How Proxy for SEO is important for your business?

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How Proxy for SEO is important for your business?

A lot of users use a proxy for SEO. Before knowing how proxies help in SEO first let me put some light on this word SEO. You may have heard the word SEO. Most of you know that it is an abbreviation of search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization is used by the people who own a website and want to increase the viewers or visitors of the website. The more visitors you have the more you’ll earn.

Visitors are actually the traffic you have on your website. The traffic generated through SEO is considered as “warm leads” and it has more chances of converting into paying customers as compared to any other marketing method. That is the reason why many website owners pay special attention to those actions which affect SEO performance.

Proxy for SEO is important:

Many practices are needed to be started and maintained if anyone wants to be successful in SEO. One of them is finding a reliable proxy for SEO. With SEO campaign, private proxies are getting more and more popular. You put your business at risk without a private connection. A lot of companies sell proxies for your business. Microleaves is one of them, it has a lot of features at great prices. It is a reliable company and they offer 3-day return package so that if you’re not satisfied you can get your money back.

How is proxy related to the SEO?

It may seem difficult to understand why proxy is related to SEO but actually, it isn’t. You or your company may need to hide or change an IP by a private proxy. There are some reasons why a company wants to do this.

Social media accounts management:

There are marketing companies that manage social media accounts for different people. They have to access the accounts of a lot of people so sometimes social media websites mistakes this activity as spam and block your access. It affects the success of both your and your client’s company. You can access each account from different IP with the help of private proxy for SEO.

Spying on competitor’s website:

So, you want to know how’s your competitor’s business is going? You want to know their tricks but you’re afraid that your identity will be disclosed? If it’s so then the proxy is here to help you out. You can spy on your competitor’s website without getting caught.

Extended limits:

Advertisements are the requirements of the business. But when your business tries to make advertisements, they get blocked or spammed by the internet. Your limits are extended to make advertisements by using a private proxy.

Fast loading:

Your websites are being cached in the browser of the user when you use a proxy for SEO. It means that when a user will visit the website first time it will be transferred to the cache. So after the first visit, it will load faster. Speed is loved by Google’s search engine and they increase the rank of the websites that boasts it.


There is a common practice in the market called as web scrapping. It means to collect data from various websites including websites of your competitor. When you’re noticed doing this activity you get banned. So if you have a private IP address you can easily collect data without being noticed.

Create fake backlinks:

Google ranking is improved by creating backlinks. But when you do so the Google’s search engine gets upset. In order to create fake backlinks, you need to have a private proxy for SEO. It will also be benefited for the applications that don’t need proxies.

Tracking your data:

All the data which enters and exits the proxy server are managed by the private proxies. You can keep track of your traffic, clicks and SEO results so that you can bring changes in your search engine campaign until you get your desired results


So proxy for SEO is very beneficial and necessary for your website. It will not just secure it but will also help your business to grow faster.

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