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  • Chapter 1: Important Metrics
  • Chapter 2: Segmentation
  • Chapter 3: Key Dimensions
  • Chapter 4: Main Filters
  • Chapter 5: SEO Client Report Templates

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4 simple steps to creating your SEO Client Reports!

Right Measurement is Critical to Success

Track data about rankings, referrals, links, and more to analyze your SEO strategy and create road maps for success. This analysis can help determine areas of your website that need to be optimised for search. All this takes just 2 minutes with ReportGarden!


Uncover your SEO traffic

Segmenting qualitative data in SEO is great for extracting maximum value from your data. It eliminates the “noise” of analysing too many variables at once. Derive useful insights and report it to your clients easily and quickly with ReportGarden.

Bring your data curation from good to great

Filters help you to manage what kind of data flows through to your SEO client reports. Using filters, you can see a more accurate picture of how well your site is functioning. ReportGarden aids you in showcasing your marketing efforts with the right data!

Pick the Right things to Report

Reports can deliver great insights for your clients that can help them optimise their business in a smart way. Include only the crucial templates that matter to your clients in your SEO Report Card. Create custom white-labeled reports using ReportGarden.



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What to include in a Monthly Client Report?

Even the easiest client wants to see what is going on if they are paying you to manage a marketing campaign. See what to include in these monthly reports to keep your clients happy!



“..provide a high-level overview of how users are interacting with the site, so you can compare event categories..”


“ can show growth week-on-week by looking at the ‘New Followers Gained’ stat on different time periods..”


“..break down campaigns performance by region, allowing the client to analyze results from each market area..”