Introducing Reportgarden

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Introducing Reportgarden

For a while at our online ad agency we have been wondering why its so complicated to create our client reports. We realized that we are spending a lot of our precious time preparing reports. In our case we noticed that if we wanted to prepare a simple campaigns list and their performance report, it took us more than a hour to make it look presentable enough for the client.It is extremely crucial to our business that we constantly communicate with clients and keep them up to date on what is happening. Our reports play a crucial role in helping the client understand what role we play in their business and how important a role it is.These thoughts led to us believe that we need a better solution and that is how we started Reportgarden. With Reportgarden we would like to help online advertising agencies and freelancers do these three things.

  1. Save time

Reportgarden helps you save time preparing client reports. It will help you generate, review and send out your reports, all under 5 mins. After using it for awhile you should be comfortable automating the whole process and send out client reports automatically. You can use the extra time find and servicing more clients. Good hunting.

  1. Look professional

The reports that you generate using reportgarden will look professional and customized to the client. You can add your clients’ branding and yours to the reports. We have gone to great lengths to make our reports look beautiful. Our reports’ messaging can be styled to cater to the most ‘detail oriented’ to ‘big picture’ clients.

  1. Communicate frequently

Now that preparing reports is so easy to do, you can communicate more frequently with your clients. By keeping them in the loop, you can update on the new initiatives you are taking on their behalf and also report on the results of previous initiatives.

Keep watching this space for more announcements.

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