Snapchat QR Codes For Web Link !!

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Snapchat QR Codes For Web Link !!

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Snapchat QR Codes for web link!! Know more about the latest feature of Snapchat. Today we bring you the latest updates on Snapchat’s QR codes– Along with other marketing news about every platform from your favorite sites and blogs.

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1. Snapchat now creates QR codes for web links:

What did I miss? : Snapchat now lets you link to websites using custom Snapcodes. Users can now create a unique Snapcode for a website, which will open inside Snapchat when they scan it with the app’s camera.

Benefit: This could create a powerful way for businesses and other sites to promote themselves with photographable symbols instead of just a URL.

How does it works? :

  • They made it easy for people to add each other on Snapchat without typing in user names.
  • One person just pulls out their Snapcode from Snapchat’s Settings menu, and another focuses their Snapchat camera on the QR code to instantly follow them.
  • Snapchat later let people customize their Snapcode with a selfie GIF and download a vector version for printing on posters, apparel and more.
  • Then it began allowing people to open a publisher’s Snapchat Discover content and unlock filters and lenses by scanning a Snapcode.

What’s more? : Snapchat’s also opening up their ad platform, allowing agencies and brands to license its API to do their own buying. The move means brands will no longer have to go directly through Snapchat to buy their ads, a move that will open the platform to many more advertisers

Takeaways: Offering more ways to promote content outside of Snapchat could boost the app’s utility amongst public figures and businesses. Snapcodes for websites could provide flexibility for promoting one’s site or products without disrupting the URL-free experience. It’s a subtle but powerful move on Snapchat’s part that will no doubt help further attract brands to use the popular ephemeral sharing network.

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2. Twitter event calendar:

What’s this about? : Twitter has published a new event calendar for marketers, highlighting key dates where the platform sees significant spikes in tweet volume.

Why now? : If done manually, user have to sit down and go through the dates and ensure everything is marked off, thus its time consuming. To help with this, Twitter’s released a new calendar template for February to get you started, highlighting all the relevant events that you might want to tap into for the month, along with related tweet volume stats.

What’s more? :

In addition, Twitter’s also provided some key usage stats and trends to note, including:

  • 81% of Twitter’s audience is active while watching award shows, and conversation volume peaks with award show wins and memorable performances.
  • 42% more time is spent looking at Twitter Ads relevant to surrounding content.
  • 88% of NBA fans check for NBA-related content on Twitter several times a week when there are no live games.

Benefits: There are  some interesting data to consider, and it definitely gives more credence to the provided calendar, which brands can use as a prompt to ensure they tap into these key conversations.

Takeaways: Creating a content calendar can be a great way to keep your social media presence on track and ensure you’re tapping into all the relevant seasonal celebrations and events. But it can also be challenging to put one together.

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. New AdWords interface alpha is rolling out to more advertisers:

What’s new? : As Google continues to build out the new UI, more advertisers are getting access. More accounts have been granted alpha access.

What’s more? : Google continues to add more features to the new UI, so even if the user don’t find himself working in it extensively at first, it’s worth continuing to check out and get used to the navigation.

On what basis accounts are chosen? : Accounts are selected based on a number of factors, such as the features used and there are lot many criteria.

Takeaways: As Google continues to build out the new UI, more advertisers are getting access which is quite interesting and it’s good to see that google is trying out to be more innovative and thus attract advertiser.

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4. Facebook is building its own TV app:

What did I miss?: Facebook is building its own TV app to work with set-top boxes like the Apple TV.

Advantage : The app would give Facebook a way to encourage its users to watch longer videos. It would prioritize video content rather than simply act as a big-screen portal into your news feed.

How is it different from YouTube set top? : YouTube’s app has always focused on search rather than discovery users go to YouTube when they already know what they are looking for. A Facebook TV app focused on exclusive, licensed programming might feel a bit less sprawling.

How is it helpful to advertisers? : Getting direct payments from Facebook and other media companies to make next-generation TV shows would reduce the advertisers dependence on advertising, and potentially help them build more sustainable businesses.

Takeaways: An app for set-top boxes would bring Facebook closer to live video and video advertisements.Getting advertisers to buy more video ads is key to Facebook’s continued revenue growth as such ads fetch higher rates from advertisers than text or photo-based ads.

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