Twitter Analytics – 5 Insights To Strategize Campaigns Better

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What is the Problem?

Twitter Analytics – 5 Insights To Strategize Campaigns Better

What is twitter analytics?

Twitter is an amazing marketing tool for businesses that allows them to share updates, contents, media instantly and helps them in getting engaged with existing and potential customers. Like other social media platforms, businesses are required to stay on top of external engagement but also need to be on the top of internal metrics such as follower count and retweets.

For that, knowing what to look for and making the right decisions from the cluster of data is important – and this is what you need twitter analytics for. Every business organizations have a set of KPIs which they need to achieve and twitter analytics helps in knowing the status of the KPIs achieved so far.

This article list down the important features that twitter analytics offers you and the insights you need to focus on to strategize your campaigns.

How to use twitter analytics?

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Twitter analytics incorporates three main components which you need to be aware of –

Account home:

Account home is your twitter report card, with high-level statistics tracked each month.

Tweet activity dashboard:

Your tweet activity dashboard gets you the metrics for your every tweet. It tells you the exact number of twitter users that have liked, retweeted and replied to each your post.

Audience insights dashboard:

Your audience insights dashboard provides you your followers’ details. You can also check your follower growth/blips over time and learn more about their demographics and interests.

How can it help?

Twitter analytics helps businesses by providing data of their every single activity. Knowing these details helps you in strategizing your campaigns better.

Get monthly performance overview/reports:

You will find a monthly summary of your twitter account and activities on the homepage of your twitter analytics. This helps in analyzing your performance in a better way. Your monthly performance report includes –

  • Top tweets

Tweet that received the highest number of impressions

  • Top mention

Tweet that mentioned your name (@username) and received the highest number of impressions

  • Top follower

The account with the highest follower count that followed you

  • Top media tweet

Tweet with photo/video/gifs that received the highest number of impressions

  • Top card tweet

Tweet with a twitter card that received the highest number of impressions (for those who use card tweets)

Know the engagement rates:

With the help of twitter analytics, you can see the engagements divided by impressions. For instance, for a particular tweet, it will show the

  • Retweets
  • Follows
  • Replies
  • Favorites
  • Links
  • Card
  • Hashtag
  • Username
  • Profile photo
  • Embedded media
  • Tweet expansion

Compare the hashtags:

Twitter analytics helps you in finding which hashtag is working well for you.

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Know the percentage of viewers that watched the whole video:

Videos play a big role in social media marketing. Twitter analytics let you know the video view count and the completion rate, i.e. the total number of complete views divided by the total number of video starts.

How it helps in strategizing campaigns better?

With the help of twitter analytics, brands can strategize their campaigns in a better way. By accessing the following insights, businesses get a better idea of what to do and what not to do.

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Get to know your followers:

Twitter analytics provide several basic yet important details about your followers that help you in knowing them more precisely. By knowing their gender, location, cities, interests etc. you can create more relevant contents and decide when to share them.

Know your followers’ interests:

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What’s the use of sharing content/media if no one acknowledges it? Knowing the niche of content or topics that strike your followers can help you in strategizing your social media campaigns in a better way. Realizing the posts that get more engagement on twitter is essential; it enables you to apply those insights to your future tweets to connect more with your audience.

How your followers interact with your tweets:

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You can also check how your followers are reacting to your tweets and how other people are interacting with them. Twitter provides the detail of your every tweet that gets a reply, like, retweet or mention. Twitter analytics also gives you an option to customize the date range to analyze your highest-performing tweets.

Whether your follower base is increasing or decreasing:

It is necessary to track your follower growth – whether it is increasing or reducing with time. Twitter analytics tells you the number of followers you had on any given day along with the interactive timeline. If you see a decrement in your follower growth at any point of time, you can revisit your timeline in that period of time and understand the activities that didn’t work well for you. This prevents you from the doing the same or similar mistake again in future.

Decide whether your tweets are worth investing or not:

Twitter provides you a complete overview of your organic and promoted tweet performance. But unlike other twitter analytics charts, its data can go back only up to 91 days, so make sure to export it regularly. In the “Promoted” tab below the chart, you can find all your paid promotions in chronological order. It tells you the engagement rate and impressions each promoted tweet earned, helping you to understand the one that worked and those that didn’t.

The bottom line

Twitter analytics is great as an interactive dashboard for analyzing your twitter account performance. It tells you a lot about your online activities and provides you the specific data you need to track your campaigns and the overall account success.

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