Single Reporting And Ticketing - A Boon For Digital Marketing Agencies

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Single Reporting And Ticketing - A Boon For Digital Marketing Agencies

In this fast pace world, even digital marketers need an effective solution for their basic marketing needs like SEO analytics, sales rep, rank tracking, content marketing, etc. Using an all in one tool for each requirement might be the easier option but isn’t as effective. Agencies need something that can analyze all the factors deeply and provide a full proof report within a short span of time.

Single reporting has an individual platform for each task needed by any marketing agency. From basic product payments to salaries of the employees, each matter needs to be tackled separately, and thus ticketing system along with single marketing is what every agency needs.

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How does it improve marketing campaign monitoring?

When each issue is being tackled at separate platforms via ticketing, monitoring marketing campaigns becomes easier, less complicated and thorough.

  • You can easily check the average traffic to your website every month. For example, if avg. Monthly searchers-1k-10k is the range of traffic you receive, and if you think traffic is low, you can issue a ticket that shall only be closed once your matter resolves. An open ticket ensures you take care of the matter first hand starting from the initiation of the issue right to its end.
  • You can compare your statistics with other agencies working on the same principle as yours and find out if you face a high or low competition from your contenders and work accordingly to improve all your weak points when working on a single platform.
  • If your website rank in Google is very low, you can accordingly issue a ticket regarding the matter and solve the issue by getting better SEO and content for your company/agency.
  • There is no wait list for issues if your single use platform for each aspect of your marketing business.
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Tips To Use Single Reporting And Ticketing Tools

When opting for single reporting and ticketing, you focus on one issue at a time. All your available employees have their work separated as they have a different platform to work upon.

  • When using single reporting and ticketing system, make sure you have enough people to work with as different tasks need different experts to keep a check on the statistics.
  • You can expect a highly detailed analysis and customized report of each issue, so make sure you are thorough with the issue and can handle it with ease.
  • Client priority is the main focus when using single reporting and ticketing. With one platform assigned to each task. You can easily compile the aspects needed by the client which cannot be done over all in one platform.
How Can Digital Marketing Benefit?

How Can Digital Marketing Benefit From This?

In the field of digital marketing, one cannot determine what you need as needs keep changing from time to time according to statistics.

  • With a single platform for each aspect of digital marketing, you get a deeply analyzed report for the clients, which make them fully understand and acknowledge your work.
  • Your experts can focus on multiple problems at a single go when each task is assigned to a separate set of experts over a different tool. For example, your SEO experts can focus on improving rankings via SEO, while your technical experts can look over the technical glitch in the system. Single reporting allows all the problems to be handled at the same time while with the multiplatform system you would have to wait for each issue to be solved at a time.
  • While a multi-functional platform may shift its focus from one section to another hampering the detailed analysis of the ignored section, single reporting helps keep all the attention to all the needed aspects of a good long, detailed analysis. For example, if after a certain time a multi-platform shifts its focus from building a user-friendly interface to competitor research tool, you will get a less detailed analysis of the same which might hamper the statistics of your website in the long run as every minute detail matters.

So when you search for a good digital marketing platform, make sure you give importance to quality reporting rather than to ease of use because even if multi-platforms pitch you an easy way into the world of analytics, remember nothing is simple and everything requires deep and thorough analysis.

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