2018 Local Seo Tips To Drive Local Traffic

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2018 Local Seo Tips To Drive Local Traffic

Up until a few years ago, globalization was at the center of all business strategies. Every small company wanted to make it big, and the big business houses wanted to dominate the industry. No one was leaving any stone unturned to serve its audience, attract even more, and in the end, leave a definite impact. However, the story is not the same today.

Until globalization providing enormous benefits to the companies, they heeded to the concept. However, there is only so much appeal foreign products can ignite among locals of a particular region. And hence came glocalization – the practice of conducting business according to both local and global considerations. In simpler words, it meant packaging a product or service so as to make it appealing to the natives of a region. Serving local communities and creating a national (or international) image as a collective of numerous local images.

Glocalization has impacted the digital world as well, with many brands now devising their SEO strategies to rank well locally. According to GO-Globe, nearly half of the Google searches today are for local services or products. So it is indeed essential to drive up your local SEO and the experts at TribeLocal have some great ideas to accomplish this in 2018 itself:

Focus on mobile SEO

Mobile searchers are different from desktop searchers in that they are not looking to enhance their knowledge as much as they are looking for an immediate solution. The keyword phrases in mobile searches are typically shorter and the intent different. Majority of Google searchers on mobile have a local intent. At times, Google adds a location reference to their query on its own. They want to know the closest mechanics, eateries, shops etc.  Therefore, it is necessary for businesses to carry out mobile SEO to become more relevant locally.

Get listed on Google My Business

Local searchers are primarily looking for a business’s location and Google My Business allows you to put up your company’s name, address, and phone number along with any other business information you deem relevant (such as directions) on Google Maps and Search. Up-to-date and complete information is a must since Google verifies through either a phone call or a letter. Once verified, you can even get basic data on where people are coming to you from – this can help you with your local SEO strategy going forward.

Use schema markup

Schema markup is a specific code that can be added to a company’s HTML to improve the way its page is represented in search results. The code lets Google recognize some of the elements present in your page to determine what the content essentially means, which in turn can provide a boost to the rankings. A number of DIY guidelines are available on the internet to help one implement schema markup.

Engage in local link building

Entire businesses have succeeded or failed based on their link profile. A strong link profile plays a key role in determining a brand’s performance in search. While an important part of a local SEO strategy indeed, it is necessary to maintain patience with this one. Beware of anyone who tells you they can get you a cluster of fast links. Start building a decent like profile yourself and take all the time you need.

Concentrate on ratings and reviews

source – http://www.aftvnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/alexa-skills-ratings-reviews.png

A recent survey found out that about 70 percent of the users don’t mind providing ratings or reviews and 84 percent users take these into consideration before making a final purchase decision. Therefore, the power of ratings and reviews can be utilized to reap in local SEO advantages. This can be done by concentrating on getting reviews/ratings on Google My Business Page and Facebook Business Page. Also use effective social media listening tools so as to gain timely knowledge of any mention of your brand online. Such opportunities can be made use of by requesting the users to post a review or rate their experience.

While local SEO might be relatively new when compared to its typical counterpart, it is important to remember that the core idea is still the same. The only major difference is that the content needs to cater to a local audience rather than a national one – local issues need to be treated rather than national ones addressed. And given the rapid pace local SEO has progressed with, 2018 is bound to witness further advancement with more and more businesses opting for it.

Ensure that your business doesn’t lag behind by implementing these local SEO tips. Cater to the needs of a community and make your presence count to earn good reviews. Remember that social media presence is taken as a factor too by Google. So drive your brand to global heights by acing local SEO with these tips.

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