Instagram Stories : Links, Mentions & Boomerang

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Instagram Stories : Links, Mentions & Boomerang

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Know about the newly added tools in Instagram Stories – News about the three new Instagram Stories features : User account mentions, Boomerang and links for verified accounts – Along with other marketing news from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Instagram adds 3 new features to Stories.

What ? : Instagram announced three new features for its Stories format: Boomerang integration, user account mentions, and links for verified accounts.

What are the new features ? : The features include allowing links, mentions and its unique video loop, Boomerang.

Links : A hyperlink can be added to an individual story, and viewers can tap on the link to view the website within the Instagram app. But for now, only verified profiles will be able to do this.

Mentions : Mentions allows users to tag a user on the picture or video with the @ when adding a new Story. People who are mentioned will be notified via Instagram.

Boomerang : For regular Instagram posts, you’re forced to use the Boomerang app separately. But now, the Boomerang format is integrated directly into Stories.

How are these new updates helpful ? : Using links, a user can tap “See More” to get more context, allowing the user experience to seem less cluttered. This is useful to support product purchases, linking a consumer directly to a website where an advertised product within a Story may be featured.

There are plenty of marketing applications as well for the new feature, with brands and content creators clearly winning from these new additional features.

Takeaway : These new additions to Instagram Stories are definitely giving people – and brands – reasons to think when choosing Instagram over Snapchat!

ReadNew to Instagram Stories : Boomerang, Mentions, and Links

2. Periscope launches Superfans, Broadcast Groups and Desktop Log-In.

What’s it about ? : Producing entertaining live content and producing a highly engaged audience is hard. And that’s why Periscope has come out three new features, two of which are completely dedicated to building a more engaged Periscope Audience.

What are the new features ? : The following three features have been launched by Periscope :

  • Superfans : Superfans surfaces the most engaged followers for each broadcaster, showing a list of up to ten people that are the most engaged members of your audience. With this broadcasters can get more insight into their biggest fans and create more meaningful relationships with them.
  • Periscope Groups : By using groups, broadcasters can now choose the audience for their content. This enables broadcasters to share within a much more controlled, tight-knit group, which works in line with your new superfans.
  • Periscope via Web : Now you can log into Periscope Web and interact with the broadcasters – adding hearts or comments as you view a stream.

How will these new features work ? : These new features are aimed to establish better connections between  broadcasters and their audience.

  • Superfans : This can help broadcaster’s work with their “Superfans” people to get a better understanding of why they’re watching. It also enables broadcasters to effectively start a fan movement by engaging with these superfans and building their own community.
  • Periscope Groups : Having the ability to broadcast to only a select group, rather than having it go live to everyone, could ease more people into the live-streaming process, and, eventually, lead to them becoming more prominent users of the app.
  • Periscope via Web : With this Periscope can serve you more customized recommendations on content and channels based on your preferences.

Takeaway : With Facebook Live coming onto the scene, Periscope’s new features are geared around helping people build an engaged audience.

ReadPeriscope announces Superfans, Broadcast Groups

3. Pinterest launches new Checkmark for ideas you’ve tried.

What’s new ? : Pinterest has announced a new checkmark to help people keep track of all the ideas they’ve tried out in the past.

How does this work ? : Next time you build, visit or make something you found on Pinterest, tap the new checkmark to say that you tried it. You can even add feedback, notes and photos to help others decide if they should give it a try.

In addition it also includes a rating system, of sorts, with users able to select a happy or sad emoji, and a count of each then attached to the Pin, highlighting the overall positive and negative responses to future visitors. All the Pins you mark as tried will be stored in a new section on your Pinterest profile, enabling you to easily find the ones that you want to get back to.

This can be summed up into three simple points. Check off ideas you try, Explore before you try and See everything you tried before.

Takeaway : The new features essentially streamline the discovery process on mobile, making it easier to browse through additional (and more detailed) information, and find practical feedback from other users.

ReadPinterest adds new checkmark for ideas you’ve tried

4. Bing Ads introduces Bing App Install Ads.

What’s it about ? : Bing Ads has introduced app install ads for all US advertisers. App install ads are ads which encourage searchers to install apps on their mobile devices.

How do “App Install Ads” work ? : To set up App Install Ads, simply select it as your ad type when you’re in the campaign settings screen.

There is no display URL in these ads. All clicks go directly to an app store download page. In addition, the ads are only compatible with iOS and Android apps, there is no support for Windows or Windows phone apps as of now.

What are the benefits of this ? :Using App Install Ads gets app customers to your app store directly, eliminating the extra time, navigation, and clicks they would otherwise need to take from your website. Through detecting what type of device the person is searching on, these ads provide a direct route to installing an app on a searcher’s respective app store.

Takeaway : The ad format which is new to Bing Ads, has been available from Google AdWords for quite some time. With this new feature Bing Ads are capable of driving people directly to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

ReadBing Ads Introduces Bing App Install Ads

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