Snapchat Adds Search Bar In It's App now!!

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Snapchat Adds Search Bar In It's App now!!

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Snapchat adds search bar in its app now!! Know more about the latest updates of Snapchat.Today we bring you the latest updates on Snapchat– Along with other marketing news about every platform from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Snapchat’s updated search bar, makes it easier to find Discover channels, Live Stories :

What’s new? : Snapchat has finally added something the users had been waiting for so long. Now there is a ‘search’ bar on the top of the screen that allows you to search for specific stories and snaps.

How does it help? : The search bar is also one to find your friends, or potential friends on the list. As soon as you tap it, the bar shows you a list of friends you would want to send a snap to, or a list of people you might want to add. On iOS and Android both, the app also allows you to see specific posts or stories from agencies or celebrities.

What’s more? : Snapchat has also made the scrolling on the stories screen very smooth. Now instead of a rapid scrolling, it now has a smooth scrolling pattern like the other apps these days. The company has also made ‘Our Story’ possible to be accessible by everyone.

Takeaways: This works well for publishers and news content teams who wants their content to be out there on this platform, accessible to millions of people. However, it won’t work unless Snapchat allows longer videos, which is what these companies are looking for. It intends to make its app as simple as different as possible from its competitors.The new update makes a little unique, but not different enough to improve its importance in the app stores.

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2. Google: What Crawl Budget Means for Googlebot?

What’s this about? : Google says crawl demand and crawl rate make up GoogleBot’s crawl budget for your web site. It explains what crawl budget is, how crawl rate limits work, what is crawl demand and what factors impact a site’s crawl budget.

Is crawling a ranking factor? : An increased crawl rate will not necessarily lead to better positions in Search results. Google uses hundreds of signals to rank the results, and while crawling is necessary for being in the results, it’s not a ranking signal.

Does site speed affect my crawl budget? How about errors? : Making a site faster improves the users’ experience while also increasing crawl rate. For Googlebot a speedy site is a sign of healthy servers, so it can get more content over the same number of connections. On the flip side, a significant number of 5xx errors or connection timeouts signal the opposite, and crawling slows down.

Do alternate URLs and embedded content count in the crawl budget?: Generally, any URL that Googlebot crawls will count towards a site’s crawl budget. Alternate URLs, like AMP or hreflang, as well as embedded content, such as CSS and JavaScript, may have to be crawled and will consume a site’s crawl budget. Similarly, long redirect chains may have a negative effect on crawling.

Does the nofollow directive affect crawl budget? : It depends. Any URL that is crawled affects crawl budget, so even if your page marks a URL as nofollow it can still be crawled if another page on your site, or any page on the web, doesn’t label the link as nofollow.

Takeaways: Site-wide events like site moves may trigger an increase in crawl demand in order to reindex the content under the new URLs. Taking crawl rate and crawl demand together we define crawl budget as the number of URLs Googlebot can and wants to crawl.

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3. Twitter: Lets you tweet your updated profile picture

What did I miss? : Twitter came up with a new feature designed to increase the amount of visual content in users’ timelines and encourage more tweets and replies: it’s prompting users who have just updated their profile picture to post a hash tagged tweet about the change. The tweet will be appended with #NewProfilePic, which can then be seen by all the users’ Twitter followers.

What’s more? : The users will be prompted to tweet with the auto filled hashtag, but the tweets are not sent out automatically. The tweet can also be edited to say whatever the user wants.

How it’s different from Facebook? : Facebook makes profile picture updates public. These almost always get likes and comments, though other photo uploads don’t necessarily receive the same attention.Twitter, by comparison, is starting off much smaller. It’s not forcing users to tweet, only suggesting they do. And profile pictures are still just regular, uploaded photos.

Takeaways: Its interesting to see that twitter has come up with something new after a long time and being one of the largest social media company its good to move forward with innovation and more creativity.

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