Pinterest Rolls Out Search Ads!!

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Pinterest Rolls Out Search Ads!!

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Pinterest rolls out search ads!! Know more about the latest feature of Pinterest. Today we bring you the latest updates on Pinterest search ads– Along with other marketing news about every platform from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Pinterest rolls out search ads:

What did I miss? : Pinterest begins rolling out search ads for keywords and shopping campaigns. Pinterest is adding another piece to its arsenal of advertising services, opening up search advertising to its partners and with companies advertising through the Kenshoo marketing suite.

What’s the change? : Until now, advertisers could run ads using keywords, like “furniture,” but these ads would run throughout the site alongside relevant content. Now, the ads will appear right after people type in searches.

How will the ads be sold? : The new Pinterest ads will be sold via a digital auction on a cost-per-click basis. However, instead of Google’s mostly text-based ads, Pinterest’s search ads will primarily feature images.

What’s more? : It’s a visual platform, so creative is very important. Pinterest, search queries are pretty broad. That means advertisers can seek consumers in the more open-minded “upper middle” marketing funnel, as opposed to platforms where consumers are closer to purchase and accordingly enter pretty specific searches.

How will Pinterest sell this ads? : Pinterest plans to sell the ads directly, though down the road thousands of advertisers will be able to purchase these ads using a self-serve digital interface, much like Google.

Takeaways: The new search solution will help these companies connect with more than 150 million people who use Pinterest monthly. These same subscribers conduct two billion searches on Pinterest a month,Its pitch is that this activity represents a prime opportunity for marketers to capture new customers.

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2. Snapchat took inspiration from facebook:

What’s this about? : Snapchat launches new Facebook-inspired ad technology platform.It’s a bigger and better advertising platform that aims to grow revenues.

Who are its partners? : Many of the partners who have been part of this ad technology overhaul, including Kenshoo, Kinetic, AdParlor, HyFn and Videology, have already worked with Facebook. There are six new API partners, bringing the total to 15. Snapchat has also forged partnerships with five partners, including mParticle, Kochava and LiveRamp. Advertisers using these partners can manage, segment and update audiences.

Comparison between Facebook & Snapchat: This puts Snapchat in the position of copying Facebook’s ad roadmap while Facebook has been borrowing from Snapchat’s product design. Facebook leaned on outside tech companies and agencies to help build out its ad technology, but it has since consolidated its program, borrowing many of the innovations they helped develop. It’s a game plan that Snapchat seems to be cribbing.

What’s more? :

  • The social network has introduced a video feature via a “creative API” to allow five partners, including ReFUEL4, Vidmob and Spredfast, to manage video content, helping with production and editing of videos to achieve certain marketing objectives.
  • The partners will be providing software to empower marketers to create Snap Ads and other types of video content.
  • The tools will enable creative production, asset management, A/B testing, creative analysis and more, giving marketers a real-time view into what ads perform best.

Takeaways: It’s not surprising to see Snapchat take a stab at Facebook. With this, however, Snapchat is poised to drive a good deal of revenue due to significant demand across the board. With these newest partnerships and capabilities Snapchat is positioning itself to experience rapid growth.

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3. Google launches Ads Added by AdWords:

What’s new? : In the new test, ads based on existing ad and landing page content are added to ad groups by Google. Automation is nothing new in AdWords, thus Google launched a pilot that adds new text ads to advertisers’ accounts.

Is it an alarm bell for the paid search managers? : Yes it is, paid search managers that worry about Google usurping control over the ad creation and testing process. Here is what we know so far about this test.

What accounts were considered for this program? : Google looked at campaigns with ad rotation settings of either “Optimize for clicks” or “Optimize for conversions” that have ad groups with few ads in them.

How this ads are generated ? : For the test, the ads were generated by people (as opposed to auto-generated) based on the existing ads in the account and the landing page content. The ads go through review by the product team, among others, for quality assurance. The sales teams were also involved in creative review and account selection for the pilot.

Takeaways: This program obviously raises more questions about advertiser control and the role of machine learning in ad creation. If Google deems the pilot successful and rolls out Ads Added by AdWords more broadly, it’s hard to see how the current ad creation and vetting process can scale without automation.

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4. Twitter now showing video view counts:

What did I miss? : Twitter users may soon know just how many times their videos are watched. Twitter is now tweaking how it delivers those short motion picture clips to its users timelines.

Why now? : View counts provide helpful context on the popularity of a video.

What’s the change? : In the past, Twitter has been said to measure a video view for advertisers as something watched for at least two or three seconds but now advertisers will want to know exactly what they’re paying for.

What’s more? : Along with the video, Twitter is also working to address a long-standing issue. The company has been censured for a long time for being a breeding ground for harassment and hate crimes, but it looks like the company might finally be implementing some changes to reduce the abuse.

Takeaways: This is indeed an interesting move by twitter as it will allow them to know which video is most popular with highest view counts.

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5. Adwords if function roll out for ad customization as Standard Text Ads sunset:

What’s this about? : IF functions rolls out for ad customization as standard text ads, arrive to let advertisers customize ads based on device and retargeting list membership.

How is it useful for advertisers? : It gives advertisers the ability to customize their ads in much the same way ad customizers allow, but without the feed.

Advantage : IF function, text ads can be tailored based on whether users are on mobile or are members of an audience list.

Uses of IF function:

  • If function is used to customize the description offer based on whether a user is in the advertiser’s “Cart Abandoners” retargeting list.
  • With the default text provided with IF functions, advertisers don’t have to have an ad that doesn’t use customizers in their ad groups.
  • IF functions can be used anywhere in an Expanded Text Ad except for the final URL. They are only eligible to run on the Search Network

Takeaways: By using IF function & default value users no longer need to have an ad without customizers in their ad group which is quite interesting and useful as it allows customization as well.

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