25 Best Social Media Tools for 2024: The Ultimate Guide

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25 Best Social Media Tools for 2024: The Ultimate Guide

The secret to successful marketing lies in more than just innovation – data is the differentiator between a hit campaign and a flop.

Imagine if you could instantly identify your audience niche, figure out the best platforms for your campaign, and compare cross-platform tactics on a user-friendly dashboard. That’s exactly what social media analytics tools are here to help you with.

This article dives into 25 of the best social media analytical tools in 2024 that you can use to take your marketing to the next level.

But first…

Why Should You Use Social Media Analytics Tools?

Long story short: It’s the smart thing to do.

Any great marketing strategy begins with the right data: the who, what, when, where, why, and how.

But most marketers are too busy (we’ll be honest, sometimes lazy) to create manual reports or pull insights from social media. If only there was some software that could magically do it all for you (wink, wink!)

Analytics tools can help you do exactly that, and more. Detailed reports, post scheduling, competitor analysis – all this and more can become much easier by using a social media management tool.

Top reasons to use a social media analytics tool

  • Time saving
  • Enhanced audience understanding
  • Accurate and automated reports
  • Competitor analysis
  • Access media and consumer information at the click of a button

Socialinsider conducted a survey on The Life of Social Media Managers and found that 84.9% of social media analytics tool users wanted to measure their content’s performance.Another 74.6% used the tools to understand their audience, while 68.8% used it for marketing reports.

The next time you need to create a stunning marketing report, or need a push in the right direction for your social media ROI - analytics are the way to go!

Who Should Use Social Media Analytics Tools?

Our opinion? If you want growth, you should be using them.

  • No one likes having to slog over cracking the code of social media algorithms or improving organic metrics. Social media analytics tools can help you save time and easily access bucket-loads of data at your fingertips, especially during that end-of-month time crunch.

Source: instagram.com/thewholetruthfoods

When top brands like The Whole Truth Foods give up on figuring out the algorithm, you know it’s time to get in gear and get analytical help.

Social media analytics tools are a great option for:

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Social Media Managers
  • Growth Hackers
  • Copywriters and Freelancers
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Startups and MNCs
  • Businesses and Enterprises

If you use digital marketing, an analytics tool can help you navigate through the world of changing algorithms, cross-platform campaigning, successful PR, CRM integration, and much more.

That said, where should you even begin? Which tool is right for you?

Don’t worry - we’ve made it easy for you to decide.

How To Choose The Perfect Social Media Analytics Tool

The internet is filled with more tools than any person, brand, agency, or business could possibly use.

But navigating through the desert of social media tools to arrive at the oasis of the perfect one that can meet your every need can be easier than it seems!

Here’s a checklist to see if a tool is the perfect one for you

Platform Compatibility

  • Does the tool support all the social media platforms you use?
  • Can it handle multiple accounts per platform and support cross-posting for convenience?

Analytics and Reporting

  • Does it offer comprehensive analytics for the metrics you need?
  • Are the reporting features customizable to your requirements?
  • Can it track historical data and provide trend analysis?
  • Is the report visually appealing or data-heavy and difficult?
  • How easily can you export and share the reports?
  • Are the reports automated?

User Interface

  • Is the interface user-friendly and intuitive?
  • Are there dashboards that consolidate key metrics?

Integration Capabilities

  • Can it integrate with other tools you use (CRM, email marketing, etc.)?
  • Does it support API access for custom integrations?

Social Listening

  • Does it offer social listening features to monitor brand mentions and track relevant conversations?
  • Can it analyze sentiment and provide insights on audience perception?

Scheduling and Publishing

  • Does it provide scheduling and publishing tools for your social media posts?
  • Can it recommend optimal posting times?

Collaboration Features

  • Does it support team collaboration, task assignment, and workflow management?
  • Can you control user permissions and access levels?

Mobile Access

  • Is there a mobile app available for managing your social media on the go?
  • Does the app offer full functionality or limited features?


  • Does the pricing fit within your budget?
  • Are there flexible pricing plans or tiers based on usage?

Trial or Demo Availability

  • Is there a free trial or demo version available?
  • Is your credit card information needed for the trial?

Top 25 Social Media Analytics Tools you can use in 2024


Source: reportgarden.com

ReportGarden is the leading analytical report builder for social media, SEO, paid ads, and franchise marketing.

With multiple data sources to integrate and a plethora of customizable dashboards to explore, ReportGarden can take your business, agency, enterprise, or brand to the next level with comprehensive reports that communicate the cold, hard data while maintaining visual appeal.

Top Features
  • Eye-Catching, Comprehensive Reports: No need to fuss over mind-bending excel sheets and manual data pulling from all your channels and sources. ReportGarden crunches the numbers accurately and presents them in an easy to digest way with information presented attractively.
  • Diverse Data Sources: ReportGarden features 60+ data integrations to choose from for your reports. Users can use custom widgets to get analyses on the metrics they want.
  • Tailormade Multi-Channel Reports: Data from all your marketing channels - in one insightful report. Choose the channels you want to learn about and get insights on engagement and consumer metrics to create actionable plans to transform your business’ online strategy.
  • Multiple Dashboards and White Label Portal: ReportGarden offers a plethora of dashboards to choose from according to your specific needs, ranging from multi-channel brands to agency performance trackers, too.
  • One Application, Multiple Platforms: ReportGarden has tools for marketers in all spheres, from agencies and brands to freelancers and enterprises.

Source: reportgarden.com

ReportGarden focuses on providing key insights and metrics as per the user’s choice and customization to present the data story that can help you channel growth and track ROIs easily. These insights can tell you what went wrong and right, making your next campaign perfect.

Ready to experience data-driven growth and analytics-backed strategy?


  • ReportGarden’s pricing begins at $74 up to $249 per month. Enterprise pricing is available upon request.

Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Agencies

Facelift Data Studio (Quintly)

Source: quintly.com

Facelift Data Studio (FKA ‘Quintly’) is a social media analytics tool supporting 7 social channels with API integrations for social analytics that brands and agencies can use to grow their business.

Top Features
  • Social Media Analytics: Quintly provides social media insights and lets users track key metrics and performance across channels. It offers API and data integration to make analytics easier for the user.
  • Benchmarking: Users can compare their performance against industry standards and competitors.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Users can choose from 350+ metrics to create a custom dashboard that displays the metrics they want to see most.
  • Automated Reporting: The platform provides automated reports, allowing users to stay updated on their social performance without hassle.

Source: g2.com/products/quintly/reviews

  • Facelift (Quintly) pricing starts at $315/month.


Sendible is a social media management tool that offers insights and analytics alongside tools to manage different social accounts for growth.

Top Features
  • Social Media Scheduling: Sendible features a Smart Compose Box to edit content for different channels before scheduling it for publishing.
  • Priority Social Inbox: It consolidates messages and comments from multiple channels in one social inbox for easier management.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Sendible offers 15+ data sources to integrate into analyses and reports, with reports offering insights into multiple brands’ combined engagements, and social analytics with 200+ modules and automated reports.
  • White Label Social Management: Sendible provides a white label tool that enables agencies to customize the platform with their own branding, allowing them to manage social media activities under their own brand identity.

Source: g2.com/products/sendible/reviews

  • Sendible plans start from $25 up to $638/month.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a social media management tool to create and schedule content, get analytics and reports on performance, and foster growth in marketing.

Top Features
  • Social Media Scheduling: Zoho Social provides social media management tools to schedule, plan, and cross-post content with integrated automation.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Zoho Social includes analytics and reporting tools to track campaign success, gain insights into audience preferences and measure engagement metrics.
  • Social Listening: The platform provides social listening tools to monitor conversations with brand mentions, trends, hashtags, and competitive analysis.
  • Zia AI Integration: Zoho Social integrates with Zia, Zoho's AI assistant, to provide intelligent insights, automate routine tasks, and offer recommendations for optimizing social media strategies based on data analysis.

Source: zoho.com

  • Zoho Social plans start from $15 up to $300 a month.

Rival IQ

Source: rivaliq.com

Rival IQ uses tools like competitive benchmarking, social audits, analysis and listening, and provides detailed reports to help users enhance their online marketing strategy.

Top Features
  • Competitive Analysis: Users can compare their social media performance with competitors, providing insights into industry standards and practices.
  • Social Posts Analysis: The tool analyzes multiple social media platforms, helping users track performance metrics and understand audience engagement through detailed analysis of posts.
  • Social Media Audits: Rival IQ features comprehensive social media audits, enabling users to evaluate their social media presence and identify areas for improvement.
  • Social Listening: The platform provides social listening tools to stay updated with brand mentions and track audience sentiment regarding the brand, while generating a database of consumer information.

Source: rivaliq.com

  • Rival IQ plans start from $239 up to $559/month.

Top-Rated Social Listening Tools


Source: talkwalker.com

Recently acquired by Hootsuite, Talkwalker is a social media monitoring and analytics tool for agencies, businesses, and marketers.

Top Features
  • Social Listening and Media Monitoring: Talkwalker provides advanced social listening tools to monitor brand mentions, track relevant conversations, and gather insights about audience sentiment and behavior.
  • Competitive Benchmarking: The platform includes features for comparing social media performance against competitors, providing insights into industry standards and best practices.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Talkwalker offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to track social media campaigns, engagement, impressions, and analyze market trends.
  • Image Recognition: The platform includes image recognition technology that identifies logos and images across channels, helping businesses monitor their brand presence visually.

Source: g2.com/products/talkwalker/reviews

  • Available upon request.


Source: mention.com

Mention enables marketers to perform PR, brand, social and crisis management, conduct market research, and analyze competitors.

Top Features
  • Social Listening: Mention monitors online trends, conversations and mentions, hashtags, and maintains brand reputation.
  • Analytics and ROI Tracking: Mention provides campaign analysis and brand health reports that identify successful content. It offers reports on market trends, comparisons in the market or with competitors, and a social analytics breakdown.
  • Social Inbox: Mention offers a cross-channel social inbox to manage and moderate messages, comments, and mentions.
  • Social Media Management: Users can edit, plan, and schedule content for posting or team approval, and use Mention’s AI to generate captions and hashtags instantaneously.

Source: g2.com/products/mention/reviews

  • Mention plans begin from $41 to $149/month.


Source: brand24.com

Brand24 is a social listening tool that monitors brand reputation, conducts competitor analysis, and creates AI-powered reports.

Top Features
  • AI Powered Insights: The software uses AI for social listening to monitor brand mentions, competitor campaigns, and hashtags, and to measure PR.
  • Diverse Applications: Brand24’s social listening can be used by marketers, agencies, PR professionals, product teams, and the SaaS industry.
  • Automated Reports: This tool offers automated AI-powered reports, providing insights into market trends and campaign success, alongside recommendations for next steps and action plans.
  • Reputation Management: Users can manage their brand’s online reputation by accessing client feedback and brand mentions, checking backlinks and hashtags, and analyzing competitors.

Source: g2.com/brand24/review

  • Brand24 plans start from $79 to $399/month.


Source: meltwater.com

Meltwater offers PR, communications, media, and marketing insights to professionals to manage their socials.

Top Features
  • Media Intelligence: Meltwater monitors the media landscape at large, analyzes client SEO profiles, manages crises and also tracks brand mentions.
  • Consumer Intelligence: Meltwater conducts market research for users by monitoring consumer activity. Users can segment audiences based on behavior, sentiment, influence, attitude, and more. The consumer intelligence dashboards are shareable for ease of use.
  • Social Listening and Analytics: Meltwater’s social listening tools track brand mentions, trends, conversations, hashtags, and more. It provides automatically designed reports with daily, weekly, or monthly frequencies.
  • Social Media Management: Meltwater can be used to manage multiple social accounts and track performance metrics and social inboxes.

Source: g2.com/products/meltwater/reviews

  • Available upon request.

Multi-purpose Tools

Sprout Social

Source: sproutsocial.com

Sprout Social helps businesses manage their social presence and marketing across multiple platforms and channels. It offers premium tools for engagement, publishing, analytics, social listening, employee advocacy, and influencer marketing.

Top Features
  • Unified Social Inbox: Sprout Social provides a unified inbox for managing messages, comments, and interactions across multiple channels.
  • Publishing and Scheduling: The platform offers tools for scheduling and publishing social media posts.
  • Social Listening: Sprout Social includes social listening features to monitor brand mentions, track relevant conversations, and gather insights about audiences.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Sprout Social offers analytics and reporting tools to track social media campaign performance, measure engagement, audience demographics, and behavior. There is also the option for Premium Analytics to prove social ROI with custom data.

Source: g2.com/products/sprout-social/reviews

  • Sprout Social’s plans start at $199 up to $399/month.

Vista Social

Source: vistasocial.com

Vista Social is a social media tool aimed at brands and agencies to assist them in online marketing and scaling growth.

Top Features
  • Social Media Scheduling: Vista Social offers tools for scheduling and publishing social media posts across multiple platforms, allowing users to plan and automate their content strategy.
  • Unified Social Inbox: The platform provides a unified inbox for managing messages, comments, and interactions across different social media channels, streamlining communication.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Vista Social includes analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of social media campaigns and gain insights into audience behavior, engagement metrics and consumer preferences.
  • Social Listening: Vista Social provides social listening tools to monitor brand mentions and gather insights about consumer intelligence and industry trends.

Source: g2.com/products/vista-social/reviews

  • Vista Social’s pricing begins at $374 up to $758/year.


source: agorapulse.com

Agorapulse is a social media management tool facilitating publishing, inboxes, ROI calculation, report compilation, and growth integration across various platforms like YouTube, Meta, and more.

Top Features
  • Consolidated Social Inbox: The tool provides a unified interface for managing messages on various platforms.
  • Social Listening: The software allows you to monitor mentions of your brand and competitors, revealing audience perception about the brand.
  • Unified Publishing: Agorapulse provides a scheduler and options to optimize, publish, and measure results on posts across different channels.
  • Reporting and ROI Tracking: Agorapulse provides performance reports that can be exported in PDF and CSV formats.

source: agorapulse.com

  • Agorapulse plans start from $49 to $119/month.


Source: hootsuite.com

Hootsuite offers a variety of tools for social media management, analytics, and social listening.

Top Features
  • Content Creation and Publishing: Hootsuite offers a social media calendar, planner, and AI content creation service to handle social media.
  • Social Engagement Tools: Users can access automated hashtag creators and graphs, social monitoring tools, and engagement metric measurements to increase online presence.
  • Social Listening: Users can monitor millions of conversations about their brands, anticipate trends, analyze competition, and enhance audience understanding.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Hootsuite’s Advanced Analytics measures the success of campaigns across multiple channels, compares performance with competitors, and delivers insights about successful content.

Source: g2.com/products/hootsuite/reviews

  • Hootsuite’s plans start at $99 up to $249/month.


Source: cision.com

Cision is a software designed to support various aspects of PR and communications management, from media relations to performance analysis.

Top Features
  • Media Database and Monitoring: Cision offers social listening by tracking brand mentions across social media, print, broadcast, and online news. Users can access a large network of media contacts and influencers using Cision.
  • Press Release Distribution: Users can access PR Newswire, and target and distribute news strategically in newsrooms, direct feeds and subscribers, including journalists, influencers, and websites.
  • Analytics and Reporting: The Cision Insights Team helps users with brand performance reports across PR and news channels, offering insights into audience and reach, brand reputation and action plans.
  • Content Production: Cision also features a production house to bring a project to life using their creative team. They provide support with audience engagement, production monitoring, optimizing campaigns and communications.

Source: PR Newswire

  • Available upon request.


Source: keyhole.co

Keyhole is a software for marketers to manage their socials and report their progress, using tools like social listening, social media analytics and influencer tracking, among others.

Top Features
  • Social Listening: Keyhole offers in-depth social listening by monitoring brand mentions, industry keywords, customer engagements, competitors, and trends.
  • Social Media Analytics: Keyhole analytics cover metrics like cross-channel engagement, impact, impressions, and comparisons against competitors and influencers.
  • Historical Reports: Users can access past insights and historical data to spot trends and craft strategies to enhance growth.
  • Content Publishing: Keyhole provides a dashboard for editing, planning, and publishing posts across all supported channels.

Source: g2.com/products/keyhole/reviews

  • Keyhole plans range from $157.5 to $347.17/month.

Top Social Media Analytics Tools for Enterprises

Dash Hudson

Source: dashhudson.com

Dash Hudson aims to save marketer’s time by letting software and AI provide analytical reports to help users plan and optimize campaigns.

Top Features
  • Omni-channel Applications: Dash Hudson can help you integrate 7 social channels like Instagram, TikTok, X (FKA Twitter), YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook.
  • AI-Powered Social Listening: Users can monitor trends and brand mentions, source User-Generated Content (UGC), and analyze competition with AI assistance.
  • Creative Intelligence: Dash Hudson uses visual intelligence and Vision AI to predict post performance and analyze visual elements.
  • Reports and Insights: Dash Hudson’s analytical data offers insight into omni-channel campaigns with customizable dashboards to report various types of content. Metrics also include user data such as sentiment and engagement.

Source: g2.com/products/dash-hudson/reviews

  • Dash Hudson plans begin at $249 up to $2,499/month.


source : brandwatch.com

Brandwatch offers services ranging from consumer intelligence to social media management and assistance with influencer marketing.

Top Features
  • Consumer Intelligence: The tool offers market analyses and action plans, along with large pools of customer data, analyzed by AI.
  • Multichannel Social Inbox: Brandwatch offers a social inbox to track and manage messages, comments, and mentions across various channels.
  • Multiple Use-Cases: The tools offered by Brandwatch are applicable in multiple scenarios, like brand reputation and customer analysis to crisis and stakeholder management.
  • Social Media Management: Brandwatch provides SMM tools, such as content calendar, cross-campaign integration, and social insights to manage social campaigns and posts.

Source: g2.com/products/brandwatch-social-media-management/reviews

  • Available upon request.


Source: cyfe.com

Cyfe presents data across social media analytics, marketing, sales, support, and more. Offering 25 integrations and 16 dashboard categories, Cyfe also enables customization and offers white label reports.

Top Features
  • Custom Dashboards: Cyfe lets users create and add custom widgets to their dashboards. Users can choose from Cyfe’s Custom Widget Library featuring Google Sheets, SQL, CSV, Private URL and Push API.
  • Multi-Channel Data Integration: Cyfe lets users integrate data from various channels such as major social media platforms and web analytics tools and internal data using custom widgets.
  • Embedded Analytics: Cyfe allows users to embed analytics from Cyfe into their desired pages and applications outside of the Cyfe portal.
  • Broad Dashboard Range: Cyfe provides a wide range of dashboards to track metrics across platforms.

Source: cyfe.com

  • Cyfe plans begin at $19 up to $89/month.


Source: emplifi.io

Emplifi is a hub for social marketing, e-commerce, and customer care with 3 products to help brands enhance their online presence and facilitate growth.

Top Features
  • Social Media Management: Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud offers a platform for managing social media accounts, scheduling posts, and tracking cross-channel engagement.
  • Customer Experience Optimization: Emplifi’s Service Cloud features automated chatbot and email options, AI-powered customer service, and feedback monitoring and case-history building to improve customer satisfaction, as well as crisis management.
  • E-commerce Integration: Emplifi Social Commerce Cloud integrates social media and shopping platforms by facilitating User-Generated Content (UGC), live videos and customer reviews to streamline online sales and management.
  • Unified Analytics: Emplifi Unified Analytics offers insights into social media performance, customer engagement metrics, and market trends.

Source: g2.com/products/emplifi-social-marketing-cloud/reviews

  • Emplifi’s pricing begins at $240/month.


Source: meetsoci.com

SOCi is a ‘co-marketing’ platform to help multi-location businesses manage their social while maintaining brand direction and data accuracy across channels.

Top Features
  • Social Media Management: SOCi provides tools for scheduling, publishing, editing and managing social posts across varying channels.
  • Localized Marketing: SOCi supports localized marketing efforts with tools that lets businesses create and manage marketing campaigns for specific locations.
  • Analytics and Reporting: SOCi offers analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of social activities and reputation management.
  • SOCi Genius Platform: The SOCi Genius platform uses generative AI and machine learning to optimize social media strategies and content performance.

Source: g2.com/products/soci/reviews

  • Available upon request.

Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Internal Use


Semrush is a hub of software for 20+ categories ranging from marketing to HR. It provides an array of online marketing and social management tools aimed at agencies, individual marketers, and businesses.

Top Features
  • SEO: Semrush can help SEO via multiple tools for keyword research, improving on-page SEO and local SEO, including competitor SEO analysis.
  • Social Media Management: Semrush Social offers cross-platform publishing, post planning, and scheduling to manage socials.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Semrush analyzes social media performance, market conditions, competitors, and ads to create comprehensive reports.
  • Content COD (Creation, Optimization, Distribution): Semrush provides tools to create and optimize content for organic growth and then publish it on targeted platforms after audience analysis.

source : semrush.com

  • Semrush’s plans begin at $129.95 up to $249.95/month.


Source: buzzsumo.com

BuzzSumo is a content research and social media monitoring tool used by marketers, creators, and enterprises. It provides access to trending topics, journalists, influencers, and lets users automate reports and applications.

Top Features
  • Content Discovery and Research: BuzzSumo researches and analyzes trending, viral, and classic topics to fuel data-powered content. It also offers a chrome extension to allow users to research the SERPs, blogs and articles, and other pages they land on.
  • Social Monitoring: Users can monitor mentions, backlinks, trends, competition, and authors with their social listening tools.
  • BuzzSumo API: The software’s API helps users build applications and reporting tools, dashboards, and track content performance.
  • Identify Influencers: The tool lets users discover influencers on social media who can promote the brand by analyzing engagement metrics.

Source: buzzsumo.com

  • BuzzSumo plans range from $199 to $999/month.


Source: buffer.com

Buffer is a social media management software offering 5 key tools to handle your social media with AI assistance. They operate 10 channels and plan to implement Threads into their suite soon.

Top Features
  • Content Creation and Tracking: Buffer offers content publishing and posting options with its content calendar and scheduler that work across channels like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. It also includes a UTM Builder.
  • Page Builder: Users can build a free Start Page, track link clicks, and maintain audience engagement on the Start Page with prompts.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Buffer provides dashboards for social media analysis and helps users create reports that can be exported to share externally.
  • Social Inbox: Buffer lets users quickly see and engage with comments and messages with hotkey integration.

Source: g2.com/products/buffer/reviews

  • Buffer plans start from $6 up to $120/month.


Source: hubspot.com

HubSpot is a collection of softwares for marketing, sales, and customer services. The HubSpot Marketing Hub offers various tools for marketers, social media managers, and growth hackers to obtain analytics and drive content growth.

Top Features
  • Lead Generation: HubSpot offers a form builder, live chat, landing pages, and ads software to generate and manage leads for your business.
  • Social Campaign Management: The software provides real-time campaign reporting and tools to manage collaborations, tasks, comments, and CRM integration.
  • Analytics and Reporting: HubSpot Marketing Hub also offers built-in analytics and a dashboard software to track customer engagements, web analytics and get marketing reports.
  • Email Marketing: HubSpot offers email marketing tools with personalized emails and A/B testing, analytics, and a generative AI.

Source: g2.com/products/hubspot-marketing-hub/reviews

  • The Marketing Hub plans begin from $20 up to $3,600/month.

Platform-Specific Social Media Analytics Tools


Source: iconosquare.com

Iconosquare is a social media analytics tool supporting Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and TikTok. It offers a variety of tools to increase brand growth and track campaign progress.

Top Features
  • Content Scheduling and Collaboration: Users can create and schedule posts or tag drafts for approval from collaborators before crossposting.
  • Social Inbox: Users can access and moderate unread comments. This tool also lets users track mentions and export the data for analysis.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Users can choose from 100+ metrics including reach, stories, consumer information, engagement, and more to use on a custom dashboard. Once set, the software creates automated reports with the chosen metrics.
  • Social Listening: Users can monitor and compare tactics and campaigns against trends and competitors, and check hashtags and brand mentions.

Source: iconosquare.com

  • Iconosquare’s plans begin at €49 up to €79/month.


Source: tailwindapp.com

The Tailwind app provides detailed performance reports and an affordable analytics tool to help businesses improve their social presence.

Top Features
  • Smart Scheduling: Tailwind provides a smart scheduling feature that suggests the best times to post based on audience analysis, optimizing engagement and reach. It also offers channel-specific calendars to plan and optimize a channel feed in advance, such as an Instagram planner.
  • Grid Preview: Users can visualize how their Instagram feed will look before publishing, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic.
  • Hashtag Recommendations: Tailwind includes a hashtag recommendation tool that suggests relevant hashtags.
  • Analytics and Reporting: The platform offers analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of posts and pins, measure engagement, and gain insights into audience demographics and behavior.

Source: g2.com/products/tailwind/reviews

  • Tailwind’s pricing begins at $19.99/month.

These were the top 25 social media analytics and management tools in 2024! We hope this helped you find the perfect tool for all your marketing needs.

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