Instagram: Allows you to bookmark your post now!!

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Instagram: Allows you to bookmark your post now!!

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Instagram let you save post now for later viewing!! Know more about this new feature of Instagram bookmark post. Today we bring you -the new feature rolling out for Instagram– Along with other marketing news about every platform from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Instagram copies Pinterest- This time its Bookmarks.

What’s this about? : Instagram has a special Christmas present for its users. You will now be able to save any enjoyable or memorable posts you come across.Instagram has introduced a new feature designed to make it easier for users to save and revisit their favourite posts.

How is it different from Pinterest? : “Save for Later” is far more limited than Pinterest. You only have one saved feed with no tag filtering, so there’s no way to sort out all the hamburgers you liked from the shoes. And obviously, Instagram images don’t directly link to URLs, like those of Pinterest do.

What’s in it for me? : The idea is that there are times you’ll encounter content you’ll want to revisit                                

  • perhaps, a product you want to buy from one of Instagram’s advertisers.
  • when you stumble upon a funny video you want to remember.
  • a new outfit you like or even inspiration for an upcoming vacation.
  • you can now keep track of favorite posts right from your profile.

Takeaway: The new feature appears to be a direct challenge to Pinterest however its interesting to see Instagram taking inspiration from all other social networking competitors and coming up with some new variations.

ReadInstagram wants to be Pinterest too.

2. Twitter: Raises questions on Periscope

What’s this about? : Twitter Announces Direct Integration of Live-Streaming Within the Twitter App.

What’s new? : One of the biggest criticisms of Periscope over time has been that users are effectively forced to download another app in order to broadcast and/or watch live-stream content. The directly integrated functionality streamlines the process, making it easier to create and promote your live content via tweet, which could see more people taking it up.

Difference between Twitter Live & Periscope? : More people have access for twitter live however periscope servers niche live-streaming community. Twitter’s native live-streaming is powered by Periscope, though people aren’t required to have Periscope installed or have registered a Periscope account to use it.

Does it make sense? : The benefit of this is that all your content is available in one place, within one app, so you don’t have to refer people to different platforms and tools to view it. It also makes it easier to showcase all your posts live or otherwise under one profile.

Takeaways: Really, it’s a little surprising that it’s taken Twitter this long to integrate the two. It’s possible that Twitter’s already missed the boat on live-streaming for the masses.

Read Periscope about to sunk without Twitter’s wing?

3. Facebook: Mulling to buy original videos

What’s this about? : Facebook is starting to talk to TV studios and other video producers about licensing shows, with the hope of boosting the social network’s video efforts.

Why now? : Facebook, which has long relied on other people to provide it with content, is going to start paying for its own stuff, too.

Why is facebook looking for programming now? : Facebook could use the programs it buys to pull in audiences who hadn’t otherwise considered Facebook in the vein of Netflix and YouTube, and Facebook could use the ad breaks to draw programs from other media companies and creators, with Facebook cutting them a share of the ad revenue so that they can make money without that money coming out of Facebook’s coffers.

Takeaways: Facebook wants to become more of a destination for video viewers, on par with Netflix and YouTube. That’s why the company is ramping up the roll-out of a video-only feed and paying publishers to produce live broadcasts. And it’s why the company is now looking to spend money to stock up on non-live shows which is a part of their strategy.

ReadFacebook’s new strategy

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