A Tribute from ReportGarden on Thanks Giving

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A Tribute from ReportGarden on Thanks Giving

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless”.- Mother Teresa

There are certain times of the year where people make a conscious effort to think about what they’re thankful for. Thanksgiving is the most awaited celebration of the year, it is the time where many of us sit and reflect on what we are thankful for. Most of us are thankful for our family, good health, and of course great food. However, there’s one thing that we at ReportGarden wants to be thankful for and that’s You- ReportGarden’s Customers.

Let’s not deny the fact that it is our customers who gave us a reason to exist. It is them who helped ReportGarden evolved from just a reporting tool to a complete Agency Management Platform.

This post is a tribute to all the customers who have used ReportGarden and thus made a contribution to help us grow at a tremendous rate.

How ReportGarden helps?

A modern digital agency has a lot of work to manage. Whether it’s a PPC digital marketing campaign fully integrated with Google Analytics or a WordPress website design built from the ground up, creative agencies juggle many tasks simultaneously.While workflow management is critical, a proper client reporting strategy is of tremendous value as well. A digital agency must be data-driven to be effective in the current competitive marketplace. Setting meaningful Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics and precisely measuring them is vital to success. Furthermore, sending relevant  KPI data to clients in a digestible format will provide a competitive advantage for any creative agency Choosing the right software can save time, money, and build a sustainable client-agency relationship.

We help Agencies run on a smooth path and maintain a good relationship with their clients by providing a platform specifically built for agency management.

ReportGarden has proved it, time and again of how customer-centric it is and how much it values its customers.We always believed in the fact that customer centricity should be about delivering value to your customers, that will eventually create value for the company.

With this growth in popularity of customer experience, RG has also realised the importance of maintaining and exceeding their customer’s’ experience if they want to survive and grow in today’s competitive world. It has inevitably lead us to look out for ideas, expertise, tips, and tricks to manage and improve customer experience.

This is the philosophy we kept on believing over all these years and it has helped us successfully unfold our self by valuing our customers.

Our Story :

Initially, when ReportGarden started, it evolved with 7 integrations and then eventually it grew to a level of 21 integrations right now.

These 21 integrations were all built with the help of the reviews and suggestions from our customers,who actually asked for what they wanted and RG tried its best to satisfy every single customer and thus building up the product every single day with high zeal and zest.

And now is the time when ReportGarden is into a new picture altogether as our customers wanted a one point solution to all their hardship and this is when we proved ourselves by bringing out new features like Budgeting, Invoicing, SEO Audit, Approvals, Proposals, Lead Generation into a single platform. Excel download is one of the major features which was made available for customers in ReportGarden.

We did few surveys and thus came up with the new integrations and features. A detail of it is mentioned below. You can also have a look at the analyzed results of the survey below:

The major integration & features that were brought in:


Easily visualize your Search network and Display network campaigns from multiple AdWords accounts into interactive Reports and Dashboards on ReportGarden.


ReportGarden delivers consolidated Analytics reports which include Sessions, Bounce Rate etc. for a particular website which are used to focus the best optimization opportunities in an account.

Bing Ads

Create Reports to manage many large campaigns of Bing Ads. ReportGarden also supports multiple customer accounts making it easy for ad agencies to manage campaigns for many clients.


Create custom data visualizations based on the real-time attribution of your calls and choose which metrics, dimensions, campaigns you’d like to display in ReportGarden alongside other connected data sources.

Call Tracking Metrics

View, organize and analyze the call attribution data from various online campaigns of CallTrackingMetrics integration into interactive reports and dashboards in ReportGarden.

Facebook Ads

Create and schedule Reports with the data from your client’s AdVerts, set Budgets and optimize your campaigns when spend reaches the set budget.

Century Interactive

ReportGarden helps you view the data and analyze: Call start time, Call end time, Call status (missed or received), All calls, Avg Duration(secs) of CallBox integration.

Google Webmaster Tool

Link your Google Search Console integration with ReportGarden to optimize and improve your website Impressions, CTR, Position, Crawl Errors etc.

Facebook Insights

Understand your potential customers with rich demographics, unify the data across different channels and easily build funnel, revenue, retention reports faster.


Through interactive graphs know how many emails were delivered, how many people opened your email, what percentage clicked, view your list growth over time, see where in the world your subscribers are located and more.


Optimize the low performing campaigns by getting customized Twilio Reports such as the average time spent on the calls and the number of messages sent in a certain period of time.


ReportGarden helps you get your measuring and reporting in motion with metrics like Click-through rate, Reach, Unique clicks, Cost per Retweet, Cost per follower and more!


Adroll reports by ReportGarden helps you to compare performance and see how they trend over time. Set goals & track your results in an accurate manner.  

Twitter Ads

ReportGarden lets you present Impressions, Engagements and Engagement Rate for each tweet. Generate Invoices for your clients in 50 international currencies.

Google Drive

Generate Enhanced Google Drive Report with ReportGarden that automatically gathers all your Spreadsheets data into nice-looking reporting templates.


ReportGarden helps you use Avanser Reports to help your clients explore data in fresh ways and to analyze Call start time, Call end time, Call status (missed or received), All calls, Avg Duration(secs) and more!


With ReportGarden, visualize the data of Ad Server Impressions, Ad Server Clicks, Total Error Rate, Ad Server All Revenue of Avanser integration into beautiful Reports and Dashboards.


ReportGarden offers a wide feature set to analyze your LinkedIn updates and the interactions generated from your posts. View Reports in real-time on the metrics like Impressions, Clicks, Interactions, Followers Acquired, Engagement and more!

Dialog Tech

Link Dialog Tech account and help your clients convert more calls to sales by giving insights on: Qualified callers, Non-sales calls, Call Duration, Missed Calls and much more!


Create Reports to analyze the call attribution and call intelligence data of WildJar integration with the metrics like Total Calls, Total Duration, Average Duration etc.

Linkedin Ads

ReportGarden lets you visualize various performance indicators like Clicks, Likes, Impressions, Engagement, Followers to track the progress and status of your client’s ad campaigns.



ReportGarden helps agencies to track their client budget spend on a regular basis at multi level across multi platform campaigns and accounts for either under-spend or overspend. This module helps you automatically integrate accounts into budgets and provides peace of mind to everyone from analysts to clients.


Digital Ad Agencies using standard billing tools, need Ad spend data on billing their clients on a monthly basis. Manual intervention is required to pull ad spend data from multiple platforms, calculate the billable amount based on the contract, and finally insert the same into the existing billing software.

SEO Audit

ReportGarden provides SEO audit reports that will help you optimize your client’s webpages for better discoverability through search. This is a one point solution that packages all required functionalities and data to produce actionable insights. Backlink analysis and website analysis is also made available at ReportGarden.


Send project approvals to multiple clients via email which can be confirmed from their inboxes. Record all approvals and confirmations. Check the status of approval in the approvals dashboard. Put due dates on approvals to eliminate clients from slowing down the projects. Draft approvals and send when everything is ready. Track all approvals across projects and clients in a single view.


Deliver effective proposals to your clients from a huge list of pre-made templates integrating SEO audit, account audit reports and send them to multiple recipients, get notified when your client accepts your proposal and see the list of accepted, rejected and pending proposals across clients and projects in a single view.

Lead Generation

Helps you to track the right customers who are actually visiting your website through email capture than investing in inbound and outbound marketing. Generally, the conversion ratio of a visitor to leads on a website is low. So, adding value to your website would help in acquiring customers and converting them to leads.

A glimpse of customer review:

We are grateful to all our customers for helping us take ReportGarden to this level.

On this thanksgiving, we would like to Thank You for being a part of our family. We value you the most and as a team we are always ready to help you with anything you are looking forward to.

Thank you, Family !

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