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ReportGarden automatically gathers all your client Analytics data into nice-looking reporting templates. Show your clients that your online marketing strategies are truly working. We’ll make sure you get your reports the easy way.


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google analytics report sample

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google analytics report sample
google analytics report sample
google analytics report sample


Drag and Drop Widgets

ReportGarden helps you customize your reports by providing multiple widgets that can be added. Widgets help you visualize the data from your accounts and convey the message. You can select the type of data you would like to use and a visualization is created on the fly.

  • Overview Widget
  • Table Widget
  • Pie Chart Widget
  • Bar Chart Widget


google analytics report sample

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google analytics report sample

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google analytics report sample

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google analytics report sample

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google analytics report sample

Here’s How to Automate your Google Analytics Reports with ReportGarden!

If you’ve ever felt the need to reduce the time spent on web analytics, cutting out a big portion of the manual data-gathering monkey work, you’re definitely looking for a new way to automate your reporting efforts. ReportGarden enables you to query the Analytics APIs and to build automatic reports with a one-time initial setup! We will take care of your client reporting, leaving you only the creative burden of organizing data in customized reports & dashboards.


google analytics report sample

Google Analytics Reports for Data Analysis & Optimization

Google Analytics provides some great preconfigured reports to work with, but the ability to customize and build your own reports from scratch is what allows marketers to gain truly valuable insights from the tool. Thankfully, ReportGarden gives you custom templates, so you can start right away!




Traffic Sources Report

ReportGarden helps you visualize which traffic sources are generating the most traffic in one colorful easy to understand report.

Traffic Medium Report

A visual guide to see how your best visitors are getting to the website and where the revenue is coming from.

Browsers Report

Understand how different browsers are working for your site in terms of visits, revenue, and bounce rates.

Mobile and Devices Report

An ideal report for understanding how well your site is optimized for various devices and where you need to make improvements.

Top Landing Pages Report

Visualize the top landing pages on your website, arranged by number of visitors on each page over the specified time period.

Search Queries Report

Present specific insights on the keywords that you’re bidding and also the actual queries that are driving traffic to your site.


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