Comprehensive SEO Reporting Dashboard for Agencies

Choose from multiple custom templates & widgets to craft the perfect SEO Dashboard for your client!

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Own your web stats

ReportGarden lets you present your backlinks data and keywords ranking in the right way by integrating Google Search Console and Google analytics. This will give you the right insights about our account.

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Google analytics Integration ReportGarden

Cut the complexity

A Google Analytics dashboard helps you clearly present the success of your SEO efforts. Add page performance metrics like bounce rate, session duration help your clients understand the effectiveness of your campaigns!

Showcase Optimization efforts

Create customized SEO dashboards with metrics that matter!
An SEO dashboard should give a clear insight into key web metrics like sessions, page views, visit duration, conversions, and top referring sites. ReportGarden lets you present landing page optimization results and traffic sources data by integrating Google Analytics metrics such as:

  • Page sessions
  • Bounce rates
  • New users
  • Visit Duration
  • Goals
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Here’s How to Automate your SEO Reports with ReportGarden!

If you’ve ever felt the need to reduce the time spent on SEO Reports, cutting out a big portion of the manual data-gathering monkey work, you’re definitely looking for a new way to automate your reporting efforts. ReportGarden enables you to build automatic SEO reports with a one-time initial setup! We will take care of your SEO client reporting, leaving you only the creative burden of organizing data in customized reports & dashboards. 

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Visual Guide to Keyword Targeting

Choose from multiple custom-built templates to create dashboards
Use Google Search Console data to show your client’s presence in Google search results. An SEO dashboard will serve as a visual guide for your clients to understand your keyword targeting effort. Drag-and-drop widgets will help you present these metrics in the right way:

  • Organic Keyword Rankings
  • CTR Improvement Opportunities
  • Search Position Improvement Opportunities

Live Competitor Tracking

Keep an eye on your competitors. See what’s working for them
Your ability to efficiently track and manage hundreds of keywords, determines your SEO success. ReportGarden gives you the flexibility to group keywords by brand names and adds the same keyword to different groups. You can now track all your keywords, simultaneously, on a single dashboard!

  • Keywords
  • Keyword Groups
  • Competitors
  • Search Engines
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Automated Reporting

You can automate your monthly reporting by scheduling reports to be generated and emailed directly to your clients. Your clients will receive customized reports that fit their needs.

Custom Dashboards

ReportGarden helps you create custom dashboards for your clients. Whether the client is a small business, E-Commerce or enterprise, you can create customized dashboard for that particular need

Beautiful Dashboards

Using ReportGarden you can create comprehensive dashboards quickly. You can highlight the important KPIs and help your clients focus on the important data and results. Clients can now get all their data from one place.

No more excel hell

With ReportGarden you don’t need to download or upload excel sheets. All you need to do is select the type of the report and everything is filled out for you. We provide several in-built report templates to easily create reports

Saves time

Reportgarden is a quick and painless way to prepare reports. You link your google adwords or mcc account and start preparing reports.  You just need to select the type of report and we will generate the report.

Easy Setup

Setting up your ReportGarden account is a simple and quick process. You can link your adwords, analytics or bing accounts with a single click and you are done. Your data from these accounts is loaded on the fly into your reports

Every integration in ReportGarden is client driven

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Vasu Paidi, CEO, PPC Pundit

“ReportGarden as a software, is so easy to use compared to any other reporting tool out there. I’ve tried a lot and have even looked longer for a really good tool. I finally found report garden.”

adwords reporting dashboard testimonial Stephen Beath

Stephen Beath, Director, Onmark Limited

“As a busy online marketing agency we were looking for a solution to help make our reporting easier and faster to reduce costs for our business. We ended up selecting Reportgarden due to the ease of use and flexible reporting tools it offered.”

adwords reporting dashboard testimonial Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan, Incredible Marketing

“It just took me about 15 min to set up my own template to use on all future reports and now my reports get generated automatically and sent to my clients each month.”