New custom Google Ads reports in ReportGarden

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New custom Google Ads reports in ReportGarden

Using your initial feedback about the product we are introducing a new type of report called 'Custom Report'. This type of report will help you create custom Google Ads reports quite quickly and easily. The main features of this new type of 'Custom Google Ads Report' are

Flexible content in your custom Google Ads reports

With this new release you can choose the type of content you add to your reports. This provides you the flexibility to add the content your clients request from you. There are several types of content you can add to your report ranging from plain text to complex visualizations using charts. The visualizations will help you showcase the improvements in the account like the ones below.

Custom Report Visualizations

Simple Ad Hoc widgets

The widgets in the custom reports are built to be ad hoc. You start out by selecting the visualization that you want to use. ReportGarden provides extreme flexibility on the kind of data that you can use for the visualization. You can segment your data on several levels like account, campaign and ad group level.

Visualization Creation Form

We are going to be releasing several new updates to the product in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions with preparing your custom Google Ads reports, let us know in the comments section.

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