Why SERPs And Rank Tracker Display Different Results On Domain Pages?

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Why SERPs And Rank Tracker Display Different Results On Domain Pages?

The first thing that businesses do after having set up a website is trying to achieve a higher rank on search engine result pages. Now, why is this important? Statistics suggest that most end users don’t look beyond the first page when trying to find a service. In case you have ever used a search query in Google (you must have), you will see a number of results getting displayed. Most times, it is the first few results (links) that meet your needs. Consequently, the higher a business is ranked on SERPs like Google, the better is its chance of finding and building an audience. Knowing your position in SERPs is an important step to optimizing your website to rank better and connect to more people. Now, there are umpteen numbers of ways to build up your ranking including better content, interlinking, social sharing, better key-wording, PPC, SEO and more.

How to find the position of a website in Google Search Results?

You might have worked hard to build up your authority on a particular keyword, relevant to your business. However, the real challenge lies in what position you are ranking. It is quite different than rank tracking and there are pretty many reputable websites allow you to check the SERP authority of your website. The crux of all this is, if you aren’t ranking on the first page of Google SERP, given the search query relevant to your business, you are likely to lose out to all the competition. In the globalized marketplace that businesses operate in today, this is certainly a very serious consideration.

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Why SERPs and Rank Tracker results differ?

We had already hinted about how SERP positioning and rank tracking are very different things. Well, there are a lot many things that result in the differences:

  • Personal Search History

Google always personalizes your search based on your browsing history. Being the owner of a business, it is likely that you must have visited your website hundreds of times. Consequently, the SERPs you get on a ‘search query’ are not the same as a new user, unaware of your business, would get. SERPs positioning shows you the actual results of your website position while rank tracking makes it more leaned towards your search history.

  • Type of device used

Mobile-friendly websites are ranked higher according to the new algorithms but it might not be relevant to your particular business. Further, smartphones, using GPS features, make local businesses much more important. Consequently, the ranking in the desktop will be different from what your website ranks in mobile SERP.

  • Geographic Location

Location and IP addresses also lead to more personalized searches. Even if you have turned off location on your device, it won’t solve the problem completely. When the location of the device is off, Google will use the IP address of the device to show local business. For the end user, this is pretty helpful, as a person sitting in Minnesota would like to search for pizza shop nearby and not in Los Angeles!

  • Type of Browser Used

Now, all your users might not be using Google Chrome. There are more than a few browsers out there and each will have a different say when it comes to SERPs. That too creates a difference.

  • Search Filters

Experienced end users will further use search filters when searching for a business, product or service.

  • Time

SERPs are updated periodically and what ranks 1st at this point in time, might not in another few hours. It is essential that you compare results in the same time period. Also, SERPs involve time-sensitive keywords.

  • Total Number of Google Generated Ads on Website

The more the numbers of Google ads on your website, the more will Google SERPs push the website to the top of SERPs.

  • SERP Updates

As already said, Google keeps on updating its search algorithms and it is necessary that you are in tune with them for a more accurate result.

Why is Rank Tracking Crucial to your Business?

Needless to say, it is after you know your website’s position in the SERP that you can pick up strategies to improving it. Being on top is crucial, not just for the success of your business, but also for the credibility.

If you haven’t yet taken steps to knowing and improving your SERP ranking, it high time that you do so. Try https://reportgarden.com/ rank checker today and see how your website fares.

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