Snapchat : Lets you create Group Chat!!

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Snapchat : Lets you create Group Chat!!

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Snapchat let you create groups now!! Know more about this new feature of Snapchat. Today we bring you -the new feature rolling out for Snapchat–  Along with other marketing news about every platform from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Snapchat: Snapchat user rejoice!!

What’s this about? : Snapchat came up with the much awaited new group chat for its users along with two other fancy feature.

What’s new? : Users can now create groups with up to 16 friends, and it incorporate many of Snapchat’s existing features. Snaps and text chats last for 24 hours, and each group participant can replay the snap just once.You can also send stickers, Bitmojis, Friendmojis, voice notes and video notes.

What’s more? : The updated Snapchat app adds two new creative tools. With Scissors, you can cut out part of a Snap on the Preview Screen to turn it into a sticker; The Paintbrush tool lets users draw on top of Snaps in Memories.

Takeways: When facebook is trying all its shoes to run faster in the game the addition of these new features is interesting and is surely going to add a lot of likes for the Snapchat platform.

ReadSnapchat’s much awaited group chat is here

Watch- Learn more about it

2. Bing: Edit expanded text ads for Bing Ads user.

What’s this about? : Expanded Text Ads are a new mobile-optimized ad format which gives you more space to grab your customer’s attention, leading to higher conversion. With Expanded Text Ads, you have an additional ad title, longer text, and customizable paths.

What’s new? : Bing Ads app now offer the ability to do bulk editing and edit text ads. With the latest app update that now includes Expanded Text Ads.

Is it a good news for the advertisers? : yes indeed it is! Allowing advertisers to bulk manage ads,also they can now make changes to the ETA’s from their phone, editor will now automatically detect and skip duplicate items during the import process, saving  the hassle of identifying and removing them manually.

Takeaways : The ongoing changes and improvements that Bing is making is highly appreciable.They have demonstrated this year that they are truly invested in keeping up with AdWords and responding to user feedback.

ReadBing ETAs on mobile now.

3. Facebook: Event app for Android users

What’s new? : Facebook came up with an event app for android users.The Events from this app keeps users updated about all the events such as concerts, plays, matches etc. that are happening around them or will happen in the near future.

What’s there for me? : The app helps users make plans with their friends as it allows them to see the events that their friends are interested in. Users also get to see the details about events being organised by their liked pages and the app helps keeps them up to date.

What if the details gets changed? : Users can integrate their phone’s calendar with the app and also opt-in to get updates.

Takeaways: The app is pretty interesting and allows all things in one place which is the best part of it. It is designed to help Facebook’s extroverts and event promoters better discover and manage events & attract more ad dollars,which is quite fair.

ReadFacebook’s gift to android user

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