Youtube Comment Section gets updated with 6 new tools!

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Youtube Comment Section gets updated with 6 new tools!

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1. Youtube adds 6 new tools to it’s comment section.

What’s new ? : YouTube is rolling out some new features that are designed to help increase engagement and filter out the comments in your comments section.

Why this ? : Comments on YouTube have always been an important way for its stars to build a fanbase. The direct connection viewers feel through comments and social media have been crucial to the rise of the “YouTuber” celebrity. But freedom of comments on YouTube, as well as on services like Twitter, sometimes allowed abusive language to fester.

What are the new tools added ? : YouTube creators have a bit more control over their comments section with these 6 new tools.

1. Pinning Comments : Similar to how you can pin tweets to the top of your timeline, YouTube now lets you pin a comment to the top of your feed. This lets you highlight great engagement from your fans.

2. Giving a Heart to Great Comments : Whenever you see a comment you like, you can give it some love. YouTube now lets you give a heart to comments.

3. Highlighting Your Username : YouTube is adding what it calls a “pop of color” around your username whenever you post a comment on your channel. This is so your viewers can easily tell that the comment is coming from you.

4. Opting in to YouTube’s Comment Algorithm : If you choose to opt-in, comments identified by the algorithm will be held and you have the final decision whether to approve, hide, or report these comments

5. Creating a Blacklist : If you want to block any phrases, just add them to your Blacklist. Any comments containing or closely matching the specific words you’ve added to Blacklist will be held for your review.

6. Choosing Moderators : YouTube has let creators assign multiple moderators to a channel. Any user with a YouTube channel can become a moderator.

Takeaway : These new additional features are part of YouTube’s initiative on further helping content creators have more control over their channels and maybe a way to get more content creators on this platform.

ReadNew tools in Youtube Comments section

2. Periscope Bringing Snapchat-Like Video Masks to Streams.

What’s it about ? : Twitter-owned Periscope is adding video ‘masks’ that users can virtually wear during their live-streams.

How does this work ? : Periscope CEO Kayvon Beykpour says these video masks are “ventriloquist style” tools, more focused on fun and quick laughs than accurate simulation or responsiveness. The new masks, initially only available in iOS, are accessible when broadcasting in selfie mode via Periscope – you can switch them on using the tools at the bottom of the broadcast screen. The masks are automatically added to your face once tapped, and you can use two at a time when sharing the screen with a friend.

Takeaway : Snapchat started it, Facebook followed suit, and now Twitter-owned Periscope. This new addition by Periscope comes at a particularly interesting time, with competition heating up for such video tools.

ReadPeriscope launches new video mask

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3. Forms Can Now Be Embedded in AMP Pages.

What’s the update ? : Google’s AMP Project has launched support for forms in AMP HTML. These forms could be anything, from a simple email capture form to complex forms like selecting colors on e-commerce page.

How does this work ? : The key point to be noted is that, with this “amp-form” extension, the <form> element and its related elements like <input> can be used to build forms within AMP documents.

What are the benefits of this ? : There are a lot of benefits of forms on “AMP” pages versus forms on regular pages. They are:

  • With the “on” attribute you can change the page depending on whether the form was submitted successfully or with errors.
  • Annotate fields upon submission by using templated response rendering. With this feature you can give contextual feedback on what’s wrong with field input.
  • Style fields based on validation status using CSS pseudo-classes to provide users with real-time feedback on whether their input is valid.

Takeaway : With a new feature getting added every now and then by the AMP project, it made it clear that AMP isn’t just for news publishers, but also a versatile solution to many types of site owners.

ReadForms can now be added in AMP Pages

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