Instagram Stories Have Stickers Now!

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Instagram Stories Have Stickers Now!

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Instagram lets you put stickers for your stories now!! Know more about the latest feature of Instagram.Today we bring you the latest updates on Instagram stories– Along with other marketing news about every platform from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Instagram Stories Have Snapchat-Like Geofilters Now:

What’s this about? : Instagram has added new features aimed at helping users be more creative in Stories.

What’s new? : Various stickers have been added, such as weather, current time and location, and can be resized or moved across the canvas. The location will give viewers the ability to learn more. Just in time for the holidays, Instagram has also added holiday stickers, such as candy canes, gingerbread men, snowmen and various holiday-themed stickers.

What’s more interesting about it? : If a viewer taps on any location sticker in your story, they’ll be taken to a feed of Instagram photos from that place, while you can also change the time display to a digital clock or an alarm clock, while the weather can display the actual temperature or the forecast.

More feature updates :

  • Hand free video option – Instagram has also added a new, one-touch, hands-free video mode, which is something Snapchat doesn’t offer.
  • Unlimited text – Instagram’s also removing the limit on text boxes in your Stories content. Up till now, you’ve only been able to add one textbox per image, but now, you can place text all over your Instagram Stories content if you wish.
  • Saving stories – New option to save your Stories to your Camera Roll as a single video, as opposed to a series of clips.

Takeaway: To really make Stories into a more significant option, Instagram need to add new tools and options that not only duplicate Snapchat, but which overtake the yellow ghost in terms of innovation and, ideally, cool factor.

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2. Facebook Live now lets you broadcast audio-only content:

What’s this about? : Facebook has launched an audio-only mode that will allow content creators to find the right setting for them. Called Live Audio.

What’s in it for me? : It’s an opportunity for broadcasters such as those on the radio, podcasters, and those who prefer the sound of their voice versus a more visual medium to share their opinions with the world. If you are not comfortable showing your face in front of the camera, facebook live audio is what you should try out.

Difference between iOS and android live audio? : If you’re on the former, you’ll be able to continue listening to audio broadcasts while browsing other parts of Facebook, but if you leave the app, the stream will be terminated. Should you have the latter, the audio will continue playing even after you’ve left Facebook or even locked your phone.


  • If you start a live video broadcast and internet connectivity drops, you can switch to audio so that the stream never stops.
  • The company envisions that interviews, book readings, new songs, and many other audio-centric use cases will benefit from this, and the need for video will no longer be a hindrance to people who want to share things with the world live.

Takeaways: It’s interesting to see that Facebook has come up with this new idea which for sure is going to hit the audience also with the new audio functionality, it’s even easier to see how Live will become a much bigger part of the Facebook experience, and a much more relevant content consumption option for more users.

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3. Photo app Prisma gets social feed and doubled photo resolution:

What’s new? : Originally focused on taking photos, applying filters to them and sharing them on other social networks, Prisma is now a social network in its own.

What’s more? : You can also see photos from the people you follow, most recent photos, or tap on a location to see more photos taken near that location. The resolution of the photos has been doubled- important for making particularly crisp artistic shots. Also the iOS version of the app now has adjustable aspect ratio as well as a full-screen camera mode.

How to make my post popular? : The algorithm also spreads the love a bit among your own pictures; if your previous post was popular, your next one will more quickly reach a wider audience.

Advantage of resolution bump? : Aside from just looking better on large high resolution screens: at about 5.29 megapixels for square images, you could theoretically make decent prints out Prisma’s photos now, which could lead to some easy-peasy home-made art.

Takeaways: With Facebook making its own artsy filters now, Prisma’s doing the smart thing by further differentiating its product beyond simple filters that’s a clever move by prisma.

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4. Google AMP reports now differentiate between critical and non-critical errors

What’s this about? : Google Search Console has upgraded the AMP error report to show which errors are causing your AMP content to not be indexed in Google.

How is it important for me? : This would prevent your page from being shown in the search results, and the other non-critical issues that would be good to fix.

How does it work? : Those errors labelled as “critical” would mean Google cannot index that AMP content, and thus it won’t rank in the search results. The non-critical issues are more likely around richer results that do not prevent the content from being indexed but prevent it being enhanced in the search results.

Takeaways: It might not take a long time for google to change the criteria for critical and noncritical errors in future however showing them differently makes it easier for those troubleshooting AMP and it enables webmasters to prioritise the errors they should fix first when implementing.

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