20+ Supermetrics Alternatives (Plus Which Channels They're Best For)

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20+ Supermetrics Alternatives (Plus Which Channels They're Best For)

Supermetrics is a reporting tool that connects and pulls data from marketing platforms and other sources, such as Facebook, Google Analytics, and Twitter into Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, or Excel.

Reporting platforms save time and money by giving you the graphs and tables you need to put together client-facing reports on marketing campaigns. But Supermetrics has a number of downsides that users searching for alternatives report:

  • You’re tied to a single platform, like Google Sheets or Excel, to build those reports
  • You can’t get real-time information without scheduling a data refresh
  • If you want to put together a report using multiple channels, options are limited
  • You’ll likely run into errors and downtime whenever Google rolls out new updates
  • You’ll likely be frustrated with the tool’s steep learning curve (which is only made worse whenever you need to teach the tool to a new team member)

If you find being tied to a single platform inconvenient, are looking for a more streamlined and scalable solution, or just don’t think Supermetrics is a good fit, here are 20+ Supermetrics alternatives that can help agencies and marketers alike with their reporting needs.

Alternative Multi-Channel Reporting Tools

The below multi-channel reporting tools cover multiple channels such as SEO and PPC. They can import and report on a wide variety of data sources in one comprehensive dashboard.

1. ReportGarden

ReportGarden is the perfect Supermetrics alternative thanks to their robust reporting platform, easy-to-use templates, and bonus features like automatic billing, budgeting, and custom client-facing dashboards.
  • Pricing: Free trial. Custom plans start at $65/month.
  • Rating: 4.5/5 on G2Crowd.com.
  • Channels Included: Adwords, SEO, PPC, Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

ReportGarden is designed to help agencies streamline invoicing and reporting for marketing campaigns. It saves both time and money by giving agency owners and their employees a dedicated platform from which to compile and customize professional-looking reports or client-facing, personalized reporting dashboards.

Without a reporting tool, putting together a report involved manually logging into each channel, visually hunting and pecking for insights, and then compiling whatever you find in a less-than-impressive Excel document. ReportGarden does all of this automatically. After connecting all your client’s accounts at the beginning of your engagement, you can pull metrics into the report template of your choice (or drag-and-drop to build your own template). Experienced users can pull together a client report in 5 minutes’ time.

Additional features include budgeting and automatic invoicing based on your ad spend for clients, and you can even connect your accounting software for simplicity. Try it free.

2. WordStream

Supermetrics Alternatives: WordStream
  • Pricing: Lowest plan starts at $264/month (12 month commitment required).
  • Rating: 4.5/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: Facebook, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Instagram.

WordStream offers basic reporting functionality as well as the ability to manage PPC campaigns. WordStream also has cross-platform reporting for both social and PPC campaigns. This enables you to pull in data from multiple outside sources and compile a report in a single dashboard.

One of the more popular features is the ability of the software to identify and remove duplicate keywords across multiple campaigns and ad groups. This saves time since the PPC manager won’t have to do so manually.

3. Reporting Ninja

Supermetrics Alternatives: Reporting Ninja Adwords reporting tool
  • Pricing: Basic plan starts at $20/month.
  • Reporting Abilities: MailChimp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Excel, Google Sheets.

Reporting Ninja focuses mainly on Adwords reporting but also integrates and pulls data from social media sites, MailChimp, and Google Sheets/Excel.

Their intuitive report editor gives you the ability to see how your report will look before you create it. This saves time and money by allowing you to quickly make design changes on the fly.

Users are also given pre-configured templates and widgets to immediately start pulling data from the services listed on their integrations page.

4. Google Data Studio

Supermetrics Alternatives: Google Data Studio
  • Pricing: Free (with paid upgrades noted below).
  • Rating: 4.3/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: Facebook, Google Ads, Bing, Instagram. Can also connect to non-Google properties via “connectors.”

Google Data Studio focuses on the reporting of data from various Google platforms such as Adwords, Google Analytics, and YouTube. You can also connect and pull data from a large number of outside services such as MySQL databases, Asana, Facebook Ads, and many more.

Some of the connections to 3rd party services may require a one-time purchase or monthly recurring subscription. While Google Data Studio is very robust in their reporting functionalities, there is, however, a bit of a learning curve, and some new users might find themselves in over their heads as they try to navigate the complex interface.

5. Swydo

Supermetrics Alternatives: Reporting monitoring and workflow platform Swydo
  • Pricing: Pricing starts at $75/month for up to 20 clients.
  • Rating: 4.5/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: Facebook, Google Ads, Bing, Instagram, SalesForce, and several others.

Swydo gives you the ability to create customized reports, monitor KPI’s, manage tasks, optimize workflows, and even track time.

You can pull in data from one of many different social media and business intelligence platforms. Swydo also connects with MailChimp, Salesforce, and a wide range of Google services to help you build a white label report with customized templates and predefined widgets.

6. Bime

Supermetrics Alternatives: Data Visualizations Interactive Dashboards BIME by Zendesk
  • Pricing: Call for pricing.
  • Rating: 4.1/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: Social, PPC, SEO, BI, and more.

Bime is another omni channel reporting tool that gives you the power to pull data from a wide range of platforms and services.

It works well for agencies that need the ability to customize their reports to the extreme. The robust reporting functionality comes with a downside: There is a pretty high learning curve if you wish to use the tool to its full potential.

One of the best features is the ability to start pulling in data by using over 65 pre-configured connectors.

7. DashThis

Supermetrics Alternatives: Google Analytics Reporting Tool DashThis
  • Pricing: Plans start at $33/month for 3 dashboards.
  • Rating: 4.8/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: Social, PPC, SEO, BI, and more.

DashThis connects with a multitude of outside data sources. The reporting functionality is very intuitive, as PPC, SEO, and social media reports can all be generated with just a few clicks of the mouse.

You can pick and choose which KPI’s you want to include with the integrations. DashThis comes with a clean dashboard in which white label reports can be customized to reflect the colors, fonts, and branding of your clients.

8. Analytics Canvas

Supermetrics Alternatives: Analytics Canvas
  • Pricing: Starter plan is $49/month.
  • Rating: 4.7/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: Social, PPC, SEO, BI, and more.

Analytics Canvas gives you the ability to import data from a wide range of outside sources, such as files, API’s, databases, and design data workflows, into Google Data Studio. It offers a highly complex reporting functionality.

Linux and Mac users should be aware that Analytics Canvas runs only on Windows. The software itself is somewhat challenging to configure, and some users might find that hiring a programmer to install it is the easiest way to get started.

9. Zoho Analytics

Supermetrics Alternatives: BI Analytics Software Online Reporting Tool Zoho Analytics
  • Pricing: Basic plan starts at $22.50/month for 2 users (billed annually).
  • Rating: 4.1/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: Social, PPC, SEO, BI, and more.

Zoho Analytics gives you a suite of powerful tools to analyze data and create visually stunning reports. It’s geared towards businesses who need an extensive and robust analytics package.

Companies that run other Zoho products, such as Zoho CRM and Zoho Books, will appreciate how easy it is to import, analyze, and report on various KPI’s cross-platform.

One of the best features is the ability to completely white label reports and embed them in your application or product. You can also host the reports on a dedicated portal or website.

10. Improvado

Supermetrics Alternatives: Improvado Automates Your Marketing Data ETL Platform
  • Pricing: Call for pricing.
  • Rating: 4.8/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: Social, PPC, SEO, BI, and more.

Improvado connects with over 100 marketing platforms and allows users to create reports and generate live links to share with clients or bosses.

The robust reporting functionalities give you the ability to visualize data inside the custom dashboard. Improvado can also connect and share data with many business intelligence tools, such as Google Data Studio, Excel, or Looker.

11. AgencyAnalytics

Supermetrics Alternatives: AgencyAnalytics Marketing Reports Dashboards for Agencies
  • Pricing: Plans start at $49/month for up to five campaigns.
  • Rating: 4.8/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: Social, PPC, SEO, BI, and more.

AgencyAnalytics gives you the ability to create easy to digest and fully customizable reports.

The drag-and-drop builder enables you to create custom white label reports that can be sent out automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

In addition to the usual social, SEO, and paid ads reporting features, AgencyAnalytics also comes with call tracking, which is great for companies with an in-house sales department.

The dashboard is clean, easy to use, and laid out intuitively for those clients who may not fully understand digital marketing.

12. Cyfe

Supermetrics Alternatives: All In One Business Dashboard Cyfe
  • Pricing: Call for pricing.
  • Rating: 4.5/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: Social, PPC, SEO, BI, and more.

Cyfe is another powerful reporting tool designed for agencies who require highly complex reporting functionalities. It connects to multiple data sources via pre-built widgets. There’s no need to hire a programmer to import data from various sources.

In addition to the pre-configured widgets, you can also pull data from any SQL or TXT source and create a custom subdomain on your company website (e.g.: dashboard.website.com) for a fully white-labeled experience.

Alternative SEO Reporting Tools

SEO reporting tools can help non-technical clients visualize the value and ROI of your marketing efforts. These tools help place focus on important KPI’s in SEO and will show clients evidence of the progress you’re making.

It should be noted that these kinds of tools only make sense if you’re spending all your time in one channel, and even then, you might prefer a more robust experience offered by the multi-channel reporting tools.

13. Raven Tools

Supermetrics Alternatives: Raven Tools
  • Pricing: Plans start at $39/month (yearly pre-paid) for up to three domains.
  • Rating: 4.3/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: SEO reporting.

Raven Tools has a robust set of SEO reporting tools, including backlink analysis, competitor/keyword research, and rank tracking. One of the more useful features is the automatic site audit, which reports on 17 different metrics. This can be used by agencies as a lead magnet to land new clients or upsell existing ones.

14. SEMrush

Supermetrics Alternatives: SEMrush Dashboard
  • Pricing: Pro plans start at $99.95/month
  • Rating: 4.5/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: SEO and social reporting.

SEMrush focuses primarily on backlink reporting and analysis and allows you to build customized white label reports that you can send to your clients or bosses. It also can report on social media metrics as well.

The drag-and-drop builder in the My Reports section makes creating a report a cinch. The best aspect of that functionality is the ability to add any metric found within the SEMrush tool. This will enable you to cut out the fluff and keep the focus on the KPI’s that matter most.

In addition to showing progress made, you can potentially upsell new services as you show your clients where more work needs to be performed, such as social, on-page SEO, link building, or topic research for a content marketing campaign.

15. SE Ranking

Supermetrics Alternatives: SE Ranking - SEO Software for 360 SEO Analysis of your Website
  • Pricing: Pro plans start at $39/month
  • Rating: 4.8/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: SEO and social reporting.

In addition to the standard keyword, backlink, and organic rank reporting features, SE Ranking also offers the ability to create comprehensive marketing plans and website audits that agencies can use to land new business or upsell new services.

SE Ranking also gives users the ability to create fully customizable and white labeled reports that can be linked to for easy client review.

Agencies will like the included lead generation widget, which resides on a landing page and offers an instant SEO site audit in exchange for the contact information of the website visitor.

16. Moz Pro

Supermetrics Alternatives: Moz Pro
  • Pricing: Plans start at $99/month.
  • Rating: 4.4/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: SEO and social reporting.

Moz Pro gives agencies the ability to monitor and report on various SEO metrics from a single dashboard. Users can track local and national keyword searches as well as social media campaigns.

The in-depth reporting functionality gives agencies the ability to prove the impact of their efforts. This is accomplished, in part, by visual charts and graphs which makes it easy to instantly communicate the value and benefits of the SEO campaign.

17. Megalytic

Supermetrics Alternatives: Megalytic
  • Pricing: Plans start at $39.99/month for up to 10 reports, 10 connections, and one user.
  • Rating: 4.8/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: SEO and social reporting.

Custom white label SEO reports are easy to create with Megalytic. Free templates help save time and energy by providing aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-understand reports that can be digested by anyone who doesn’t understand online marketing very well.

You can share reports in many ways, including a dedicated link, dashboard, or PDF. The best aspect of Megalytic is that all processes, including sending emails, are entirely automated.

Alternative Social Media Reporting Tools

Social media reporting tools give agencies the power to not only provide in-depth, comprehensive reports but also the ability to measure, optimize, and improve various social media campaigns. You can then share these insights with your clients to help grow engagement and subscribers.

The below social media reporting tools really only make sense if you’re spending the vast majority of your time in a single channel. Otherwise, you might prefer one of the multi-channel tools that offers a better-developed experience.

18. Sotrender

Supermetrics Alternatives: Sotrender - Analyze and optimize your marketing over social media
  • Pricing: 2 brands start at $50/month
  • Rating: 4.6/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: SEO and social reporting.

Sotrender is an all-in-one social media analytics and reporting platform that uses data-driven insights to help improve social performance across a wide variety of metrics.

It can also benchmark your social activity and performance against your competitors. Sotrender offers insightful tips to help improve engagement, audience, and reach.

The lowest pricing plan only offers two brands. If you’re an agency, you’re probably going to want more than two. The next highest plan is $110/month, which increases the amount of brands to five.

19. quintly

Supermetrics Alternatives: quintly - Social media analytics competitive benchmarking
  • Pricing: $100/month for up to five social profiles.
  • Rating: 4.6/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: SEO and social reporting.

quintly helps streamline the reporting process so you can set it up once and then forget about it. It will automatically pull in data from various social channels and then send out reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

It features the ability to export data in a wide variety of formats (PDF, XLS, CSV, and even PPTX). The robust API helps prevent data siloing by integrating quintly data into existing business intelligence systems.

20. Sprout Social

Supermetrics Alternatives: Sprout Social
  • Pricing: 30 day free trial. Plans start at $99/month.
  • Rating: 4.3/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: Social media reporting.

Sprout Social gives you the tools which will enable you or your agency to focus on essential metrics, such as user engagement, and making actual connections with your audience.

It also gives agencies the ability to collaborate with their clients for content development, workflow management, and consumer engagement. Sprout Social also offers white label PDF reports and data access.

21. Rival IQ

Supermetrics Alternatives: Rival IQ - Competitive Social Media Analytics for Digital Marketers
  • Pricing: Free trial. Plans start at $199/month.
  • Rating: 4.6/5 on G2Crowd.
  • Reporting Abilities: Social media reporting.

Rival IQ focuses on social media analytics that are designed to boost performance and save time. They accomplish this by giving agencies key metrics that can help drive engagement and justify social media campaigns in the eyes of clients.

Rival IQ also offers competitor tracking and intelligence functionality, which will quickly allow you to gain valuable insights into their strategies and adjust accordingly.

Which Reporting Tools Are Best for Your Agency?

If you’re looking for a good Supermetrics alternative, look at what kind of reporting tool your agency needs and the challenges you need to solve.

  • Do you need a simple or complex report?
  • Is there a need to analyze data or just create reports?
  • Which data sources do you need to pull from?
  • Do you need integrations outside of the standard SEO, PPC, Social media, and SEO options?

Once you’ve answered these four questions, you’ll be able to find the right reporting tool for your agency or business.

Ready to create beautiful, client-facing reports in record time? Try ReportGarden free.

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