20 Powerful Search Ranking Reports to 10X Your SEO

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20 Powerful Search Ranking Reports to 10X Your SEO

Almost two-thirds (61%) of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority. If you’re one of the 61%, the tools you choose to accomplish your inbound goals will have a major impact on your success. Search ranking reports help teams make key decisions about their inbound initiatives — like figuring out what is working and why.But because not all SEO tools offer the robust rank tracking that agencies need, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 20 of the top search ranking report software. To help you find the tool that best suits your team’s unique needs, we’ve broken down our list into four categories:

What You Need From Search Ranking Report Software

While we’ve divided our list into distinct categories, there’s some common functionality teams should look for when considering a tool:

  • Reports for multiple search engine rankings: Google is still the king of search engines, but you’ll also need search ranking report software that monitors Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search engines in your target markets.
  • Automated reporting: Take manual monitoring off your to-do list with automation. When doing your homework on your preferred SEO tool, double check that it has options to automatically generate your search ranking reports — that way, your task list is a little shorter.
  • Competitor keyword tracking: A truly great SEO tool will give you insights into more than your own target keywords — the right search ranking report software will also provide data on your competitors. See what your direct competitors are ranking for and where you stack up in comparison.

All-in-One SEO Ranking Tools

These all-in-one offerings are more than just search rank tracking tools. They offer a robust list of features that make monitoring all your SEO efforts far easier. Whether it’s pulling search ranking reports, running a competitor keyword analysis, or performing basic keyword research, these tools have you covered.

1. ReportGarden

Automated, easy-to-read search ranking reports are just one of many helpful features you'll find in ReportGarden.

Pricing: Free trial; paid plans start at $149/month.Sure, ReportGarden offers easy-to-understand, automated search ranking reports — but it’s far from a one-trick pony. ReportGarden also makes it simple to manage multiple clients, campaigns, and all the corresponding reporting in one place.Create custom dashboards, reports, and proposals, and white-label each one for clients. Generate a search ranking report for one client while also setting up a customized paid ad report for another. Monitor every important KPI for all your PPC campaigns. And integrations with major social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn make it simple to create customized reports and dashboards tracking KPIs for each platform.Want to give ReportGarden a try? Sign up for a seven-day free trial (no credit card required).

2. Dragon Metrics

Search Ranking Reports: Dragon Metrics

Pricing: Free 30-day trial; plans begin at $99/month.Want to do more to reach markets all over the world? Then Dragon Metrics is a solid option for an all-in-one tool. The tool is designed to be a truly global SEO platform, retrieving ranking results for 10 popular search engines all over the world, including the usual suspects like Google and Bing, but also Yandex, Naver, and Daum.

3. SEOprofiler

Search Ranking Reports: SEOprofiler

Pricing: Free one-week trial; plans start at $69.95/month.SEOprofiler is another rank tracking software that can help optimize your SEO efforts. The platform provides robust insights via detailed search ranking reports like in the example above. You can also pull keyword ranking data from more than 80 countries and regions, perform keyword research to inform your content and campaigns, and manage backlinks — all in one place.

4. Moz Pro Rank Tracker

Search Ranking Reports: Moz Pro Rankings

Pricing: 30-day free trial; plans start at $179/month.Any list of SEO tools would be remiss to exclude Moz, one of the leaders in the industry. Moz’s Pro Rank Tracker helps agencies retrieve search ranking reports for both landing pages and keywords. You can store these lists to review later and also track the rankings and how they change over time. Once you’ve set up your ranking reports with your desired keywords, schedule automated reports so you don’t need to manually pull the data weekly or monthly.Looking for a powerful SEO tool built for agency use? Try ReportGarden free.

5. AgencyAnalytics

Search Ranking Reports: AgencyAnalytics

Pricing: Free trial; plans start at $49/month.Like its predecessors on this list, AgencyAnalytics has a lot of tricks up its sleeve for one platform. While AgencyAnalytics serves up search ranking reports with ease, the breadth of its offerings are why it ranks high on this list. It’s an all-in-one platform that helps agencies track SEO, PPC, social, email, and even call tracking. That’s some serious bang for your marketing buck.

6. Ahrefs

Search Ranking Reports: Ahrefs

Pricing: Trial for $7; plans begin at $99/month.

Although Ahrefs gained its fame for its backlink tracking feature, its ever-growing toolbox provides far more than that. Sure, you can monitor every aspect of your backlink profile — from your Domain Rating (DR) to your total number of backlinks to a full list of the referring domains linking to a specific URL. But savvy marketers can leverage this platform for more advanced initiatives, like a competitive analysis report, which compares your site’s targeted keywords with your competitor and lists the keywords you’re both targeting.

7. SERPWatcher

Search Ranking Reports: SERPWatcher

Pricing: Free 10-day trial; plans begin at $29.90/month.SERPWatcher is search ranking report software from the pros at Mangools, a brand that has created a bevy of high-quality SEO tools. SERPWatcher makes it easy to set up and measure your agency’s progress with its ranking efforts for targeted keywords. Get a deeper understanding of where your traffic is coming from and what’s working. Pair with its sister tool KWFinder to do keyword research for your organic and paid campaigns.

8. SEMRush

Search Ranking Reports: SEMRush

Pricing: Plans begin at $99/month.

SEMRush is another well-balanced SEO platform that provides marketers with a wealth of features. Yes, its search ranking reports offer all the details you need to make a better SEO strategy, but SEMRush doesn’t stop there. The platform allows agencies to perform easy-but-comprehensive keyword research, track keywords and backlinks, peruse keyword suggestions, and create project-based SEO campaign structures.

9. Dyno Mapper

Search Ranking Reports: Dyno Mapper

Pricing: Free trial; plans begin at $40/month.DYNO Mapper provides sleek keyword ranking reports paired with powerful content auditing tools to bolster the impact of your organic keyword and content projects. Use the crawler feature to generate visual sitemaps for your clients to help with redesigns, audits, and site organization. Or create a full inventory of all the subdomains, pages, images, documents, videos, audio, and files within a website or online app. You can also leverage its content features to plan, organize, and manage content production and workflows.ReportGarden has one of the most comprehensive SEO and paid ads reporting platforms around. Sign up for a risk-free trial.

10. SpyFu

Search Ranking Reports: SpyFu

Pricing: Plans begin at $33/month.While SpyFu is most well-known for its competitive analysis features (i.e. “spying” on your competitors’ most effective paid and organic search keywords), this platform goes beyond just keeping an eye on competitors. SpyFu provides a comprehensive toolset to support agencies with digital marketing, sales, and digital advertising. From PPC to CPC to backlink tracking, SpyFu has a feature to track and manage many of your digital marketing efforts.

White-Label Search Ranking Report Software

For agencies that want to offer a next-level branding experience, consider search ranking report software that provides white-label options. Tailor each report based on your agency’s or clients’ branding to give any dry data reports a little more pizzazz.

11. RankTrackr

Search Ranking Reports: RankTrackr

Pricing: Plans begin at $7.50/month.RankTrackr’s search ranking report dashboards are slick. The platform creates dashboards to help you stay on top of search rankings by location, CPC, and/or search volume. But these reports aren’t just intuitive and easy for a client to read — the platform offers some solid white-label options for its reporting. Customize your reports with your agency’s or client’s company name, logo, and preferred domain for a fully branded experience.

12. DashThis

Search Ranking Reports: DashThis

Pricing: Free 15-day trial; plans begin at $33/month.As in the example above, DashThis’ search ranking reports are entirely customizable for clients. Tailor the data each client sees using preset templates or drag and drop your preferred elements into a custom report. Then add your client’s company name, logo, and color palette to add an extra level of polish.Note: We’ve done an in-depth comparison of ReportGarden, DashThis, and Cyfe. If those are platforms that interest you, read the piece here.

Paid Search Ranking Report Software

While organic search is a major component of search rankings, paid search is the other half of the picture. This list of search ranking report software will ensure you’re monitoring all of your paid SEO efforts along with your organic initiatives. Plus, you can use your successful ads to pick the best keywords for organic efforts.

13. AccuRanker

Search Ranking Reports: AccuRanker

Pricing: Plans begin at $71/month.While AccuRanker only supports search ranking reports for Google and Bing, it positions itself as the world’s fastest rank tracker when it comes to getting freshly updated data. The reports themselves may not load at lightning speed, but the clean interface and accuracy more than make up for it. High-quality SERP and PPC data are updated daily, and you can refresh all your results on command with a single click of a button.Did you know ReportGarden has extensive paid search reporting features? Sign up for a risk-free trial.

14. iSpionage

Search Ranking Reports: iSpionage

Pricing: Plans begin at $59/month.Using iSpionage’s insightful platform might make you feel like you’re spying on your competitors. While you aren’t exactly committing espionage, this research tool can give you a major leg up on your competition when it comes to paid search efforts. iSpionage retrieves info on your competitors’ most effective keywords, ad copy, and ad budget — giving you all the info you need to adjust PPC and adword campaigns accordingly.

15. KeywordSpy

Search Ranking Reports: KeywordSpy

Pricing: Some features are free; agency and enterprise plans begin at $999.95/month.In the same spirit as iSpionage, KeywordSpy helps marketers see what their competitors are up to when it comes to PPC and paid ads. While the interface is clunky at best, the insights you can glean from the platform are valuable. Agencies can access info on competing PPC ads (including ad copy, target keyword, estimated search volume, and so forth), PPC keywords (with potential ROI, search volume, CPC, and affiliate ads for those keywords), and organic keyword data (such as SERPs, total search engine results, estimated CPC, and more).

16. SimilarWeb

Search Ranking Reports: SimilarWeb

Pricing: Free plan with limited features; paid plans begin at $199/month.While SimilarWeb boasts a variety of sales, research, and marketing tools, its paid SEO intelligence features are what stand out. For one, marketers can run a competitive search ranking report to see where other businesses in your niche stack up. Agencies can also monitor competitor PPC and display ads to see how they’re targeting their audience. Get a peek at their landing pages, creative, and placement strategy to get deeper insights into what’s working for competitors.

Free Search Ranking Report Software

Paid tools, generally speaking, provide sleek, easy-to-use interfaces and boast greater functionality. But if your business (or your budget) aren’t there yet, then you have some other options.While there are plenty of tools out there that require a paid subscription, we’ve gathered a handful of free software options that can help your agency handle the basics without shelling out big bucks.

17. SERP’s Keyword Rank Checker

Search Ranking Reports: SERP's keyword rank checker

Pricing: Free.SERPs' Keyword Rank Checker tool is a free way to manually track the rankings for your high-value keywords. You can only check one keyword at a time — which is tedious when you’re tracking a lengthy list of phrases — but you can target the report results based on search engine (the only options are Google and Yahoo), location, and device type (mobile or desktop). Depending on your targeting, the tool will show you the top 250 search results, along with CPC and search volume data.

18. RankWatch

Search Ranking Reports: RankWatch

Pricing: Free.While RankWatch is primarily a paid SEO platform, it offers a free basic search ranking report tool. Analyze your website for site speed, SEO issues (like with metadata), and some bare-bones keyword placement information. The real value of this free tool is in its customized suggestions: While the tool is on the slow side, it provides a handful of customized suggestions on how to improve your SEO, site speed, and other factors that affect how your site ranks.Not sure free tools have the functionality you need to hit your goals? Sign up for a risk-free ReportGarden trial.

19. The Hoth

Search Ranking Reports: The Hoth

Pricing: Free.While The Hoth has a basic interface (let’s face it, it’s a little outdated), this tool is completely free and provides a fair amount of data via its search ranking report. Just add your site’s URL, and the platform will deliver data on the page’s top-ranking keywords, volume, percent of overall site traffic, and more. The only downside besides the bare-bones design is that you have to enter your email address to access your report.

20. SEO Review Tools Bulk Google Rank Checker

Search Ranking Reports: SEO Review Tools Bulk Google Rank Checker

Pricing: Free.While using SEO Review Tools’ Bulk Google Rank Checker tool is a clunky experience, this tool makes it fairly simple to quickly track Google search rankings for up to 10 keywords at a time. That might not sound like a major differentiator, but when most free tools force marketers to manually check one keyword at a time, a bulk ranking tool can be a game changer. While the search ranking report only offers basic data, you can at least get a directional sense of how your SEO efforts are impacting your rankings.

Get Better Search Ranking Reports and Improve Your SEO Results

If you made it this far, you can tell the right search ranking report software can go a long way to boost the efficiency (and impact) of your SEO efforts.We all want an easy-to-understand, automated, and customizable search ranking report. Hopefully, this article made a dent in your search.To recap:

  • You and your team have a wealth of tools to choose from, depending on your unique needs. Doing your homework will help you choose one that includes all the features you want to streamline your SEO tracking efforts.
  • The right tool will make it easy to go beyond tracking your own campaigns and results — go further with competitor analysis features.
  • White-label functionality can lend your reports and dashboards a higher level of polish that keeps your clients engaged.

If a great search ranking report is just one of many features you need in your SEO tool, try ReportGarden’s seven-day free trial.

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