LinkedIn Remodels Desktop Site!!

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LinkedIn Remodels Desktop Site!!

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LinkedIn Remodels Desktop Site!! Know more about the latest updates of LinkedIn.Today we bring you the latest updates on LinkedIn. Along with other marketing news about every platform from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. LinkedIn Remodels Desktop Site :

What did I miss? : “Conversations and content” were the key elements of LinkedIn’s overhaul of its desktop experience. LinkedIn has announced that the new desktop version is now in the process of being rolled out to all users.

Is it similar to Facebook? : The new update prompt is similar to Facebook, while you also have a ‘Trending News’  similar to The Social Network. That’s not such a bad approach Facebook has more than a billion people logging onto it every day, so it’ll definitely add a level of familiarity.

An overview of improved areas covered by the redesign:

  • Smarter messaging that helps user to connect and unlock new opportunities: With the new real-time messaging interface, users can message a connection wherever users is on LinkedIn.
  • More intuitive search: Users can now have one universal search box to easily find people, jobs, companies, groups and schools.
  • Greater insight into who’s viewing your content: Users can now see who’s reading and engaging with the content they share, including the company, job title and location of the people who are interested in your updates.
  • Better suggestions to make your profile stand out: LinkedIn has improved profile suggestions so users can now more easily see what they need to do to look best professionally.
  • The video soundtrack feels overly bouncy for a LinkedIn update, but still, it gives the users a good glimpse of the coming changes.

What’s more? : LinkedIn is also streamlining the news feed by breaking out elements like ‘Who to follow’ recommendations into the side bar, rather than pushing them into the stream. LinkedIn is also putting more emphasis on messaging in the new desktop experience, with new pop-up chat windows which enables users to send messages without having to the leave the page the user is on and go to a separate area of the app.

Takeaways: The new layout gives each element of the LinkedIn experience a defined space on screen, making it easier to use and more intuitive.

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2. Google uses its dominant ad service to plug own products :

What’s this about? : Google is using its dominance in online advertising to boost exposure for other product lines including its Chromebook laptops and Nest smart home equipment.

On what basis the Ads are shown up in Google? : The ads that show up above Google search results are chosen according to an automated auction that the search engine conducts in a fraction of a second.

What’s more? : A data firm which examined 1,000 searches each on 25 terms, including ‘laptops’, ‘speakers,’ and ‘carbon monoxide detectors’.whenever someone enters a search term in Google related to pieces of hardware, ads for the relevant items sold by either Google or a sister company would appear in the most prominent spot on the page 91 percent of the time. In 43 percent of instances, the top two ads were for Google-linked products.

Takeaways: Google is no different from Microsoft and Facebook since they are all companies that not only offer ad space for firms wanting to hawk their products but they also compete with those same companies for customers. Google’s practice of favoring its own product ads on relevant search results has raised questions over whether it is violating anti-trust laws.

Below are the 3 takeaways:

  • Analysis by data software firm finds that search results for hardware items like phones and laptops yield ads for Google-owned products
  • Typing in the search term ‘phones’ will likely yield ads for Google’s Pixel smartphone while typing ‘laptop’ will show ads for Chromebook
  • Google has been accused by the EU of ‘abusing its dominant position’ by using its ads service to gain anti-competitive edge over competition.

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3. Bing gets a new reading mode on Android :

What’s new? : Bing now offers quite a few interesting features to those using Microsoft service, but, sadly, most of them are available in the United States only. The latest updates brings a couple of additional features that could be rolled out globally.

What’s the latest updates? :

  • Microsoft updated the Android version of Bing with a brand new reading mode, so users can focus on a page’s text with no distractions. The update adds recipes, so whenever users are looking for a good recipe that they want to cook, they can ask Bing to make a list.
  • Microsoft also included a couple of improvements to already existing features such as Voice and Camera search. These enhancements have been added in order to offers users easier access and faster switching between Voice, Music, 360 (augmented reality), Camera and Barcode search.

How to use it? : If you’re a Bing user on Android, you can look for the new update in the Google Play store, but keep in mind that Microsoft hasn’t yet refreshed the changelog, so you might see the changes from the previous version of the app.

Takeaways: It’s interesting to see the latest updates on Bing and also it’s getting some amazing reviews in some of the social media websites. Good news for the Android users indeed!

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