Top Klipfolio Alternatives for Better Reporting

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What is the Problem?

Top Klipfolio Alternatives for Better Reporting

Klipfolio is a cloud-based tool that allows users to connect multiple 3rd party data sources, and then view that information through custom dashboards, visualizations, and reports. Their top customer segments include marketing agencies, consultants and advisors, financial services, and software developers.

With good user reviews on G2 and Capterra, there are plenty of satisfied customers using Klipfolio. However, some users have felt that there are certain shortcomings with their service. For example:

  • A data source limit of 10mb when working with CSV/Excel files
  • A limited number of Klipfolio dashboards (5) with the basic pricing plan
  • A learning curve that is more cumbersome than expected
  • Restrictions in the ability to change important chart elements

With these limitations in play, you might want to consider other options.

What are the Best Alternatives to Klipfolio?

In this article, we cover five types of tools that you could use in place of Klipfolio. Each alternative listed includes information on pricing, capabilities, and key use cases. And you can use these links to start exploring based on your agency’s primary needs:

Dashboard Tools

The following tools enable you to extract data, create a visually pleasing dashboard, and then share that information with co-workers and clients. You can then build detailed reports that show off important KPIs and relevant metrics to your clients.


Klipfolio Alternatives: ReportGarden
  • Pricing: 7 day free trial. Custom plans available.
  • Capabilities: Agency reporting, analysis, operations, and performance management.

ReportGarden is a user-friendly dashboard tool that helps digital agencies save time on reporting and focus on what’s most important: campaign management and meeting client goals. The dashboard and reporting functionality is perfectly suited for PPC advertising, SEO campaigns, and social media management.

With drag-and-drop widgets, you can easily customize your dashboards to help you extract insights and show relevant KPIs. And you can send your clients a link to the dashboard so they can access and view campaign progress in real time.

In addition, there are a wide variety of pre-built templates that allow you to create pixel-perfect reports from those dashboards, and automate those reports to be sent to clients on a periodic basis. Reports can be shared in PDF or PowerPoint formats (PPT), and they can also be white labeled to give them a custom and professional feel.

If you’re looking for a dashboard reporting tool that’s visually appealing and easy to use, try our 7 day free trial to see if ReportGarden is a fit for you.


Klipfolio Alternatives: Cyfe
  • Pricing: Free plan offers limited functionality. Plans start at $29/month. Contact for enterprise pricing.
  • Capabilities: Business analytics, dashboards, reporting, and business intelligence software.

Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard and reporting tool that allows users to connect multiple unrelated data sources such as social media, analytics, web, and customer information. The pre-configured dashboards enable you to connect and view your data quickly.

Cyfe also offers white-label reporting functionality, which provides users with 100% branded dashboards. Agencies can then compile visually-aesthetic reports for their clients and send them a link to view it.


Klipfolio Alternatives: Scoro
  • Pricing: Plans start at 22€ per month, per user. Enterprise plan is 66€ per user per month.
  • Capabilities: Customizable dashboards, invoicing, project planner, project management, tasks, and multiple data integrations.

Highly customizable dashboards and reports enable Scoro users to monitor important KPIs and discover hidden insights in their data. They can connect multiple data sources and use the Android or iOS mobile device to access projects and information while on the go.

In addition to reporting and dashboards, Scoro provides users with a way to manage many other aspects of their business, such as project management, invoicing, CRM, and financial management. The Scoro marketplace offers many pre-configured integrations along with the ability to build-your-own connectors.


Klipfolio Alternatives: DashThis
  • Pricing: Individual plans start at $39/month for 3 dashboards. Enterprise plan is $599/month for 100 dashboards.
  • Capabilities: Dashboards, reporting, analytics, white label, multiple integrations.

With 30+ integrations, DashThis provides users with an easy way to quickly connect their data sources and create visually stunning dashboards and reports. In addition to the standard Google, Facebook, and Twitter connections, businesses can use the CSV file import system to import their proprietary data automatically.

DashThis bills on a per-dashboard basis. Each dashboard is allowed to connect to an unlimited amount of data sources, and there’s no limit to users or client accounts. This makes it a top tool for agencies with multiple clients who need a robust dashboard software and analytics platform.

Open-Source Dashboard Reporting Tools

Open-source dashboard tools offer several distinct advantages. Since you’re hosting the software, there are no storage limits, data caps, or pricing tiers, and your data can be privately stored on your own servers.

In addition, the open-source community tends to be very passionate about their software, so new functionalities are continuously being introduced by collaborators. Many small businesses find that open-source data analysis tools provide them with the tools they need to analyze their data.


Klipfolio Alternatives: Metabase
  • Pricing: Free. Product is licensed under the AGPL from the Free Software Foundation.
  • Capabilities: Dashboards, pulses, open-source, analytics, and reporting.

Metabase is an open-source dashboard and reporting platform that can be run from cloud services or a local environment. The intuitive interface enables users to easily ask questions and learn from their data.

This software is Javascript-based and provides users with a way to easily query and view various types of data without the need for custom coding. Users can then visualize that data into different charts and graphs, and share it with other internal or external departments.


Klipfolio Alternatives: Elasticsearch
  • Pricing: Free plan available. Contact for Enterprise cloud and on-premise pricing.
  • Capabilities: Dashboards, reporting, analytics, open-source.

Elasticsearch is part of the open-source Elastic Stack of tools. It allows users to search and analyze their data in real-time. Based on the Apache Lucene search engine, it collects data from various third-party sources, executes transformations, and then ships the data to one of several output destinations.

Their Kibana tool rides on top of Elasticsearch and allows for easy dashboard creation and analysis of data. There are three tools in the Stack (Kibana, Logstash, and Beats) that provide users with a powerful way to collect and interpret their logfile data.

Helical Insight

Klipfolio Alternatives: Helical Insight
  • Pricing: Free trial. Contact for pricing.
  • Capabilities: Dashboards, reporting, visual analytics, open-source.

Helical Insight is a business intelligence framework that connects to a wide range of sources, including big data, flat files, and databases, as well as any custom data source via their API.

Unlike other BI and dashboard tools, businesses aren’t limited to pre-built functionalities. Due to it’s open-source structure, users can custom-tailor the product to their needs and add any feature that they require.

Helical Insight is a great dashboard and visual analytics tool for businesses and organizations that need a highly customized solution.

Enterprise Dashboard Reporting Tools

Enterprise dashboard and reporting tools are built for companies that generate lots of data and need an efficient way of sanitizing, analyzing, and reporting. These tools work great for those companies who use data scientists to compile complex reports and extract insights that would otherwise remain hidden in a massive pool of data.


Klipfolio Alternatives: TapClicks
  • Pricing: Free trial. Contact for pricing.
  • Capabilities: Dashboards, reporting, analytics, automated order entry, workflow management for ad operations.

TapClicks is an end-to-end platform that’s designed to help enterprise-level agencies, media companies, and brands run their marketing operations more efficiently.

With connectors to over 200 marketing data sources, TapClicks integrates with the majority of marketing platforms being used by enterprise companies today. And their API allows you to integrate any channels that aren’t already supported by their marketplace.

With TapReports and TapAnalytics, you can pull large volumes of data to create beautiful dashboards that are easily shareable with clients and customers, and set up automated reports to be distributed at the appropriate times.

In addition, their new orders and workflow features allow you to automate order entry from CRM opportunities, and easily manage campaigns between different teams and departments. These new capabilities are what set TapClicks apart from most other dashboard reporting tools on the market.


Klipfolio Alternatives: Domo
  • Pricing: Contact for pricing.
  • Capabilities: Dashboards, reporting, visual analytics, app creation, connects to over 1,000+ data sources.

Domo allows businesses to pull in data from well over 1,000 data sources via pre-built connectors. It can also receive data from flat files, proprietary, or on-premise systems.

Using Data Federation, users can query data right from where it’s hosted — thereby preventing the need to move it beyond the safety of a company firewall. So if security is a high priority for you, Domo might be an option worth exploring.

In addition, users can create robust dashboards with visual layouts using custom colors, images, and text without the need for coding. And these dashboards can be quickly made into on-demand reports that you can share with clients.

Dundas BI

Klipfolio Alternatives: Dundas BI
  • Pricing: Contact for pricing.
  • Capabilities: Dashboards, reporting, visual analytics, embedded analytics.

Dundas BI takes data from multiple 3rd party sources and then transforms it into visually-pleasing reports, charts, and dashboards. It has a wealth of features for enterprise-level businesses, such as agile data flows, self-service, embedded analytics, and various other data tools.

Users can also take visualizations from the custom dashboards and export them into a dedicated report design tool. This helps save time and money, and allows anyone to create and export aesthetically pleasing reports.

Free Dashboard Reporting Tools

Free dashboard tools, such as Google Data Studio, offer a cost-effective way of aggregating and displaying relevant metrics. If you’re looking for more of a DIY solution and you’re not quite ready to invest in a more advanced SaaS reporting tool, you might consider one of the following.

Google Data Studio

Klipfolio Alternatives: Google Data Studio
  • Pricing: Free.
  • Capabilities: Dashboards, reporting, visual analytics, team collaboration, multiple data connections.

Google Data Studio is a popular option among the free dashboard and reporting platforms. It easily connects to all Google properties along with other 3rd party data sources. Many businesses will use Google Analytics to collect their data and then use Google Data Studio to analyze it through interactive dashboards. Users can view the imported data in a wide range of dashboards and then create visualizations that will help them discover intelligent insights.

It’s an excellent tool for all-around business use as it allows people with limited tech skills to quickly compile informative charts, graphs, and other visualizations. Google Data Studio also releases new and helpful features regularly, which adds to the overall value this free dashboard tool provides.


Klipfolio Alternatives: BIRT
  • Pricing: Free.
  • Capabilities: Dashboards, reporting, visual analytics, open-source, integration into web and client apps.

BIRT is a free, open-source dashboard and reporting tool designed primarily for web and client applications such as Java, Java EE, and .NET. First released in 2004, it’s now considered a top-level software project of the Eclipse Foundation—a non-profit group of software developers.

When it comes to reporting, BIRT provides users with a rich set of reporting features such as graphs, data visualization tools, and charts. And like the open source options listed above, when you use a platform like BIRT, you have 100% control over your data.


Klipfolio Alternatives: Dashbuilder
  • Pricing: Free.
  • Capabilities: Dashboards, reporting, visual analytics.

Dashbuilder is a Java web application that provides users with the ability to monitor business activity through dashboards, data visualizations, and reports. Agencies can use Dashbuilder for providing progress updates and showing ROI to clients.

What makes this tool unique compared to other open-source platforms is the ability to create custom dashboards without knowing how to code. WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop editors enable anyone to quickly build a visually-pleasing dashboard that shows off relevant KPIs.

Dashboard Reporting Tools with AI

Dashboard tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) provide users with on-demand access to various insights. You can ask these systems a question, and they will perform analysis and come back to you with intelligent responses. These powerful BI tools enable you to generate insights from your data without the need for having a programmer or data scientist on your team.

SAP Business Intelligence

Klipfolio Alternatives: SAP Business Analytics
  • Pricing: Contact for pricing.
  • Capabilities: Dashboards, reporting, visual analytics, app creation, connects to over 1,000+ data sources.

SAP BI is a cloud-based analytics platform that provides users with a wealth of features such as predictive analytics, collaborative planning, and business intelligence.

The predictive analytics feature leverages both machine learning and in-memory computing to help uncover hidden insights in your data. And you can display and share these insights through their dashboards and reports.

The collaborative planning feature allows you to share and develop plans across multiple departments, business units, or clients. And the real-time business intelligence feature allows for self-service access to personalized insights without the need for an IT department to run database queries.


Klipfolio Alternatives: SAS
  • Pricing: Contact for pricing.
  • Capabilities: Dashboards, analytics, tailored industry solutions.

The SAS analytics platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to help businesses solve complex problems and provide users with relevant information so that they can make informed business decisions.

It also connects to a wide variety of platforms and allows users to merge the data into a single system for analysis. While some users may find that it has a long learning curve, the customer support team at SAS Analytics are very responsive and will take the time to explain how to use it.

Yellowfin Dashboards

Klipfolio Alternatives: Yellowfin BI
  • Pricing: Contact for pricing.
  • Capabilities: Dashboards, analytics, data prep, and data storytelling.

Yellowfin Dashboards use AI to analyze vast amounts of data and provide assisted insights. This allows users to ask a question from within the dashboard and immediately have the system provide an answer.

It also gives users robust design and developer tools that enable them to use the free-form dashboard canvas to create infographics and highly customized dashboards.

Yellowfin Dashboards is one part of the Yellowfin suite of software services that allow businesses to better manage and extrapolate hidden insights from their data.

Which Dashboard Tool is Right for You?

Each of the above dashboard reporting tools has its own strengths that will allow your business or organization to more efficiently extract, analyze, and report on your data.

We hope this list has helped narrow down your shortlist and provided you with enough information to make an informed decision.

Ready to create beautiful, client-facing dashboards and reports in record time? Try ReportGarden free for 7 days.

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