on Industry / Trade Association
  19. Do they provide their clients with Audit Reports?
  20. Support Offered

I added a weightage to each of these factors and could ultimately freeze the list of fastest growing digital ad agencies in London.

Here you go… 🙂

I. Top Ad Agencies in London

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