What You Should Know About Performance Marketing Agencies

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What You Should Know About Performance Marketing Agencies

To make your life easier still, with Moosend you get website tracking that makes it its life purpose to get back to everyone who visited your page, while at the same time respecting their privacy. With Moosend’s on-point automation you can rest assured that all the tasks and actions you have automated will be excellently executed. In the meantime, agencies can “white label” Moosend’s platform for their clients thus once they are familiar with the software themselves, they can help them with the campaigns they design themselves (many pros, including no direct purchase of credits, and so on).

Re-engagement workflows

Retaining qualified leads is more cost-efficient than attracting new leads. And performance marketing agencies need to run re-engagement campaigns a little too often.

It helps manage resources more effectively since it costs less to retain your existing customers instead of pursuing new ones. With Moosend’s reliable automation, you can make sure that all your hard-earned leads will not quit on you. Not on our watch.

Website tracking keeps an eye on all your leads (once you activate it) and can track the frequency of visits to your site. Agencies love the insane flexibility and insights provided by website tracking since you can automatically create a list to include those who have disengaged with your site over your specified amount of time. By “disengaged” we could mean anything between a week or a few months’ time, depending on the frequency of contact and the product/service. From that point on, agencies can set up their own email sequence to re-engage inactive users, either through offering incentives or be personalizing the content they receive by name and/or weather, and through the automatic segmentation through online behavior.

This is how website tracking works: When a number of users (logged in/ghost) or first-time visitors come to your website they are assigned a unique number which instantly associates them with their past online behavior (i.e. before they signed up).

Specific Area of Interest workflow

With the Specific area of interest workflow, you can make sure you get off on the right foot with your first-time visitors. For one thing, if you have already set up your website tracking component, then you are sure their online behavior will be matched to the right content from your site. If they have never visited your website before and instantly run to give you their email addresses to subscribe to your newsletter, then once they take action on your website this will be added to their browsing record on your Moosend account and you will be able to segment them accordingly, or re-segment them automatically in the future once their online behavior or interests altogether change.

Get off on the right foot with your first-time visitors: send them the content they are most interested in based on their online behavior.

  •        Segment them effectively
  •        Set up a second automation to have them re-segmented once they start browsing another page more times or for longer

Onboarding email sequence

Performance marketing is all about performance, right? But performance besides results encapsulates systematic preparation, monitoring, great stamina, sticking to schedules and endurance. Agencies need to incorporate all of these qualities in the email sequences they create for their clients and add value to their subscribers through every step of the way.

Once agencies have their first set of new qualified leads following a promo or other action, they need to drive them down the funnel promptly (lead nurturing) and convert them while they are still warm to the idea. Neaten your onboarding process by walking your new subscriber through every step of the process, eventually leading them to convert or signing up for your SaaS software (even in freemium mode!)

The onboarding sequence could proactively cover in range a variety of needs the subscriber might have. To do so, agencies should review the triggers that are activated most often and thus revisit the sequence occasionally to tweak it accordingly. The outline of the onboarding sequence could be as follows:

  •        “Welcome to the club!”
  •        Personal welcome from the Founder/Sales Manager/Marketing Manager
  •        Weekly/monthly digest of popular posts or online articles
  •        Posts from contributors or Customer Success from the same industry
  •        Invitation to the company’s Beta Feature Release, Affiliate program, or other
  •        Free access to premium model to experience the first-class product/service
  •        Customer Support, Knowledge Base, and tour the site
  •        Invitation to upgrade, if they are actively using the product/service

Special offer reminder

Another golden feature for thriving marketing agencies is to set up an automatic special offer reminder. Agencies can make sure their clients remain top-of-mind before the offer expires: if they have visited the landing page of a special offer, they get a reminder email! This creates a sense of urgency and has subscribers feel like royalty, having their needs catered for by their very own PA!

Survey buyers

Agencies need to be on their toes to ensure that their clients’ customers do not become fleeting ones. Since it is hard to keep up with this process for all their clients, automation come to the rescue, once again. Marketers can now monitor customer happiness over time and get feedback to optimize their clients’ public image, brand personality, as well as boost brand loyalty, etc. With automatic surveys run a week after a customer has ordered and received their parcel, or after they have been on the service for six months or a year, and so on, agencies can screen satisfaction levels among customers easily.

What about Client Reporting?

When running a performance marketing agency one of the craziest boring tasks is client reporting. I get it! When you are awesome in managing your client accounts why would you spend many hours in creating custom Excel-based reports on a regular basis? The average marketing agency will use 12 tools to produce their client reports and spend over 8 hours on a monthly basis per client on reporting alone – a whole day!

Luckily there are tools out there that minimize this effort and help agencies produce awesome looking reports in minutes rather than hours. ReportGarden is probably the best of the bunch and also integrates with Moosend so you can produce your multi-channel reports starting today!

In a gist, ReportGarden helps online ad agencies create analysis and performance reports for their clients. They connect with your Moosend, Adwords, Analytics, bing ads accounts using APIs and loading data into their reports. You don’t have to write a single line of code! You can also use it for invoice and budget management purposes. It rocks – we use it for our internal reports too!


Underperforming is by default in conflict with the very reason of existence of marketing agencies. With Moosend’s automation and website tracking, finding niches via segmentation or retaining existing – albeit inactive – customers are all taken care of automatically. Achieving performance marketing goals is now easier than ever since all it takes is occasional monitoring of the process rather than hands-on experience with all procedures involved. Save time from mundane, recurring tasks and dedicate it to customer growth and inventiveness. With Moosend.

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