MailChimp Reports Integration with ReportGarden

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MailChimp Reports Integration with ReportGarden

We now have “Mailchimp” integration:

Our team has been working on this for the past few weeks and we’re delighted to have the services of Mailchimp at ReportGarden for you. As an online marketer, this could be a very useful tool to target the right kind of customers based on preferences and previous sales at the right time. Now, you can create mailchimp reports in no time.

With mailchimp, you can easily carry out a successful automated email campaign, and now with ReportGarden, you can easily generate the statistical reports for those campaigns. Our custom automated reports lets you dive deep into the data (open rates, click rates, emails sent, unsubscribes etc.,) and get suitable insights for each campaign. We even provide campaign folders to sort your email campaigns for your clients.

Link your MailChimp account with ReportGarden:

1) Login to your ReportGarden Account, go to Accounts tab.

2) On the right top corner, you will see Link Account button. Click on it, you will get this screen:

3) Click on MailChimp, you will be redirected to mailchimp login page. There, you need to enter your login details.

4) Then, you will be redirected back to ReportGarden App. That’s it, you are done. You just saved a huge amount of time on reporting. Now, you can start generating reports.

Use ReportGarden’s MailChimp integration to spend less time on reporting and more time on optimizing the low performing campaigns. You will get exquisite reports with multiple options for customization.

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